Flexible Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Women

Flexible Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Women

Due to the incessant spate and the specter of crisis, insecurity, and unrest globally, employers and organizations have had to devise means to get the best out of their workforce. One of such is “remote working” or what is popularly known as working from home. However, insecurity is not the sole proponent of remote working; the concept of working from home has been deployed to suit certain individuals that may be unable to go to the office day in, day out. Also, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home a necessary outlay for most employees and organizations. A distinct category of employees that benefit from remote working is pregnant women.

Regardless of the trimester, a myriad of women experiencing pregnancy have been working, making strides, and contributing to the personal and professional growth of themselves and their firms respectively. Nowadays, pregnant women engage in many good and high-paying jobs online; the flexibility of such jobs or employment is a big plus as well. Undoubtedly, pregnancy makes it difficult, hard, and uncomfortable for these women to function well within the confines of an office. The cravings associated with pregnancy are another vital factor that necessitates working from home. In contrast to wide belief, trying to beat the traffic or waking up by 5 am daily can be highly demanding for pregnant women. Remember, they have antenatal treatment and other medical and health needs cum responsibilities to contend with. Similarly, if you are pregnant, this kind of job opportunity allows you to work in your preferred attire and allows you to rest throughout the day. For example, remote jobs can enable pregnant women to sit on their couch or an exercise ball, instead of sitting on a hard desk chair for several hours.

Additionally, remote working has overwhelming gains, benefits, and advantages contrary to some opinions. Apart from the flexibility it offers, most remote working jobs allow you the freedom to work at your pace, provided you meet set deadlines. Relatively, you only need a working internet connection, a well-powered laptop or computer, and arguably, a table or chair to work from home. Also, remote working saves you from the hassle and malady associated with traffic, as well as the hullabaloo that may arise from working in a crowded space. Subsequently, we can argue that working from home is cost-effective too. Moreover, technological advancement has made virtual meetings part of everyday life. Thus, this article will briefly define what remote working is and give an overview of flexible remote working jobs for pregnant women.


Definition of a Work from Home Job

Also called remote working, a work-from-home job is a job opportunity that allows people to complete given tasks in the confines of their homes, instead of an organization’s headquarters or office. This unique kind of job involves communicating with clients, colleagues, or supervisors through video calls, messages, and emails. While many service jobs are in person, people who work mainly on computers can often work from home. Since they are online, work-from-home jobs allow you to eat snacks, drink water, and use the bathroom more than the average person sitting in a company’s office. 


Overview of Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Women

The following are flexible work-from-home jobs for pregnant women;

Online Teaching

Teachers help shape individuals for greatness in the future; online teaching has become productive over time. Online teaching involves giving visual lessons to students in various subjects including math, social studies, science, languages, and English. Pregnant women can comfortably offer online teaching to students and get paid handsomely. You can either work as a freelance teacher, or as part of a teaching agency. However, pregnant women that wish to go into online teaching must be skilled in working with people and be able to explain complex topics. Crucially, tests can be administered, and other activities can be carried out to conform to traditional teaching ethics. Online teachers typically communicate with their students over the internet, answering questions and offering help through video calls and emails.


Another job that avails pregnant women of the opportunity to work remotely is blogging. Bloggers are responsible for creating and posting articles and images on topics they have passion and knowledge about. There are different types of content bloggers can post or write about; ranging from sports, entertainment, pet care, health, meditation, interior design, writing, gardening, cooking, travel, relationship, coffee, or education. Blogging has lots of flexibility; though most bloggers prefer to make weekly content available for their readers or fans. While you build your audience and mailing list, you can start monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing and ads. Importantly, bloggers have the leverage of setting their deadlines and thus, work at their pace.


Writing is an online job that gives you the ultimate and premium flexibility in your schedule. You don’t have to be on a clock, anchored in place until your shift ends. Instead, as a work-from-home pregnant woman, you can write where and when you want, provided you meet your deadline. There are several paths to making money as a writer, these include;

  • Grant Writer: A grant writer conducts online research to find grants or funding opportunities for a business or organization. Those in this role submit proposals or fill grant application forms from donor agencies. Also, grant writers are typically employed by non-profit organizations that are constantly looking for funding to carry out community development projects.
  • Copywriter: A copywriter writes copy, or written material for websites, magazines, newspapers, and other organizations. They can work for an agency or company’s marketing unit, or they can work as a freelance writer and choose which assignments to complete. Copywriters are typically skilled in creating engaging, clear, and actionable content for readers. They can usually work flexible hours, as long as they meet their quotas and deadlines.
  • Scriptwriters: Scriptwriters produce content for directors, producers, and other individuals involved in movie production. Scriptwriters can comfortably work from home and earn lots of money.

Editor or Proof-reader

As with content writing, pregnant women can offer proofreading and editing services from home, provided they can meet up with set deadlines. This is another freelancing job you can do in tandem with your clients directly, or you can become an independent consultant or contractor with agencies that provide editing and proofreading services.

Also, editors make sure that a written work is accurate and fit to be published in newspapers, magazines, websites, books, and organizations’ social media pages. Relatively, excellent editors are skilled and have mastered the art of spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and proper punctuation. Proofreaders are details oriented and ensure that the text is clear, unambiguous, and error-free.

Virtual Assistant

Pregnant women can also earn a living as virtual assistants whilst working remotely. They can either be employed by Virtual Assistant Firms or work independently on their own. Virtual assistants assist individuals with keeping records, correspondence, scheduling, and other clerical duties. Virtual assistants can work for chief executive officers of companies, business owners, managers, or other professionals online. However, the job requires excellent computer knowledge and adequate skills in word processing, drives, and spreadsheets.


These are individuals who have mastered the art of converting audio from videos or audio files into written text. A transcriptionist can work from home to perform closed captioning for television shows and videos. They create subtitles for character dialogue and other sounds. Pregnant women who can type fast, write without errors, and understand different kinds of speech can venture into transcription.

Data Processor

A data processor collects and analyses data or bits of information. Data processors often complete digitization work, where they transfer written material such as paper files, into a database. They are usually extremely detail-oriented, organized, and excellent at completing repetitive tasks.

Web designer

Most organizations, businesses, agencies, and even individuals now use the website to promote their brands. This provides an excellent opportunity for highly skilled pregnant women to get employees to work remotely. Web designers create and develop websites for organizations and other firms. Their job description includes programming and designing text, images, buttons, and other graphics on websites to improve user experience. A web designer can build e-commerce or online sales systems so users can buy products and services through websites.

Customer service representatives

The organization-client relationship is essential and beneficial to both parties; while companies need customers to sell their products to, clients need businesses to get what they want. Therefore, every organization needs to put in place an excellent customer service unit with hardworking staff and representatives. Customer service representatives communicate with customers over the phone or online to address issues and resolve them. They often work with customers to solve technical issues and are likely skilled in using online tools such as websites, databases, and emails. Many customer service jobs have breaks between sessions that allow employees to rest, drink water, eat snacks or use the bathroom.

Social media manager

A social media manager builds, operates, and maintains a company’s social media platforms, usually to market its products and services to users. Those in this role create digital content, ask social media users questions to generate engagement, moderate comments, and write creative captions. They may also use social media posts to inform customers about discounts or special programs.

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