Top Cities to Find Jobs in Nigeria

Top Cities to Find Jobs in Nigeria

Finding jobs in Nigeria is easier in the city. There are some “go-to” cities in Nigeria for job seekers. In fact, most people move there once they graduate. These cities offer opportunities like no other in Africa’s most populous nation. From entertainment, healthcare, and sports, to business, this article exposes the top cities to find jobs in Nigeria.


How cities in Nigeria influence jobs

Finding a job in Nigeria is largely influenced by the city. Employers have to be comfortable enough to start their business there. Those in search of jobs should also be able to handle life in these cities well.


The level of security is the most important deciding factor. Security plays a major role in determining how the ratings of such a city would be in terms of job opportunities. Firstly, every available job position depends on two major parties- the employer and the employee. In a city with a high level of insecurity, companies would be few there. No one wants to set up a billion-dollar business there. Likewise, no one wants to stay there to work. While the salary is important, safety comes first.

The level of literacy

Nigeria is a country with an endless list of scholars and academic giants of the past and present. Many cities in Nigeria are littered with literate individuals. This increases the “employability capacity” of people in the city. Whenever a company wants to set up a business, they try to make sure that finding people to employ will not be difficult. For this reason, they consider cities with a high level of literacy. The best cities to work in Nigeria have graduates of various disciplines and degrees. These literate people come from home and foreign institutions. Also, foreigners with high qualifications come to these cities to work.

An abundance of natural resources.

Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Most of the top Nigerian cities to find jobs are blessed with natural resources. The natural resources open a window of opportunities for the cities. As a way of tapping into the exploration industry, multinational companies set up an establishment in these cities. Likewise, capable indigenous companies opened their businesses as well. In the process, some of these companies improved the road networks in their areas of operation around the country. Also, they improved the electricity supply in neighboring communities as well. These make some of these Nigerian cities attractive to work in.


Starting a business in a rural settlement is hard. Most business people setting up companies, love to establish their businesses in industrialized areas. The level of industrialization matters. It is easier to set up a company where there is a power supply, a good road network, and beautiful sights. Likewise, many young people are leaving their rural settlements for the cities. Besides the money, they want to work in a place they can enjoy living. For both job seekers and employers, industrialization potential is vital.


One of the least talked about factors that influence a city regarding job opportunities is diversity. In a city where the majority of the population indulges in one particular kind of vocation, job opportunities will be few. This is because most people would have the same skillsets, oversaturating an industry. When that happens, other industries will suffer. With time, the few diverse industries will leave for a more diverse city where there are different people from all walks of life capable of doing various things.


Best cities to find jobs in Nigeria


By far the first place that comes to the mind of the average jobseeker in Nigeria. For many people, it’s Lagos or nothing in terms of finding a place to work. Lagos is the official land of opportunities in Nigeria. Finding work in Lagos is relatively easy compared to other parts of the country. Lagos is a highly populated city with people from all over the world working and living there. For multinationals looking to establish a branch in Nigeria, Lagos is the first place that comes to mind. For this reason, most of the best jobs in the land are in Lagos. the most diverse city in West Africa. Lagos sets the tone in terms of entertainment, sports, media, communications, and more. When it comes to enjoying life, no place beats Lagos. There are a plethora of sites to relax and have fun. Jobs are advertised daily and more companies spring up in Lagos each time. There is no shortage of work to do despite the high population in Lagos especially if you are willing to start from any level. Surprisingly, you can find some high-paying jobs which may not require a college degree.


Out of Ogun State comes its capital city, Abeokuta, rich in history. Abeokuta is one of the calmest cities to live and work in. Unlike Lagos, the traffic situation in the South-Western state is incredibly smooth. Abeokuta also happens to be one of the most peaceful and cleanest cities in the country. Lagos affects many states, especially those in the South-West. The biggest beneficiary is Abeokuta. Due to its closeness to Lagos, many companies in Lagos are either setting up branches there or completely moving there. For example, in terms of media and communications, many radio stations would have loved to be in Lagos but couldn’t, opt for Abeokuta due to its closeness to Lagos. Abeokuta and surrounding areas have mining industries, financial institutions, higher institutions, and government establishments for jobseekers.


The ancient city of Ibadan is also benefitting from its closeness to Lagos. Arguably the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan is one of the best places to work and live in Nigeria. There are multiple job listings daily for Ibadan residents. The state capital is also home to some of the best entertainment and media establishments in Nigeria. Ibadan also has sights and places of relaxation to suit a variety of people and their lifestyles. Also, the cost of living in Ibadan is better than in Lagos and Abeokuta. It is home to expatriates and notable figures in the country. Ibadan has the perfect balance in terms of working and living.

