A Guide On How to Find a Good Job After Graduation 

A Guide On How to Find a Good Job After Graduation 

Congratulations, you’re now a graduate! All the hard work finally paid off and now it’s time to get a job.

Besides making a living, getting a job is a way of putting all the years of knowledge to practice. There are jobs everywhere, but you want a good one.

First, what qualifies as a good job is a job that interests you. A good job has many features. Thus, you cannot accurately define it in a few words. However, if it is what you want and has the potential to take you places, it qualifies as a good job.

Why You Can Get a Good Job Without Experience

Even with little to no work experience, many things work in your favor as a fresh graduate. Usually, fresh graduates are young and vibrant. Being young gives you an edge over older applicants in your position. That is why there is a special act, especially in the U.S., that protects older people against age discrimination.

Also, your digital literacy makes you more likely to be hired ahead of others. Younger job seekers are more tech and social media savvy than their older counterparts. Since these skills are part of what every business of the 21st century has embraced, you have an advantage. Thus, see your recent state as an advantage and build confidence from it.

In this post, you will discover the features of a good job. Also, this article will guide you on how to ultimately get a good job as a fresh graduate.

What a Good Job Should Entail.

Before you start hunting for a job, how do you define a good job? Some jobs might seem promising but lack elements of what a good job should be. Knowing what a decent job entails will help you look at the right places.

  • A good salary. The primary reason for getting a job is to make ends meet. While there are jobs on virtually every corner, a good job stands out in terms of salary. The basic salary varies depending on the industry and position you are occupying. Yet, there is a standard salary scale for good jobs in every sector.
  • An environment that fosters growth. One of the aspirations of ambitious graduates is to get better at their craft and reach greater heights. A good job will provide you with an environment that helps you grow. From the available resources you need for work, to supportive colleagues, a good job will have them all. Also, a decent job makes provision for employees to study further and become active members of helpful unions.
  • There are always opportunities for employees in an organization that only the company can grant. Some of these opportunities help workers develop more skills for personal and professional development. From paid workshops to scholarships, there is no shortage of opportunities available when you have a good job.
  • Job security. No one wants to get a good job only to lose it in no distant time. Job security is vital to your development and productivity as an employee. Knowing that your job is not secure brings anxiety. The pressure of job insecurity can make you lose your concentration and drive at times.
  • Benefits. Granting numerous benefits is one of the ways companies show appreciation to their employees. It also means that the company cares about your well-being. These are some of the perks of having a good job. Some of the various benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, etc.
  • Retirement plan. No matter how much you love working, you will retire one day. A good retirement plan is what keeps you going after you have stopped working, probably due to age. Many have become penniless after retirement due to a poor or non-existent retirement plan while they were still in active service. A good job ensures that you have a retirement plan to fall back on when you can no longer work.
  • Paid time off. Not every organization offers this but many good jobs do. Every employee must have some time off in a calendar year. This helps to recover from work stress. After days or weeks off work, employees feel refreshed and motivated to resume work. What could be better than taking some time off work? Get paid while you are at it!

How to get a good job

Build your CV.

From the moment you graduate, keep your CV in mind in everything you do. As a rule, avoid whatever will not improve or is unnecessary for your CV. Every internship or volunteer work should edify your CV in the long run. Also, the soft skills you work on attaining should be relevant to what must be in your CV. Make sure that you prepare your CV like a professional. Preferably, use a professional resume writer for your first CV. Lastly, update your CV constantly with each new experience or skill you attain.

Gather soft skills.

Nowadays, a college degree is not enough to get you a good job. You need to have other soft skills. This requirement is usually made public to all prospective employees before they apply. The reason for this requirement is because of the level of fierce competition for good jobs. While this requirement has little to do with work experience, it is essential for getting a good job. To get these skills, you may have to get training on them. For others, you can work on them on your own or use free resources online. Some of the most sought-after skills in the labor market are:

  • Digital literacy
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Stress and time management


The goal is to get a good job that pays well, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. One of the sacrifices you would make to easily get a good job is volunteering. There are many calls for volunteers in different fields for various causes. Volunteering is beneficial as it broadens your knowledge and exposes you to many things. Also, being a volunteer at a project in your area of specialization is similar to an internship in some ways. Volunteering also helps you to grow your network.

