How To Get a Construction Job

How To Get a Construction Job

Did you know that a manual construction laborer earns between $14.60 and $17.00 an hour? Yes, construction workers are some of the professionals earning a decent rate.

Are you still finding it difficult to land a construction job even though companies are hiring everywhere?

We have identified the best places hiring, including the most in-demand skill sets, and qualifications needed to land this job.

It’s high time you found out the best ways to get a construction job ASAP.


The benefits of having a construction job

Construction jobs are some of the most satisfying jobs in the market. Although it presents opportunities for a variety of people with different skillsets, it also offers job security. Do you need more reasons to get a construction job? Look at these:

Diverse field

Construction is one of those fields where diverse professionals contribute to a project. The diversity in this industry makes it easy for anyone to start a career there. It has room for those whose strengths are their physicality. On the other hand, anyone who fancies technology would also find this job interesting.

The diversity also means that workers with varying academic degrees (and those with none) have a chance. Construction is a job you can get even when you haven’t figured out the trajectory of your professional journey.

Creating a legacy

A construction job comes with more than a high salary (depending on the role). It brings job satisfaction in a variety of ways, especially in terms of making an impact in society. The job involves executing both big and small projects. It goes from building a few blocks to creating an engineering masterpiece.

Some of these projects make an impact in communities in need of such intervention. The construction of bridges, towers, and road networks, are only a few examples. History will never forget the names of those responsible for the construction of some of the most notable projects. Thus, if making an impact is on your list of future goals to attain, get a construction job.

Competitive salary

The primary expectation of getting any job is the salary – any other benefit comes second. A construction job also ticks the right boxes in this aspect. This makes construction workers some of the highest-earning professionals.

Major construction projects have a big budget to go with them. These projects cater to the needs of their construction workers. In most cases, the employer covers the feeding and accommodation expenses of their workers in a construction job. This means you would be saving money while you are certain to get your paycheck later.

High likelihood of staying fit and healthy

If you are looking at staying in shape while you work, this job suits you perfectly. While not every construction worker has toned abs, they are virtually all fit. It is not unheard of to find construction workers with pot bellies, especially the older workers. Yet, the job offers plenty of opportunities to stay fit and healthy.

This is a job that involves carrying building materials, handling heavy tools, and working above the ground. It is a job that will help you burn calories and keep your muscles functioning. Lastly, construction job employers make sure that their employees are in the best health for the job.

No need for a degree to start

For all those who still have not made up their minds on what career paths to follow, this job helps. Also, anyone who intends to get a job without a degree will find one in construction. Starting a career in this industry is relatively easy. While some roles require the expertise of a degree holder, other important roles may not.

This also gives you time to adjust and consider going fully into construction. If you eventually fancy the job, you have the opportunity to work part-time while you get a degree.


How to get a construction job fast

A construction project accommodates a variety of people in various fields. Yet, getting a construction job is not a walk in the park. You still have to be a step above the rest to land a construction job. See how to get a construction job in no time:

Be willing to start small

In construction, there are many jobs available across various disciplines. However, what do you do when your desired role is not available? Take the available jobs!

To get a construction job, you have to start from the bottom sometimes. Work your way to the top with patience.

In construction, it is easier to get better opportunities while you are in the system. If a small role in construction gets you through the door, take it. Be willing to start small, look for both small roles as well as major roles.

Be willing to travel

If you don’t like to travel, getting a construction job would be difficult. In addition, keeping your job would be a struggle. Thus, you ought to make peace with knowing that you might have to travel occasionally.

On the other hand, if you love traveling, then you would enjoy having a construction job. What to do next is make your potential employers aware that you don’t mind traveling. Give prospective construction companies the impression that you are willing to go anywhere the job takes you. This will swig the odds in your favor sooner than you think.


Every job opportunity can be influenced without perjury. This is because people in charge of recruitment respect the recommendations of respected professionals. Thus, you need to network with as many people as you can. Professionals in the industry or your company of interest can boost your chances of getting a construction job.

Senior construction company employees can help you put in a good word with the hiring team. However, don’t stalk them. Approach them with courtesy and respect their privacy.

Be versatile

The construction business is home to a long list of professionals across various disciplines. From site engineers to bricklayers, there is a rich blend of workers working together for a common goal. While you are looking to get a construction job, learn to carry out other related duties.

Versatility helps to get a construction job. The ability to perform several tasks is an advantage to you. Employers, especially in construction, prefer versatile workers. It fills them with confidence that someone can always cover up for another person if need be.

