How Long Do You Anticipate Being With Our Organization

Interview Question: How Long Do You Anticipate Being With Our Organization?


The interviewing process can be cumbersome and nerve-racking sometimes, especially for applicants who do not prepare adequately. A myriad of questions is thrown at applicants, most of which are centred on knowing their professionalism amongst others.  One of such questions is- “How long do you anticipate being with our organization?” The question is asked to enable employers to figure out and uncover applicants/individuals who frequently move between jobs. Most interviewers are interested in finding applicants and potential employees who intend to assist and contribute to the organization for a long time since the hiring process can be demanding and exhausting more often than not.


Most organizations and companies are on the lookout for potential employees who are likely to stick with the organization for a long time. Therefore, they want to ensure that only employees who intend to remain with the organization for a long time are hired and subsequently trained. Employers wouldn’t want to channel resources and invest heavily in people that will only be around for a short period of time. Also, answering this question effectively and adequately paints a positive picture of your professional life to interviewers and recruitment managers. In addition, a detailed response to the question which highlights your career aspirations, enables interviewers to feel convinced that you have no plans of leaving soon.

Don’t forget to highlight certain aspects of the job that appeals to you, and why you see yourself working for the organization for years and decades to come. Relatively, your answer to the question should contain favourable comments about the employer, organizational policy and ambience. Make sure you state and describe extensively, the role and contribution you will make in creating a positive image for the organization. This article will serve as a guide to job seekers on how to answer the question- How long do you anticipate being with our organization?


What The Interviewer Really Wants To Know

The interviewer or recruitment managers ask the question for a number of reasons. These include;

  • To find out where each applicant sees his/herself in the next five years at least.
  • To determine how long the candidate expects to be employed with the organization.
  • To find out how long the job seeker wishes to remain in the specific role applied for.
  • To ascertain if the applicant wants to use the organization as a stepping stone for further employment elsewhere.


Tips For Giving The Best Answer

This question is tricky; therefore, you should consider some vital tips essential for answering this question when preparing for an interview. You don’t want to give the interviewers the impression that you intend to move from one job to another in no distant time. Also, you shouldn’t sound like you don’t consider career growth necessary. However, thinking about and considering the following tips on how to answer the question before going for your interview, will boost your chances of getting hired;

  1. Relate your career goals to the culture of the organization
  2. Focus on the Positive
  3. Discuss Recent Developments
  4. Demonstrate how your past experiences prepared you for a long term role


Relate your career goals to the culture of the organization: Be prepared to relate the culture of the organization to your career goals when answering the question. Make sure you mention how the organization’s culture seems to fit perfectly with your skillset. Emphasis should be made on how the workplace culture aligns with your professional goals. In addition, ensure that you make the interviewers see how the culture of the organization will motivate you to stay for a long time; since it is in synergy with your expertise and career growth and advancement goals. Discussing your career goals might help convince recruitment managers that you hope to be a long term employee when hired.  Mention all the things that attracted you to the job and organization, and show how the position will allow you to become the type of skilled employee you want to be. Also, you can discuss your hopes to grow within the organization after achieving your goals.

Focus on the Positives: Focusing on the positives is another key tip to consider when faced with this question. Most hiring managers enjoy hearing positive things about the company. Remaining positive paints a good picture of you as a potential employee, it also makes recruiters see or view you as a potential long term employee. Therefore, endeavour to have positive things to say about the organization, and make your interviewers see that you’re genuinely excited about interviewing for the role and that you would derive happiness and satisfaction working for the organization.

Discuss Recent Developments: Talk about a recent company project or development and how it stimulated and motivated you to apply for the role. For example, if you are interviewing for the role of a “care and support Counsellor” in a Community Based organization, you can talk about a recent community outreach project embarked on by the organization to feed orphans and other vulnerable members of the society. Ensure that you highlight the relationship between the project and your long term passion for helping people. This will make your potential employer see you as someone to work with for a long term. You can also make references to developmental strides and achievements made by the company recently, and how it made you see yourself working there for a long time.

Demonstrate how your past experiences prepared you for a long term role: Experiences help shape you for the battle ahead. In the working endeavour, experiences help you prepare and acclimatize to future challenges. Therefore, talking about how your past experiences have prepared you for a long term role is another tip to consider when answering this question. For example, you can talk about how the challenges you faced working in an internship or casual role have sharpened and prepared your mind for a long term role.


Examples of answers to the question: how long do you anticipate being with our organization?

  1. Since I have been working and gaining experience to get into this company, I would like to remain here for a long time if I’m offered the job, since this organization has always been where I want to be.
  2. I plan to stay in this organization for the long run. The company has a culture and ambience that stimulates employees to be productive and proactive.
  3. As long as I am having a positive impact and making strides, I would love to work for the organization for as long as possible. This organization has the capacity to offer me a rich and fulfilling career.
  4. I am excited about the research and innovations your organization has made in the last 5 years. I am passionate about research and have been looking for a position with a dynamic organization engaged in the community, and this company certainly fits that description. I believe this role is a perfect match for my skills, experience and expertise and will enhance my professional growth. I expect to be here for as long as I can make meaningful contributions if hired.
  5. I will prefer to remain with this organization for the long term. I like the flexible hours the organization offers, which would fit perfectly with my other commitments, such as my educational and career advancement goals.


Things To Avoid When Answering The Question

  1. Don’t misrepresent your intentions: be as honest as possible, and don’t misrepresent your intentions through lying. If you know you have plans to relocate after two or three years, let the interviewers know. At times, the role might be for just that duration of time.
  2. Don’t volunteer too much information
  3. Do not imply that your continued work with the company is finance-related, or the existence or not of better offers.

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