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How to Answer The Interview Question: What Do You Know About This Company?

The labor market is a very competitive place as there are always candidates who are not only capable but qualified as well, all struggling for the same position. This is why you must take the necessary steps to make your application stand out. You can pitch yourself as the ideal hire by preparing yourself with some typical interview questions likely to be asked during the hiring process

However, in this article, we will be tackling the common interview question, “what do you know about this company?” We will discuss why employers ask this question, how to address this question effectively, and some sample replies to this question. 

When employers ask you this question, they are some things they want to hear and some things they absolutely do not want to hear. To avoid potential traps and mistakes that can you cost you the job, we advise you to keep reading. Let’s begin.


Why the Question?

There are so many reasons why employers are interested in knowing what you know about their company during the interview. Most of these companies want someone who is not just clicking on every job ad but is very selective in their job search. I mean, if you know nothing about the company, then why do you want an interview, or how do you know you won’t hate working for them? 

This is why they ask you to divulge a little about their company to see how much you have researched and prepared. If you want to get on their excellent book and stand a chance, you need to be ready to get specific facts and details about the company. We have some reasons listed why an employer would want to throw you the question. 

Employers want to know if you are really interested in working with them

With the competition for the same position, employers can be picky. They would rather give the opportunity to someone who applies for the job for a reason and is completely passionate about the company than someone who is merely educated or experienced. 

Your answer says a lot about your work ethic.

This answer you give will demonstrate how well you have researched and prepared for your interview. If your answer is a good one, it means that you would put seriousness and attention to detail to any given task and responsibilities that will be given to you. 

Your answer demonstrates your level of professionalism 

Someone who is well-prepared for a job interview is likely to be ambitious and committed to developing his/her career. These professionalism traits are usually sought out in job applicants because it implies that the candidate will display a level of appropriate, professional, and purposeful conduct.  

Apart from the listed reasons, no employer wants to employ someone who’s applying to 100 positions daily without even looking at the kind of job. Every employer wants someone who will always be motivated and be committed to their job. So, if they realized that you could have a specific reason for submitting your applications, then they might be willing to give you a shot. 

Next, let’s look at how to answer this question.


How to Answer The Big Question

The best way to answer the big question is to list specific facts about the company you found out about during your research. You can follow these simple steps if you wish to impress your interviewer and answer the questions effectively. 

Research properly 

It is always good to do proper research with the company you have an interview appointment with beforehand. Any information you get from the company can provide you with insights that will help you decide if you are fit to be in that company. The data can also help you understand their values, history, type of organization it is, and the kind of question you should ask. Find out why there is a need for the position you applied for, a little about the interviewer, the challenges the company is facing, and any other details that you should know. All of this information combined will give you an upper hand and prepare you for what is to come at your interview.  

Organize your key points 

Having gathered all this information from your research, you can now choose the key points and details you can mention when answering your question. Critical points like significant accomplishments, pending product launches, challenges should be noted appropriately as this understanding will help you answer the questions effectively during the interview. 

Concentrate on the positive 

Most candidates usually fail to understand that it is essential that you talk about the organization’s mission, important milestones in the company’s history, and the values that align with your goals. 

List out your interest. 

During your interview, you should endeavor to make your hiring manager understand that you are very interested in the position you applied for. Have detailed knowledge of the company and how your strength can help the company accomplish its set goals. It is also important that you communicate your readiness to join the team more authentically and genuinely.

Answering the big question – 

  • Select two or three facts about the company that you have researched and can tell the interviewer.
  • Keep your answer short and detailed. Instead of naming six facts that are not entirely accurate, you can simply name two points that you are sure it’s true. 
  • Be sure always to end your answer with a question directed to the interviewer. This will make the interview more interesting and relaxed for deep conversation. 
  • Never use the phrase “I am not sure, or I don’t know anything about the company.” This is an automatic red flag for your application.
  • Be sure always to compliment the company when you are answering what you know about the company. You can always do this by stating positive and respected facts about the company.
  • You can practice your answer; No one is perfect. 


Sample answers for the interview question: What do you know about the company?

With the above hints, I am sure you know what to say and what not to say during your interview. Now, let’s quickly look at some sample answers to the big question. 

Sample answer 1

I am well aware that you are one of the biggest payroll software providers, founded in 2014 when your CEO realized that many small businesses spend more on payroll, which was not detrimental to their growth. The story on the website’s “ABOUT US” page is quite impressive, and it looks as though there is a need for this product, considering how quickly you have grown in a short while. I’m also aware of how the company doubled in size last two years and preparing to repeat it again this year. 

Sample answer 2

I’ve been one of your customers for many years, and I am well aware that your company is much more than the customer retail side, price, and selection. I know that the company is also involved in web services for cloud computing and prime-related entertainment activities. I am quite impressed by your company’s mission statement and core values. From my own experience, there are different parts of your company I find fascinating, and would welcome the opportunity to be part of your team.


Final thought

Being well-prepared, you can confidently and effectively answer your employer when he/she asks what you know about the company. Plus, good answers can convince them to give you a chance, so get on that company’s website now, do proper research and go get that dream work. 

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