Be available for the internship.

There is nothing wrong with getting extra knowledge that will count as work experience in the long run. As soon as you graduate, look out for internship roles as much as you seek a good job. An internship introduces you to what life in the job is. While some internships don’t involve payment for your services, they offer you some benefits as compensation. Yet, some internship programs pay stipends for your efforts. During the internship, soak up all the knowledge you can. Also, make judicious use of the resources available. They will be key to getting a good job in no time.

Join job hunting groups.

The world is a global village. One of the benefits is that you can easily connect with people going through the same things as you. As far as job search goes, there are thousands of people vying for the same position as you. Nowadays, there are groups dedicated to these sets of people. These groups are mostly online and are open to anyone interested. One of the perks of joining these groups is that they share valuable information on available jobs. Many people find decent jobs in groups such as these. You should join a group of job searchers to increase your chances of getting a good job.

Start a small business.

Wait; what? Yes, start a business. Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to get a good job. This is rarely talked about because not many understand the opportunities this brings. Starting a small business for the sake of getting a good job is a win-win situation for you.

For example, if you are a marketing graduate looking to be hired by a top marketing firm, start yours. It doesn’t have to be a big organization, but make sure you practice and find one or two clients. This is helpful because starting a business exposes you to a lot about the job.

While getting a job makes you focus on one position, you barely have time to understand how other units operate. Meanwhile, running a business helps you understand where the money is coming from, the negatives loopholes can cause, and other tricks of the trade. Upon applying for a good job, your experience and CV will impress your prospective employers.

Be a fan of the industry.

Generate enthusiasm for the industry in which you want to get a good job. The easiest path is to become a genuine fan of the industry. Just as an ardent fan of a movie star eats up everything from their favorite celebrity, do the same. Subscribe to newsletters and websites dedicated to your industry of interest. If there are TV shows or a podcast, stay tuned to them. Also, follow the big names in the industry on social media. Doing these will increase your love for what you want to practice. Also, it equips you with information some in the industry may not know. Opportunities for scholarships or a good job might fall on your lap in the process.

Sign up for job search websites or register with an agency.

To secure a good job, you need all the assistance you can get. There are many job search websites locally and internationally that help people secure decent jobs. Sign up for them to increase your chances of getting a good job fast. Some of these job sites have a reputation for providing capable candidates for specific positions. Thus, big companies scout top talents there.

In addition, you might need to register with a recruitment or scouting agency for specified jobs. For example, sports, entertainment, or modeling require the help of a scouting agency to get good jobs.


Never underestimate the power of networking. Sometimes getting a good job is about knowing the right people. Use every chance you have to make new and influential acquaintances, especially in the industry you are looking to get a good job. The key to successful networking is having people skills and being generous. Being good with and to people can unlock many doors. Note that you can mostly find influential people in certain places during special events. Keep an eye on these events and make yourself available. Make a good impression and don’t forget to get at least a complementary card before you leave.

Gather knowledge.

Gaining knowledge is a way of reinventing yourself. Gather as much knowledge as you can in your spare time. Not only will the knowledge of your discipline help you, but general knowledge is also advantageous. There are situations where you need general knowledge to get through a difficult task. Also, your display of knowledge could be useful during your job application process. Knowing a little about most things makes you nearly indispensable and that gives you an edge over others as qualified as you. Your vast knowledge could be your X-factor when you finally get a decent job.

Call in favors

There is no crime in asking for favors especially when you are qualified for a position. For instance, if you are close friends with an influential person’s relative, you may ask for help with getting a decent job. Without bribery or perjury, you can get a good job or at least vital information about a great opportunity. If you have a relationship with people that can help you get a good job, don’t hesitate to ask them. Even in the workplace, colleagues call in favors when they need it. Nations call in favors from allies when they desperately need it as well.



Getting a good job is what you look forward to even before you graduate. A decent job has many features you must look out for before applying for it. With a few practical steps listed in this article, you will get a good job that suits your ambitions. The hard work does not end there. While you enjoy your job, strive to become someone who provides opportunities for those who will be in this position someday.

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