Should I Be Selective When Searching for Jobs

Should I Be Selective When Searching for Jobs

Often at times, the imagination of being unemployed may leave you with the thoughts of applying at any given opening so that you can get checks at the end of the month. You may be tempted to go for a job that you do not like so that people will not consider you one of those unemployed masses, those who do not positively contribute to the economy. The fear of not knowing where to get the next meal, and pay your necessary bills will prompt you to wish to get something to pass time in the name of a job.

It is not also out of place that once you are about to graduate and get into the new phase of life, one of the first questions is whether you should seek employment. If so, you will ask if you should streamline your job search. As much as the answer is evident, there are a couple of reasons why you should be selective in your job search


Why You Should Be Selective When Searching for Jobs

1) Skill: Every industry is peculiar in its activities. Some industries like the music industry need hard skills like dancing and singing for entertainment. Whereas others like the IT industry are knowledge-based and would require you to be a specialist in either data analysis, engineering, or programming. Therefore, someone who can dance but cannot program has no business with the IT industry. It does not matter how much you have tried, except if you learn the skill. Assuming you decide to apply to Google as a dancer, it will be highly impossible to get through the interview session. Though one would say that natural talent plays a role in stratifying people into different industries, a person who wants to get into an industry can learn the skills demanded in that field. The strength to learn skill comes with grit and passion.

 2) Passion: The urge to work anywhere will subside once you get to work and that is when it will dawn on you that you are just existing in the job. The zeal to be creative and innovate is what passion brings. But when you are not passionate about the job, it becomes stressful for you. This will certainly impact your health. Apart from affecting the cardiovascular system, it lowers your immunity and gives you that susceptibility status to invite all sorts of diseases. Psychologically, this is a grave effect of accepting any job. Anxiety and sadness. There is no enthusiasm to boost morale, you are always moody and aggressive. Assuming you chose a driving job at an oil firm instead of a teaching job. You may not be very observant on the road and consequently, cause harm to yourself or another person.

3) Money: The choice of a  job is as important as the lifestyle it will provide for you. In choosing a job, it is possible to see the same job with different pay. For example, the job of a driver is constant but the pay depends on who you drive. If you have the option of driving a royal household, you will be better off than someone who drives someone else. It is important to know that remuneration is a key factor in the choice of work one does. Most times, you may decide to change careers because you have a clue that one occupation is more rewarding than another. In applying for work, it is best to go with one that can give you the desired lifestyle. A subsequent thing to assess is the issue of promotion. A job that does not increase your pay with time is not worth it. Considering money as a means to purchase necessities will help you to understand that money is only a means to an end. Therefore when money paid cannot retain its former purchasing position due to inflation, it becomes frustrating and even distracting for you cannot meet your needs. And this leads to the consideration of long and short  term goal terms

4) Long term goal: Though it is recorded most people change their jobs throughout their lifetime, people who are more satisfied with their jobs chose theirs based on long-term goals. Some jobs are just contracts. These contract jobs are mostly short-term and at most, five years. One whose intention is to have job security cannot choose this because he will be forced to enter the labor market at the end of the tenure. Ironically, it will be great for one who wants to be self-employed after saving some money for those five years.

For someone who wants to work for a long time, getting a job with a guaranteed pension is best for him so that he does not have to suffer in old age. Though there is a contributory pension policy that is mandatory for every employer, some employers are better than others in their percentage contribution.

4)Health status:  Your life does not on your job but your job depends on your life. This directly means that the state of your health can determine what career you have to choose. No matter how much you cherish the idea of being a military officer because of payment, prestige, and satisfaction, if you are not physically strong, you may find it difficult to cope. Certainly, you will die of exhaustion. So there is a need to think about your health before applying for a job.

5) Other aspects of life: In the choice of job, there is always the temptation to associate yourself with your work alone without taking cognizance of the fact that work is just a facet of life. There are other facets. This includes family life as well as social life. People who are married consider their spouses and children before applying for jobs. Their lives are not theirs alone and their time allocation to work will affect the unity of the family. Having a job that offers both maternity and paternity leaves is important for someone who values family life. Remember that some certain spheres of civil service like politics demand a high level of dedication and concentration and as such, would see marriage as a distraction.

In a bid to start a career, you should always evaluate the impact on your finance, your passion, your goals, relationships, and your health status. All these will drive you safely to the best job which will give you satisfaction.

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