If You Were An Animal, Which One Will You Be

Interview Question: If You Were An Animal, Which One Will You Be?

Interviews are platforms job recruiters get to assess job applicants to see if they are competent for the job they are applying for and one of the ways job recruiters do that is by asking unusual questions. Many job applicants always feel that when they go for an interview they will be asked about their qualifications and skills. But sometimes rare questions are asked such as, if you were an animal which one will you be? There are reasons why job recruiters ask this question. One of such reasons is to get job candidates with an analytical and critical mind. In a competitive job interview, this question can help a job applicant to stand out amidst the crowd. The question may seem irrelevant but it is becoming popular by the day.

Tips To Answer the Interview Question

Before you answer this question, you will need to prepare and come out with the best answer. Take your time to brainstorm so that you can impress your interviewer. Below is a guide:

Do a Self Assessment

Analyze yourself and check the skills and qualities you have that will make you stand out. Do a critical analysis on what you can offer the company if employed. Write the list of skills you have, check the ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for and make them your focal point. Do not lie about the skills you know you don’t have because a time will come when you have to prove yourself. This is the time to be yourself and show what you are made of. Most companies have a particular skill they need for a job position, so try and make sure your skills match the company’s demands.

Think Critically

Creative thinking is a core skill that is demanded in a work environment because a creative thinker has problem-solving skill. You can panic when asked this question but thinking critically will make you wow your interviewers. After you have itemized your skills, think of animals that match these skills or qualities. Consider the animal’s characteristics and match it with a particular skill you have.

In addition, generate a pool of ideas and don’t be specific at the initial stage. Try and come up with different ideas and select the best idea. Relate the question to the job position to drive your purpose. It is very important in an interview not to give answers outside the job position and so try and be specific. Make sure your answer is relevant to the role you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for the post of a Human Resource or Personnel Management, the best animal that suits this job position is a dove because a dove is a peacemaker and non-violent. This particular quality brings about a healthy work environment that is devoid of conflict.

Choose Great Animals and Not Bad Ones

Although the interviewer may not mind the animal you choose, the most important thing is that the interviewer wants to see how you are creative enough to answer a question like this. Demonstrating that you can take a question like this and turn it to your advantage, using it well to present yourself will show the interviewer that you are competent for the job. In addition, it will also show that you can work under pressure. Choosing a good animal can make you impress your interviewer but choosing bad animals can spell doom for you. There are animals with good characteristics and there are animals with scary or perhaps terrible characteristics. Be very smart to avoid the bad ones and choose the good ones. Choosing a bad animal can give the interviewer a negative impression of your personality.


Which Animal Will You Be?

Giraffe: I would love to be a Giraffe because I am a visionary leader and can see ahead. Giraffes are animals that can see things from afar or from a very long distance because of their tall stature. As a job applicant, you may be short in height but a giraffe here involves foresight. Giraffes are also very gentle in nature and this means you will have a good relationship with your coworkers because of this quality. The Giraffe quality mostly suits managers who are visionary and can see where the company will be in years to come. This quality is not suitable if you are applying for the role of a Newspaper Salesman.

Eagle: If were an animal, I would love to be an eagle because of the agility, strength and leadership quality an eagle has.  An eagle is the king of birds and it flies high in the sky and this means I will work hard to reach the peak of my career. An eagle is a very good and bold answer to this question especially if you are applying for the post of Executive Manager. An eagle is a perfect animal for a leadership role because leaders work independently and make decisions without consulting anyone. Do not choose an eagle if it is teamwork because it is not suitable.

Zebra: I would love to be a Zebra because Zebras walk in cliques and are gentle. Zebra also have duplicity of stripes and colours. This animal is suitable for group work in a work environment because you will hardly find a Zebra in isolation and I would love to be a Zebra because I have the team spirit quality. Zebras have duplicity of stripes which means that I am very versatile and will add value to the company.

Lion: I would love to be a lion because lions are strong leaders and independent thinkers constantly evaluating their situation and planning strategically. This animal is relevant to leadership positions such as financial Manager of a company.

Animals You Should Avoid

Snake:  The snake is crafty, sneaky and dishonest. This is a bad choice for any job position

Whale: Whales are cumbersome and ungainly, so you may wish to avoid this comparison.

Sloth: it is very lazy and slow, avoid this comparison.

In conclusion, the animal you choose does not really matter but how to make comparisons to the animal characteristics and sell your skills is what is ideal. Impressing interviewers should be your ultimate goal; if you follow the tips above you will be answering one of the most bizarre interview questions and landing your dream job.


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