Graphics Designer Job Description

Graphics Designer Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a graphics designer. Feel free to use our job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a graphics designer.


Who is a Graphics Designer? 

A graphics designer is an expert in image design and graphics art which puts together images, pictures, and typography. graphics designers try to design good pieces of images which appeal to their clients.

They deal in creating images mainly for published and electronic media which includes advert agencies and brochures. Sometimes, they engage in typesetting acts, Web designs, and user interfaces.

Moreover, they deal with presenting images in manners that are accessible and memorable. These professionals can combine technology and art to pass ideas via image layout on printed images and online platforms.

Furthermore, you will see graphics designers use numerous designs fonts, and templates to get artistic and decorative effects. When engaging in layout designs they work closely with content writers who select words and choose the right words that depict the right situation in images.

Using images, color, and text graphics designers can show the statistical data via visual diagrams and graphics. They are a vital team when marketing, branding, and selling products.

Many refer to them as graphic artists or sometimes communication designers. Most graphics designers specialize in a particular category of client, some deal with creating graphics, others in visual designs, and some deal with drawings.


Graphics Designer Job Description

Below are the graphics designer job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a graphics designer job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

Graphics designers will be expected to

  • Discuss with clients to determine project scope.

A graphics designer will meet customers and make important inputs about the scope of work that should be done. Since he is an important actor in designs and graphics he will make useful contributions to an active project.

  • Use the latest photo editing software and digital illustration to make designs.

He or she is expected to use his expertise to make beautiful digital designs and photo edits using the latest image software. This is intended to appeal to the desired audience.

  • Design elements like logos and captivating images to deliver a message.

 A graphics designer should be able to design using visual elements to create excellent illustrations which will be able to show the desired image intended to their customers.

  • Choose colors, layouts, and pictures to use.

Because of their knowledge of designs and several appropriate design templates, graphics designers should be able to create the best designs and typefaces which are splendid.

  • Show design concepts to customers and art directors.

graphics designers will help present the right design concepts to clients who will show them that he is the right person for the role. Art directors should be convinced by their models that a particular concept is good.

  • Make the right changes that are suggested by clients in final design drafts.

 When a customer makes a recommendation, a graphics designer should find the right way to incorporate these edits into final drafts.

  • Examine design briefs and determine how to execute them.

As a graphics designer, you should be able to study graphic images and choose the right way to get the project done without problems.

  • Advise customers on the best methods to get audiences.

The aim of designs and images is to appeal to your target audiences. A graphics designer should be able to convince clients of the best strategies to get targeted clients.

  • Create image illustrations using top photo editing and layout apps.

A graphics designer must be able to make designs and templates which are in line with the latest designs.

  • Choose colors, graphics, and typography for communication materials.

 A graphics designer should be picking the right colors and typography which will work well with adverts placement and social media posts.

  • Produce graphics drafts for customer review and make edits based on feedback.

 graphics designers should produce edits and corrections based on feedback received by customers and art directors.

  • Work in collaboration with team members which include Content creators, and sales and marketing executives.

They are expected to engage in smooth collaboration with other members of the team throughout the project phases. They should be able to use various ideas and suggestions put forward by these team members to make the final decision.

  • Keep up-to-date with recent graphics design trends and tools.

To stay ahead of the competition and close rivals, graphics designers should monitor the latest graphics trends and technologies to stay ahead of all close competitors in the industry.


Qualifications of a graphics designer

To be qualified to be a graphics designer, here are the necessary qualifications you should have:

Secondary School Certificate

He or she should have at least a C or C+ in subjects which include English, Maths, intro tech, or Technical drawings. He should pass his GCSE; with at least 5 credits.

B. A in Graphics or Fine Arts, Graphics Design, Communication Arts, or other related fields

A graphics designer should have about three to four years of university education in any of the above disciplines with a minimum of Second class or baccalaureate.

2-5 years of experience in Graphics, Drawing, or other Design Disciplines

It is important he has some experience, especially with an advertising agency in graphics design or UX designs.

Experience in Graphic rudiments, layouts prints, and Web designs

To be qualified for the post of graphics design, the person should know about core graphics courses, typography, and other print or Web designs.

Be Familiar with CSS and HTML

As a graphics designer, he should know how to use HTML and CSS to create great and appealing concepts which will appeal to many clients.

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, and the latest Graphics Software

A qualified graphics designer should have considerable knowledge in graphics software like Sketch, InDesign, and top graphics design.

Have a compelling portfolio showing recent works on several graphics projects.

A graphics designer should be able to show various graphics projected that has been completed by him via a plethora of works.


Essential Skills of a Graphics Designer

Here are some vital skills that a graphics designer should have the following skills:

Unique IT skills

A graphics designer should have the excellent IT skills needed to excel in the graphics industry. He should be up to date with recent events in the IT world has it, which affect graphics photo software, and illustrations.