Port Harcourt

The oil capital city of Nigeria. This South-South state is home to most of the oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Thanks to its richness in natural resources, Port Harcourt is one of the best places to work in Nigeria. It is an industrialized area with all the necessities in a city. Due to the high-paying jobs available in Port Harcourt, the cost of living is on the high side. Living in Port Harcourt is enjoyable. There are sights and multiple places to relax. Besides oil and gas companies, other top companies, including multinationals, are based in Port Harcourt.


Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, is always battling Lagos for the top spot in terms of being number one on this list. Next to Lagos, Abuja is the best place to find work in Nigeria. Abuja is the headquarters of most government establishments.  From the Central Bank of Nigeria to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the biggest establishments reside in Abuja. Also, it is the city of the high and mighty. Multinationals also find Abuja to be the best place to site their companies. If you are looking for a high-paying job, Abuja is where to go. Also, if you dream of working for an international company, Abuja is a sure location. The major downside is the cost of living. Besides that, Abuja is a place to work and live.


This South-South capital of Cross-Rivers State beats a few other South-South cities like Benin and Uyo to feature in this list. Calabar is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in Nigeria. Working and living in Calabar is a unique experience compared to other cities. This city hosts companies both local and international. From financial institutions to oil and gas companies, you will find a variety of high-paying jobs here. Although the cost of living is relatively high, it remains one of the best. Calabar also has sights and is one of the best recreational and tourist sites in Obudu Ranch. Every year, the culture-rich city hosts people from all over the world. It celebrates its Calabar festival sponsored by a host of organizations including the state government.


This is a rather controversial city on this list. Borno State, which is where Maiduguri is, has a history of being the hub of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents. For over a decade, the state had been ravaged by insecurity. However, the main city of Maiduguri happened to record very few insurgencies compared to other regions of the state.

Maiduguri happens to be home to lots of commercial activities between Nigeria and neighboring countries. Also, mining companies are benefiting from the abundance of natural resources in the state. The state capital is also littered with government establishments hiring citizens. Another reason for recommending this city is the demand for workers in the state. Due to the history of the state, there has been a shortage of workers. Today, the state is in much better shape thanks to international and local intervention. Maiduguri is home to most of the NGOs in the country. Expatriates from all over the world, including internal organizations, work and reside in the summery city.


What jobseekers would love in cities they work in

For most people, finding jobs is the primary reason for living in a city. However, there is life after the close of a business day. Especially on weekends and bank holidays, those who work would love to do other interesting and profitable things. Here are some of the things job seekers want in the cities they work.

High quality of life.

Most of the best Nigerian cities to find jobs are relatively populated. Decades ago, they were not half as populated as they are today. This implies that many have left their rural settlements in search of a better life there. Jobseekers want to live in places with improved healthcare facilities, better schools for their children, and high-paying jobs.


Another big difference between the city and other settlements in the sight. The rural areas have little to no spectacular sights to see. The lifestyle is plain and boring to most people. In contrast, there is almost always something or somewhere nice to visit in the city.

Recreational centers.

One of the disadvantages of living in the city is stress. Unlike rural areas, the hustle and bustle of city life can be overwhelming. There is a competition to do basic tasks. City people need to relax and enjoy themselves every once in a while. For this reason, there are recreational and relaxation centers scattered across cities. There is always a new place in town to relax. This is what job seekers need and what they will find in the city.

Good transport.

City life is fast all around the world. To keep up with important appointments, especially work every jobseeker hopes for good transport facility in the city they find work. From conducive vehicles to good road networks, the city you work in must help make life easier for you daily and not the other way around.

Opportunity to diversify.

These days, having just one stream of income is like living dangerously. A city with an opportunity for jobseekers to do more is vital to their happiness there. From parallel jobs to side businesses, jobseekers in Nigeria crave to work in cities that help them do more.

Multiple job opportunities.

Job seekers are more comfortable living in cities where they can easily get job opportunities. In case something goes wrong, a “Plan B” would suffice. No one wants to go back to their village if things do not work out for them in the city. Thus, every job seeker hopes to find jobs where opportunities are aplenty.


Bottom line

Just like in every city around the globe, the top cities to work in Nigeria provide countless opportunities. However, the competition is high which means that even though they are the top cities for jobs, finding jobs there is never easy. Also, besides finding a good job in any of these cities, consider how living there affects your life in general. Do in-depth research on these cities to see which ones fit your lifestyle the most. If you are currently working in Lagos, Abuja, or in any of these cities, please let us know about your experience with finding a job there.

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