What Did You Like About Your Last Position

How to Answer Interview Question: What Did You Like About Your Last Position?

As an applicant, there is something about your last position that led to the hunting for a new one. Most times the reasons are usually negative while a couple may be positive. For whatever reason you may have left your job, there was a time when that job you left made you happy and that’s what the interviewer wants to know.

During an interview, one of the common questions you get to be asked is “what did you like about your last position?” yeah this is a straightforward question with a clear-cut answer right? Well, most times, that’s not the case.

The thing about this simple question is not just about answering to pass as there is no wrong or right answer. Your goal as a potential employee is to sell yourself well and stand out against other candidates. So when asked an interview question such as “what did you like about your last position?” your response should be constructive and actionable to put you in the top spot for the job consideration

This article contains essential information that you may need to answer this interview question to put you ahead in the game. In any case, it will be vital to know why interviewers or hiring managers ask this question.


What did you like about your last position? What the hiring manager wants to hear

From the interviewer’s angle, there are different ways this question can be asked. The different ways include, “what do you like least about your previous job?”, “What did you enjoy the most at your last job?” why are you leaving your current position?”

No matter how the question is asked, what they want to know is that part of your last position, plus the work you did there you find delighting; they want to hear positive answers that are valuable and describe your previous boss and co-workers in a decent picture.

The appropriate response you give will provide more insights concerning who you are to the interviewer. It will advise them if you are a positive individual and they will know whether you are prepared for the difficulties presented by the new position.

Something else the interviewer is keen on is the thing that you like about your last position that this new position will offer you. The employer also wants to know how this new position will improve you.

The more the employer can relate things from your last position to the new one, the higher your odds. By thinking like the interviewer or employer, you might be headed to handling your new position. 


How to answer what you liked about your last position


Do focus more on your part

Talking about what you did in your last role will help you deliver positive responses. Talk about the tasks you accomplished during the job and the various aspects of the job that improved you.

Do use the negativity in a positive way

Working in some jobs can be more negative than positive. In any case, like the first point, focus on yourself. Describe how you adapted to the negative conditions and how you excelled. For instance, if you worked in an environment with a lot of noises and other distractions, you can tell the interviewer how you adapted to the noise which made you a more focused person.



Do not say “nothing”. This might seem like a straight answer to the question but it’s definitely not what the interviewer is expecting to hear. So it will be advisable to come up with something, something positive and constructive.

Do not give bleak responses, for instance, saying something like “it will be difficult to find something I like about my previous position because the conditions there were stressful”. This response may be true but it’s not what the interviewer wants to hear.

It is a fact that all job roles have their shortcomings, and if you cannot be positive about your last job, your employer might be skeptical about your performance in the new job.

Do not paint your former boss or the workplace as bad. This part is quite important because, to many employers, you may not be on the job forever and they might fear that you will give a bad review about their company or business.


Final Thoughts

Some job situations are poor and not encouraging, so when the question of “what did you like about your last position?” comes up, you just want to say “Nothing”. However, staying positive through the interview will show your potential employer that you are an employee who is devoted and gives room for improvement. Be Positive!

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