How to Get Out Of Unemployment

How to Get Out Of Unemployment

Unemployment is an economical menace that every society abhors. It can be very traumatizing to fall within the age range of the workforce and still be unemployed. Some people might have been employed before but lost their jobs and have remained unemployed for a long time while others have been unemployed for a shorter time. It may be very difficult to step into the workforce if you have been unemployed for a long time but there is no harm in trying. This article will focus on how to get out of unemployment.


What is unemployment?

Unemployment is an economic situation whereby people that fall within the workforce(15-64) and are employable but cannot find a suitable job.


Tips to get out of Unemployment:

Have your Job Materials Ready

The first step to getting out of unemployment is to have your job materials ready such as C.V, resume, and Cover letter. Make sure they are updated and have both soft copies and hard copies. Resume and C.V are usually updated to a new style template: use the new template style of resume, and you can also hire a professional to draft your resume so that it can attract job recruiters.

Search for Jobs

The best way to get out of unemployment is to start searching for jobs both online and offline, before you should search for jobs make sure your C.V or resume is ready. There are some online job recruitment sites or platforms such as LinkedIn and others. Make sure you have a LinkedIn account, update your records, and choose the appropriate job position you would like to be hired for.

Offline jobs search can be through the reading of job adverts in newspapers, making contacts with friends, family, and other contacts. Make it known to your friends and families that you need a job, and you can also give them a copy of your resume to help you submit it to companies.

Learn a Skill

In the meantime, while searching for a job; you can learn a skill such as information technology, programming, software management, and any other skill that is relevant. Develop these skills in order to become better in your career. Employers are on the look for skills and so learning skills while looking for a job is highly beneficial, and it will boost your qualification. There are hard skills and soft skills: do not concentrate only on hard skills but also learn soft skills.

Use the time of your job search to develop yourself professionally: read books on how to secure your dream jobs and also how to answer interview questions. Get a professional or career coach that will guide you in the aspect of your career and how you can be successful in your career. Seek counsel from psychologists or counselors on how to land your dream job. Do not be idle during the period of your job search but sure you maximize this period.

Gain Experience by Volunteering or Internship

Most employers don’t want to employ a novice but someone who has professional experience. You can volunteer for organizations, charities, and NGOs while looking for a job. Volunteering for these organizations can help you acquire relevant professional experience that will place you in high demand. The organization you volunteer for may end up employing you if they see your level of commitment. If you studied Pharmacy, you can volunteer to be a pharmacy of a pharmaceutical company to acquire skills and you can also go for medical outreaches of your choice. In addition, someone that studied Journalism can volunteer in a media organization. Use this time to get relevant job experience that will make you a hot cake in the job market.

Invest in education

Learning more about your field and receiving formal training can make you a better job candidate. Do you have a degree certificate? Proceed and get a Master’s degree to boost your mental faculty. Some job offers require a Master’s degree as a qualification; you can go for an academic or professional Master’s to develop yourself. You can also learn professional courses such as Management training or Project Management. Investing in education while looking for a Job is highly beneficial; it will make you a more qualified job candidate.

Practice Professionalism

Once you have applied for a job and there is no feedback from the recruiters, you can follow them up; this will help you get the job. If you applied for a job and there is no vacancy at the moment, collect the organization’s phone number and keep calling them occasionally to find out if there is a vacancy. If you receive a job rejection, follow them up to consider you for another position. Professional practices by job candidates always impress the interviewer.

Consider Working Remotely

The world is becoming more global, and I will say it is easier to get remote jobs than offline jobs. You can consider remote jobs such as Content Writing, Copywriting, virtual assistant, and online customer care representative. These jobs are rampant even though they are highly sought, applying for these jobs will help you get out of unemployment quickly. You can go for a short training in creative writing or copywriting in order to be a remarkable writer. There are online platforms that make it very easy to get remote jobs, and they are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. Create an account on any of these platforms and start applying for jobs asp. You can work remotely for a while before you land your dream job.

Consider Self-Employment

In this life, some people are born to rule while others are born to serve. Have you ever considered whether you are born to rule? Instead of drafting C.V and resume to look for a job why not becomes the boss? Startup your own business or establish your own company, there may be a financial constraints but all you need is a business plan.

Brainstorm a good business idea and draft out a business plan to establish your own business in which people will come to work under you. You can also get financial support from friends and family to establish your business.

You don’t need to start a large business, but you can start a small such as a Retail store business, farm business, or laundry service. Self-employment is a very easy route to get out of unemployment, do not wait to be employed by someone you can be your own boss.


Unemployment is a choice and so do your best to get them employable skills that will land you your dream job. Employment is highly profitable to anyone because there is more honor in being employed than unemployed. Follow the tips above to quickly get out of unemployment.

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