Learn industry software packages in the construction

Technology is the backbone of most professions and businesses of the 21st century. Construction is also one of the professions that rely on technology to get results. Gone are the days when construction workers had to draw their plans on paper and perform other calculations manually. There are sophisticated software packages for these tasks nowadays.

Do some research into the construction industry and familiarize yourself with some of the major software. Learn to use them and hone your skills in them. These software packages make work easier, and faster, and achieve more accurate results in construction. When construction employers hire skilled candidates in relevant software programs, they spend less time and money on training them.

Use construction job sites

Lastly, go back to the basics. Make job search websites your favorite websites online. Search for the best construction jobs and available opportunities near you religiously. Some sections are exclusively for job searches in construction; always look for opportunities there.

Sometimes, construction companies post jobs on their official websites long before they appear on job sites. Likewise, they post these job openings on their official social media pages. Follow these construction companies to get the latest job offers as they come out.


Education and qualifications for a construction job

The qualifications for a construction job depend on the role. Construction laborers who do the least technical jobs don’t need to have formal education. However, certifications in safety and handling hazardous materials are required.

For more technical roles, a high school diploma is the least required qualification. Specialized or advanced roles in construction demand candidates with at least a college degree in any construction or civil engineering-related discipline.


Skills you need for a construction job

Every construction job employer looks for candidates with the skillsets that best suit the role. Find the ones you already have and work on the ones you haven’t yet among these skills:

Physical endurance.

Construction jobs have evolved over the years thanks to the introduction of technology. That does not put an end to the use of sheer brute force in a construction job. Rather, it means that it takes less manual effort to work in construction these days.

For this job, construction workers ought to have physical endurance and strength. Furthermore, candidates for a construction job may need to pass a physical assessment. While not every role in construction involves heavy lifting, construction workers must at least have good stamina.

Building materials knowledge

Identifying building or construction materials is a major part of this profession. Recognizing the ideal building materials for each project and their purpose is crucial. For this reason, having a broad knowledge of building materials, including knowing what they look like, is essential. Likewise, a candidate ought to know what certain materials are used for and the best way to use them.

Construction workers are also responsible for purchasing or renting building materials or tools. A good knowledge of what certain tools are worth will help in negotiation and the eventual purchase of quality materials.

Construction and demolition skills

It takes some special construction skills to excel in a construction job. These are clever ways construction workers carry out their jobs to save time while achieving favorable results. Skills like these are mostly learned on the job no matter the role.

Demolition is also part of the construction business. In construction, a demolition is a well-planned approach to tearing down portions of a building without causing unwanted damage. However, there is a difference between constructive and destructive demolition. It involves the skill to perform a professional demolition task, which is expected to get a construction job.

Math skills

Have you noticed construction workers holding pens, jotters, and even calculators in their back pockets? The reason is simple; construction workers are always doing calculations. To do proper calculations, you need decent math skills.

A construction project, especially big projects like bridges and tall buildings, follows a series of planning before execution. Construction workers calculate the parameters and follow the measurements to the letter. The failure to be accurate in some projects may lead to the collapse of such projects eventually.


When it comes to teamwork, there is hardly any other profession that comes close to a construction job. Teamwork is the key to a successful construction project. For this reason, a construction job involves professionals in other fields working together for a common goal.

Working with people has its merits and demerits. However, you need to be a good team player to get a construction job. Team spirit helps to focus on the common goal despite any differences. Also, your teamwork skill will help you to provide more support and achieve your target goal faster.

Project management

The ideal construction worker has many responsibilities. Although superior construction workers are in charge of projects, every construction worker must have management potential. Construction superiors will not always be around when a project is ongoing; thus, you will be in charge of the situation.

How you manage the limited resources given to you determines how much they can trust you. Likewise, you ought to manage your coworkers. See that everyone does their job and is protected the best way possible.


What other jobs can you get in construction?

Choose from some of the best jobs that are available in construction:

  • Building services engineer.
  • Construction manager.
  • Estates manager.
  • Fire risk assessor
  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Environmental engineer


Which companies hire people in construction?

Are you worried about limited places to get a construction job? Rest assured there are many places to find work.

  • Local and international construction companies
  • health-oriented establishments
  • design companies
  • project management companies or consultancies
  • property development companies
  • urban regeneration and sustainable development organizations
  • building companies
  • civil engineering contractors
  • housing associations



Some jobs accommodate workers regardless of their education or qualifications, and construction is one of them. Yet, you still face some challenges in getting a job in this field. To get ahead of your contemporaries, you would need to follow the steps we shared above. Be willing to start small, learn the various techniques for the job, and kick start your career.



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