Why Are You Interested In This Position

How To Answer The Interview Question: Why Are You Interested In This Position?

Job recruiters and hiring managers usually ask job applicants a series of questions to get to know their interests and determine if they are the right people for the job. One of these questions asked during a job interview is “Why are you interested in this position”? Understanding this question and knowing the best answer to give is quite vital if you want to stand a chance.

These hiring managers want to know why you want to work in their company and the motivation behind that decision. In order to convince the employer that you have a real passion for the job you applied for, you need to be ready to give an excellent answer to the question.

To answer this rather important question, it is important to focus on the position you are being interviewed for and aim to discuss the new job opportunities. Instead of raising concerns about your current status, you should frame the conversation positively to communicate confidence and professionalism. Well, you are in luck as there is a simple way to answer this big question effectively without having to sweat out your career. All you have to do is remain glued to this post, and we will discuss how to answer the interview question: Why are you interested in this position.

Before we dive into answering this question, let’s quickly look at why employers ask this question.


Why am I being asked this question?

As stated earlier, hiring managers ask the reason behind your application for the position to understand a few things about you. There are so many job applicants who only apply for the job simply because of the income; others might see a position to build their skills further. Others might just want to fulfill all righteousness and not remain unemployed. These and other reasons are why job recruiters will ask to know the motive behind your application.

Some of the reasons are;

How well do you understand the position?

How well you understand is one of the many reasons why an employer will ask to tell him/her why you applied for the job position. They like to know if you have a solid grasp of the full responsibilities attached to the position. The answer you give will show the recruiter that you know exactly what you are doing and clearly understand what the job entails, including the responsibilities you will carry as you serve with the company.

Are you interested in the position?

Yes! Recruiters want candidates who are reasonably qualified for the position but will not want to bring in someone who is entirely uninterested in the work. So, when recruiters ask the big question, they want to hear how passionate you are about the position and see how excited you get about the opportunity. This is one part you really need to consider when answering the question.

Do your skills and experience align with the position?

It’s not enough to be passionate about a job opportunity, you also need to have a well-matched skill set and experience that align with the position. As you begin to show your interest in the position and show your details about the position and its values, you should also get the interviewer’s attention with your experience and skills to carry out the job well.  

Your knowledge of the company

In addition to your knowledge about the position, recruiters would like to know precisely what you know about the company. They want to understand if you know what the company stands for, its values, goals, and mission. This is why in preparing your answer, this should not be left out.

What are you bringing to the table?

This is the most powerful answer that goes way beyond just understanding the role or the company. Recruiters want to know what you are bringing to the table if you are there to help push the company or just there to build yourself. Whatever answer you decide to give will show the recruiters that you already think of yourself as an employee and are willing to contribute.

Listed above are some of the cogent reasons why employers like to ask job applicants the big question. Giving a good answer to this question makes you look stronger because only passionate job applicants will go the extra mile. If you can integrate these reasons and the unique thing you will bring to the table, you are definitely one step closer to getting a job offer.


How do I answer, “why are you interested in this position?”

Why you have gotten a proper understanding of the question, you should prepare a perfect answer that will address your skills, qualities, and experience as it relates to the position. There are several steps to take to help prepare you for the interview.

Do proper research about the position.

Having the answer to the question before the interview will definitely enable you to answer quickly, which indicates a level of professionalism and preparedness. In order to quickly develop a response, you have to first understand the responsibilities and tasks that come with the position. This is why you have to thoroughly review the job description before the interview, as knowledge is vital to communicate your skills and motivations for applying for the role.

Do proper research about the company.

In addition to understanding the applied position, it is also essential to learn a few things about the company as well. If the interviewer gets a glimpse that you researched the company and its values, you demonstrate passion and interest in the position. Studying about the company allows you to show off your preparedness, interests, and excitement about looking forward to joining the team. It pays a lot to know a thing or two about the company you’re interviewing with.

Prepare your answer.

After proper research about the company and the position, and you are sure it relates to your skills, you can now structure and condense your answer. Yes! It is good to write down the answer, but you should also be prepared to answer the interviewer without the written information. Never make a mistake to memorize the answer; you can simply learn a couple of key points you wish to address.

As you prepare your answer, you should try to pin down the main points, such as what the role entails, the desirable skills and qualities related to the job description, and focus more on similar work experiences. This is because you plan to sell the reason you are interested in the job, so you should follow up on your introduction to explain how excited you are about the company and why you’re a right fit.

Finalize your answer with a question

The best way to make your interview stand out from others is to end your answer to the question with a related question for the interview. The aim of finalizing your answer to a question is to create a two-way dialogue, which makes the interview more conversational and less boring. Apart from this, it also indicates that you know what you are doing and will definitely ask questions when and where you need clarity.


Tips for answering the interview question – why I’m interested in the position

With questions like “why you are interested in this position,” you need to be focused entirely on the position’s nuances. This is a very tricky question, and you really need to go in deep to get specific. So, how should you answer the question? What should you talk about?

First thing first, you need to state the duties and responsibilities attached to the job that genuinely speak to you. Go further to explain how the position supports the company’s bigger mission and why that matters to you.

You can also talk about how the position fits into your career plan, and you should be completely definitive when you give your answer. Do go pathetic or talk about exploring other options as these won’t help you in any way.

Your top priority needs to give a standout value proposal. So, you should this big question as an opportunity to showcase your abilities and qualifications. In essence, be excited, be detailed but specific, and be clear about how your contribution can help the company achieve its goals and flourish.


Sample Answer

I’ve been working in a digital marketing firm for 4 years, and it is something that I enjoy a lot and wish to continue building my skills. However, I applied for this position in this company because, after a clear understanding of the job description, this position seems like an excellent opportunity to continue building my digital marketing skills. Since I’ve been doing it for four years with my last employer, I’m sure I will be able to hit the ground running to begin contributing to your team’s effort.


Final thoughts

Being prepared for any interview pays a lot. Anticipating the question and preparing yourself for the interview will help you avoid feeling flummoxed. So, you can follow these steps and tips to give the correct answer when an interviewer asks why you are interested in a position. Do this, and you will impress the interviewer, which is getting a step closer to a job offer.

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