What Value Can You Add to the Company

How to Answer Interview Question: What Value Can You Add to the Company?

Interview questions of this nature go beyond just determining if the applicant possesses the skills and experience that meets the job requirement. It is basically aimed at understanding a candidate’s vision; whether or not it aligns with that of the employing firm. They want to know of new ideas you will bring to the table, and how they will translate into growth both in the short and long term.

The interviewers are interested in knowing how you can bring your knowledge and competencies to bear in solving practical problems. Firms need employees that will help them surmount challenges and bridge gaps in their operations. So competent candidates that can input new ideas will be sought after. It is therefore imperative to present yourself as someone capable of injecting new ideas and energy that the firm requires to improve.

A good answer requires you to outline your value to the firm, highlighting your experience, qualifications, and accomplishments, and explain how you will go about using them to assist the hiring firm move forward. Below are tips to consider when answering this question ‘what value can you add to the company’?

  1. Discuss your knowledge of the firm: The only sure way to answer this interview question effectively is if you have researched the firm, its operation, and the industry. Through the research, you can discuss your achievements while showcasing your knowledge of what the firm does. You should also be able to relate your experiences and skills with what the particular role you applied for requires.

While talking about the firm, be specific on issues that concern the firm without comparing it with others in the industry. Current and past information about the firm that is in the public domain should be used. It is equally important to be polite when answering and avoid saying anything that could be offensive to the interviewers or derogatory about the firm


  1. Be balanced between self-promotion and high-headedness: When responding to the question, find a way to strike a balance between selling yourself and not coming across as arrogant. While firms are looking for confident employees, they do not want egoistic ones who believe that their method is the best way of doing things.

Overall, you need to highlight any of your previous successes that are relevant to the job, provide specific examples and information to prove your point, and opine how your skill could be helpful in the attainment of organizational goals. Trying to appear indispensable may end being a turn-off to the recruiters.


  1. Talk about the job description: A job description includes the duties and responsibilities associated with the applied position. Study the description for any requirements that correspond with your experience while researching. And make sure to include examples of how you exercised those skills in your previous job while answering. You can equally mention light skills, such as critical thinking, or hard skills that are relevant to the job. For instance, if you are being interviewed for an accounting role, you can talk about your experience with programs as QuickBooks and Sage, and how proficient you are with Microsoft excel.


  1. Adopt a simple communication approach: Your verbal and non-verbal communication is important when responding to this question, from your choice of words to gestures; be clear and concise. Remember the highlights of your response instead of memorizing all of it to sound relaxed and self-assured.

Maintain eye contact, sit upright and keep your shoulders back to show that you are focused on the interview. Keep your feet flat on the ground for an inviting posture. Good communication skills can make you very appealing to hiring managers.




Sample 1

“My problem-solving abilities enable me to work extremely well under pressure, which is clearly a common occurrence in this role. In my previous position as the Procurement Officer, I had to decide which supplies to order given our limited budget within a very short time. I promptly created a spreadsheet that helped me compare the Suppliers’ prices and was able to order the needed supplies on time within our budget. I used the spreadsheet throughout my stay and was able to save the company over N5000000 in two years. I hope to bring the same energy that will have a similar impact on this company.”  

Problem-solving skills are very vital to firms in any industry. Giving your response in a manner that shows this unique trait will earn you a profile of an applicant that is willing to work through thick and thin.

Sample 2

“I am certain that my experience with InDesign fits your requirement. I served as a graphic designer at Hamtul Press Limited. We had clients that demanded a large advertising campaign that included flyers, postcards, and bulletin print advertisements. I worked almost exclusively with InDesign to create most of the materials. The clients were so thrilled with the products that they still patronize my old employers for all their advertising needs. My technical skills combined with my passion for great customer satisfaction will sure make me succeed in this role.”

Most jobs require a combination of hard skills and soft skills. If you can present an example of your experience with a hard skill that is part of the job description, you will be distinguishing yourself from other candidates and keep yourself in the minds of the interviewer.

Sample 3

In my previous job, I was involved in various innovations, including measures to improve teamwork. We were assigned to conjure up ideas to facilitate better teamwork and communication, and my submissions were adjudged the most outstanding. Not only can I bring these to bear, but I am also a keen proponent of innovation in general as I believe it drives progress.”

Contemporary workplaces are keen on establishing and maintaining teamwork as a catalyst for achieving organizational goals. To be someone who can offer a practicable mechanism that will ensure teamwork, you will surely be placed above your peers in the labour market. 

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