They must be creative and innovative

He or she is expected to be able to think out of the box and be very creative. Graphics design and drawings require someone with vivid innovation who can integrate his knowledge into real-time scenarios.

Great time management and organizational development

A graphics designer must know how to keep time and work well to meet deadlines. This will show he is an organized and reliable professional in his line of work.

Attentive to details

A graphics designer should be intelligent, accurate, and very inquisitive. He must be curious and pay close attention to all details that will help him complete his projects.

Know the latest graphic trends and roles

A graphics designer must know about recent graphics trends which will fit perfectly well with the environment of the work.

Manage cost and deadlines professionals

A graphics designer should know how to manage budgets and find the best cost-effective to achieve his projects without compromising his qualities.

They must be a good listener

Since he works in tandem with team members which includes content creators, video editors, and Ui designers, he should listen to suggestions that will help him achieve his aim.

Be good at resolving graphics disputes

graphics designers must know how to solve conflicts between clients and customers. He should find amicable solutions to issues for better results.


Making clients believe in work is important, that is why a graphics designer should know how to convince clients about the outcome and benefits of a project.


How to Become a Graphics Designer

To become a Graphics designer, you need to:

Learn Graphics Designing tenets

Excellent illustrations and designs involve lots of deliberation and planning. You will need to know and apply certain graphics theories and principles.

A graphics designer is required to have a deep understanding of shapes, ideas, colors, texture, emphasis, and space. This has a profound impact on how appealing your work is to the audience.

Enroll in many Graphics Designing courses

To be a top graphics designer, you will need to enroll in certain important design courses, especially in design and image quality. This will help you harness your skills while working on many projects.

These graphics design courses will bring you closer to your mentors and collaborators, who are important to your network.

Core Graphics design courses you should enroll in include the latest design software, typography, color theory, and image grafting. Depending on your specialization, you could also need to take courses in website design and UX design.

Be knowledgeable in vital Graphic Design tools

There are numerous tools in graphics design that you will need to learn to be considered competent. The popular graphics design tools you need to learn are Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and InDesign.

These tools have many good templates and designs which you will need to be a successful graphics designer.

Work on Several projects to develop your Graphic Design knowledge

When you have fully mastered design principles, and usage of the different types of creative tools, you will need to work on the knowledge you have acquired.

You can start by making mock photos, logos, and ads to test your knowledge. Taking volunteer jobs or internship job is another good option to get real-life experiences.

Get a portfolio to show your work to clients

An excellent graphic design portfolio is important to all graphics designers. This portfolio will contain your best works and projects which you can use to convince art directors and clients that you are the best for the job.


Where to Work as a Graphics Designer

There are many job opportunities for graphics designers in the world. However, you will have to decide either to work on your own, in studios, or with private firms. A graphics degree and some years of experience will get you to work in:

Advertising Firms

There are numerous advertising firms that are looking for a competent Graphics designer to employ. Whether social media adverts or TV commercials, adverts are the most important avenue to get an audience.

Advertising agencies will only employ the best designers that can grab the audience’s attention quickly. You will need a degree in any graphics or photo editing degree and an excellent portfolio to land this role.

Brand Specialist Operation

As a graphics designer, you could also get a job with a brand specialist which might be an individual or firm. Brand specialists are people who brand products for many firms and market them to audiences offline and online. As a proven Graphics designer, your experience will be needed by these brand specialists.

Design Consultants Agency

Design consultants are people or firms who offer ideas and concepts on how a design will appeal to audiences. There are several design consultants in the world who want Graphics designers, illustrators, and technical designers to help create innovative designs and solutions.

PR Firms

Public relations agencies are firms that deal primarily in image and media laundering. They employ many content creators and graphics designers to help promote someone or something. There are many PR firms around who offer good salaries to graphics designers.

Publishing and Media Firms

graphics designers can also work in media houses like newspapers, magazines, radio, or TV services. Their expertise is required in these media houses to help promote products and help spread adverts.


Graphics Designer Salary Scale

graphics designer salaries are determined by several factors which include the minimum wage of the country you are working, the present state of the economy, the demand of graphics designers, and years of experience.

With the increasing rate of top graphics designers, salaries are looking pretty good in Western countries from graduate entries to experienced professionals.

Firstly, in the United States of America, the average salary of a new graphics designer is around $43,156 – $45 738. For a senior graphics designer with about 3 to 5 years of experience, he will be paid between $75,112 – $ 77,690.

An art director and highly professional graphics designer with about 7 to 15 years of experience will earn around $135,902 – $138,338.

However, in the UK, the average pay of a new graphics designer is between £22,500 to £24,864. For more experienced hands, they are paid an annual rate between £34,112 to £36 383. Design directors and top graphics designers earn about £69, 007.

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