Business Development Coordinator Job Description

Business Development Coordinator Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a business development coordinator. You can use our job description template in this article to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a business development coordinator.


Who is a Business Development Coordinator?

Business development coordinators are experts in securing new business opportunities by generating leads and sales, keeping up with clients, and organizing marketing initiatives. Business Development Coordinators carry out several crucial duties to guarantee the satisfaction of already existing clients and solve the concerns of new clients.

Depending on the organization’s size and structure, a business development coordinator may have a variety of tasks. Administrative, marketing, and sales tasks may be included in the duties and responsibilities of these professionals. Their education requirements may range from on-the-job training to a formal degree. A client cannot just be placed on a roster and then put on hold once they have contracted with a business development coordinator’s organization. Instead, business development coordinators must work with sales staff to create strategies that will increase their clients’ sales and success over the long term. Between the time a potential client learns about an organization’s services and the time the client accepts a contract with that organization, a lot must take place. Business development coordinators have a role in that transitional phase. To properly explain how their organization may help the client’s business and to allay any reservations the customer may have, they communicate with new clients via conference calls, emails, and in-person meetings.

An organization’s business development team is managed by a business development coordinator who handles all administrative responsibilities required to speed up the completion of sales deals. This responsibility could entail writing letters, planning and organizing meetings, and finishing all paperwork required for business. To foster an environment that supports future sales for the organization, coordinators are frequently in charge of establishing and maintaining relationships with clients and possible business partners. A firm may frequently need to actively seek out new clients rather than have those clients come to them. Because of this, the Business Development Coordinator of such a firm has the responsibility to locate and get in touch with potential clients through a combination of online research, professional networking relationships, and recommendations.

A Business Development Coordinator’s job entails a significant amount of travel to meetings, holding in-office meetings, and arranging work across several departments. Business Development Coordinators must schedule meetings, notify all parties involved of the time and location of each meeting, and maintain accurate records of all decisions made to carry out tasks with the least amount of misunderstanding possible. Some skills are practically paramount to this profession, even though the education and experience needed for a business development coordinator position vary depending on the particular requirements of the job. Some of these skills include excellent organizational abilities and the capacity to communicate effectively with a variety of people. Prospective business development coordinators should feel at ease in a fast-paced, deadline-driven workplace because that is often the nature of business development. Most often, the role of a business development coordinator reports to a sales manager or other sales executive, though it may be under the marketing division. The position may directly report to the owner, vice president, or another cross-department manager in smaller businesses.


Business Development Coordinator Job Description

Below are the business development coordinator job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a business development coordinator:

  • Examine and find any partners or experts who can help the business accelerate its growth strategy.
  • Find potential prospects and start interacting with them to make sure the business keeps heading in the direction of profitability.
  • Take part in marketing efforts and contribute as soon as possible depending on the examination of pertinent research data.
  • Edit all printed materials related to new marketing initiatives and business growth, including brochures, email messages, social media marketing postings, and website content.
  • Create marketing strategy and plans to raise brand awareness.
  • Synchronize efforts with other divisions, such as those in accounting, law, human resources, or IT.
  • Pitch proposals to prospective clients to find new business prospects.
  • Look at markets, sectors, or rivals to find new company development chances.
  • Work together with customers to deliver high-quality goods and services.
  • Conduct market surveys to learn more about the state of the market.
  • Work together with management to create the company’s business plans.
  • Put plans into action for the strategic marketing of the company’s products.
  • Create an environment that is supportive of the company’s business plan, which was deliberately established for increased profitability.
  • Create strategies for overcoming the competition and positioning the company as the leader in the market niche it has selected.
  • Oversee business development procedures as the organization’s representative
  • Acquire adequate knowledge about the organization and use that knowledge to perform your duties daily
  • Recognize the business operations and state of the organization, as well as any prospects, market trends, and competitive environments that could lead to greater service provision and higher profits.
  • Find every possible avenue that could lead to the establishment of a profitable organization.
  • Work together with other staff members to improve how the company’s plans and business development activities are carried out.
  • Examine any trade groups and experts who might have a positive influence on the company’s operations.
  • Consult with the appropriate employees while developing a proposal, and take part in monitoring its success rate.
  • Analyze all potential cross-marketing opportunities for the company and offer any necessary support for all cross-marketing projects.
  • Communicate with other staff members to establish and maintain organization-specific profiles
  • Organize things like website content and print materials for advertisements.
  • Edit and update all business development-related materials, such as websites, intranets, email alerts, and brochures.
  • Keep track of all payables and receivables, including past-due client accounts.
  • Cooperate with the marketing team to bolster the organization’s legitimacy.
  • Participate in the organization’s marketing initiatives.
  • Ensure that new business initiatives are carried out correctly.
  • Work together with the leadership and the business development team to create and populate client/proposal information repositories.
  • Create textual and visual components for sales opportunity response materials including presentations and proposals.
  • Identify new markets to enter and develop and implement sales tactics.
  • Carry out market research to find new business development prospects.
  • Create and maintain strong relationships with consumers by phone, in person, and via email.
  • Plan and organize conferences, meetings, and events for clients.
  • Aid in the creation of pitches and presentations for potential clients.
  • Draft and disseminate the agendas, proposals, budgets, and briefing materials for both internal and external meetings.
  • Assemble and keep up mailing lists and databases for clients.
  • Follow up on submitted proposals and give management comments.
  • Offer efficient administrative assistance.
  • Participate in the proposal writing project with your personal career development and AERO Growth & Sales needs.
  • Give other business development coordinators direction and guidance.
  • Create lasting connections with customers to achieve high levels of happiness
  • Ensure that client needs are being satisfied by coordinating with internal departments.
  • Assist with any cross-marketing projects the organization does while doing the given duties effectively.
  • Implement the business’ marketing strategies to guarantee a seamless market transition for updated items and the introduction of new ones.
  • Develop tactics to beat the competitors in the market to position the organization as the leader in the targeted niche.
  • Make sure that the company’s growth plan is being carried out successfully and that all of the strategy’s components are being addressed.
  • Create fresh business strategies for the company in collaboration with senior management.
  • Recognize the company’s operational state and create fresh concepts to speed up and improve work.
  • Gather pertinent information about the market and the industry, and work with other teams to use the information to boost sales.
  • Manage internal concerns like promoting print materials and internet content for the company.
  • Cooperate with the marketing and sales division to improve the company’s work environment and morals.
  • Make sure that all the teams participating in the new business strategies are appropriately trained and have a good understanding of them.
  • Negotiate contracts and business proposals with clients.
  • Update marketing materials like email templates and brochures when necessary.
  • Represent the company at conferences, meetings, and other professional gatherings.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or any other related discipline is required.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience as a Business Development Coordinator or a similar role.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent leadership and networking skills
  • Must be able to work independently and in a team
  • Must be able to effectively manage stressful situations.
  • Must be knowledgeable about recent updates in the business industry.
  • Microsoft Office Tools proficiency is required.
  • Attention to detail skills.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Familiarity with Zoho, Oracle, and other CRM software.
  • Must be able to office clients excellent customer satisfaction
  • Excellent problem-solving and negotiation skills.
  • Proficient in Excel, and Powerpoint are necessary also.


Essential Skills

  • Communication skills: Communication skills are essential for business development coordinators because they would need to interact with various kinds of people from time to time. Business development coordinators require communication skills to interact with clients, colleagues, and other professionals in the industry. They also use communication skills to communicate complex ideas and information to clients and potential clients.
  • Relationship building skills: The process of establishing and preserving ties with others is known as relationship building. This ability is used by business development coordinators to establish connections with potential customers and other business executives. They employ relationship building to establish relationships that open doors for their business’s sales.
  • Negotiation skills: The task of negotiating contracts with customers or suppliers may fall under the responsibilities of business development coordinators. Strong negotiating abilities are needed for this position, including the capacity for compromise and the capacity to influence others to accept your conditions. Additionally, you can be in charge of negotiating supplier contracts or paying for new hires.
  • Strategic thinking skills: Business development coordinators frequently collaborate with sales and marketing departments to create plans for boosting an organization’s income. You need to be able to discover potential revenue streams and create plans to meet your revenue targets, which calls for good strategic thinking skills.
  • Analytical skills: Business development coordinators evaluate data and make reasonable decisions by using their analytical skills. They assess potential customers using analytical skills and creative ways to draw them in. Additionally, they assess the efficacy of sales and marketing initiatives using strong analytical skills.
  • Website updates skills: Your job as a business development coordinator can include maintaining the website for your business. HTML coding expertise and familiarity with web design software are required for this. To optimize your website for keywords, it’s also necessary to understand how search engines operate. The most popular material on your website should be recognisable to you through tracking statistics.
  • Organizational skills: Having organizational skills is being able to manage several duties and obligations. Business development coordinators frequently manage multiple projects at once, so organization is an essential skill. They can successfully prioritize their tasks and meet deadlines as a result of this skill. They may also keep up with any documentation or records about their tasks with the help of their organizational skills.
  • Leadership skills: Because they often oversee and manage teams of employees, business development coordinators need to possess strong leadership skills. Strong leadership skills can assist you in motivating your team to deliver quality work, complete projects on schedule, and achieve organizational objectives. Additionally, you might be required to mentor team members who lack your level of experience. You can effectively mentor them by using your leadership capabilities.
  • Event planning and coordination skills: Business development coordinators typically collaborate with customers on complicated projects that call for numerous steps, therefore they must possess event planning and coordination skills. For instance, a customer might ask the coordinator to assist them in organizing an event where they need to reserve locations, hire caterers, and secure entertainment. By managing some of the details themselves or assigning work to other team members, the coordinator can save time if they possess these capabilities.


How to Become a Business Development Coordinator

Step 1. Obtain required education

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a closely related discipline is often required of business development coordinators. Some hiring managers prefer applicants with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Senior business development coordinator positions often regard candidates with an MBA.

Step 2. Go for training and experience

Business development coordinators usually obtain on-the-job training for their position. This training could involve learning about the company’s goods and services, the workflow at the company, and the particular duties of the position. Depending on the requirements of the company, training may span for a few weeks or months.

Step 3. Acquire certifications and licenses

Although business development coordinators do not have or require a certificate to qualify for a position, some certifications can help boost your employment potential or advance your career.


Where to Work as a Business Development Coordinator

Business development coordinators can work in a variety of fields, including marketing, finance, law, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and non-governmental organizations. They typically work in a fast-paced office setting. They may be required to travel to meet with clients or potential clients, attend industry conferences and seminars, or carry out market research. Business development coordinators typically work full time and they may be required to work overtime sometimes to meet deadlines. The job of business development coordination can be demanding, as coordinators might need to handle several tasks and projects at the same time and often work under tight schedules to meet deadlines.


Business Development Coordinator Salary Scale

The salary scale of business development coordinators varies widely depending on some significant factors such as years of experience, level of education, skill set, and workplace location. In the US, the salary scale of a business development coordinator typically ranges between $47,636 and $76,773, with an average of $60,118 per year. In the UK, the average salary of a business development coordinator is £27,392 per year. The salary usually falls from  £23,069 to £35,000 per year. In Canada, people in this profession earn about $52,500 per year, and from $42,700  to $67,973 per year is the salary range. In Nigeria, they earn approximately 2,790,000 NGN per year, and the pay scale can be anywhere between 1,850,000 NGN and 3,570,000 NGN per year.

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