Digital Content Specialist Job Description

Digital Content Specialist Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a digital content specialist. Feel free to use our job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a digital content specialist.


Who is a Digital Content Specialist?

A digital content specialist creates a variety of online content with the intention of increasing website traffic or sales. As a digital content specialist, you may be responsible for producing daily blog articles to build and maintain an audience, creating content for marketing campaigns, and managing your brand’s or site’s social media accounts.


Digital Content Specialist Job Description

Below are the digital content specialist job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a job description for your employee. The employer can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The following are the tasks and obligations of this position:

  • Brainstorming and setting content goals to meet with the creative, marketing, and design teams.
  • Researching information and consumer trends to ensure that the content is relevant and appealing.
  • Creating content strategies that efficiently reach the target audience and achieve marketing objectives.
  • Creating content for a number of channels, such as blogs, websites, and social media
  • Proofreading and revising the text before publishing,
  • Assuring that SEO and SMO tactics are implemented correctly.
  • Keeping track of content calendars and ensuring that it is consistent across all platforms.
  • Working with the marketing, design, and writing departments to ensure that assignments are delivered on time.
  • Creating reports and presentations based on consumer and content analytics.
  • Keeping up with content trends, consumer preferences, and technological improvements.
  • Evaluating website content before administration with a focus on educational resources.
  • Organizing the creation of digital exhibitions and other digital interpretive materials.
  • Creating online audiences with engaging, timely, and easily accessible content.
  • Keeping track of key content metrics and learner engagements across digital platforms.
  • Collaborating with all sections of the museum, with a focus on the Education and Communications departments.
  • Creating requirements and content for the target audience of the brand
  • Developing and enhancing content distribution and advertising strategies
  • Promoting the company’s content marketing strategy
  • Setting editorial strategy to ensure content is consistent and captivating across all delivery channels by establishing tone, style, and voice guidelines for all brand content
  • Measuring and analyzing the brand’s content marketing efforts to see what works and what doesn’t.



All of the following are required for the position of digital content specialist:

  1. A bachelor’s degree and two (2) years of relevant experience are essential. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, English, or a similar discipline, in particular.
  2. You must have at least two years of experience writing and editing copy, as well as direct experience creating and managing branded content for social media and other digital media.
  3. Extensive attention to detail, perseverance, patience, and originality is required.
  4. You must have great oral and written communication skills, as well as strong grammar and editing abilities.
  5. Ability to think critically while identifying, researching, and creating a product or marketing-related content, either individually or in collaboration with other departments.
  6. Knowledge of WordPress or similar content management systems, as well as social media publishing tools.
  7. Work experience in a continuous content production environment is a plus.
  8. An awareness of how copy affects content design, layout, and delivery.
  9. The ability to function well in a multicultural setting.
  10. Multitasking: The ability to quickly organize, coordinate, manage, prioritize, and accomplish numerous tasks at the same time in order to assess a situation, identify a logical course of action, and apply the right reaction.
  11. Change Adaptability: In a fast-paced environment, you must be able to be flexible and supportive, as well as favorably and proactively integrate change.


Essential Skills of a Digital Content Specialist

All of the following are necessary abilities for success in this position:

  1. Strong Copywriting Skills: The most significant aspect of digital content expert jobs is the writing process. You’ll need good copywriting skills to know how to direct, develop, design, and edit material, as well as an understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to content creation. A content strategist’s ability to grasp the broad picture and weave a plot across a website or campaign is also crucial. For websites, this goal is frequently achieved by mapping out the existing content architecture to determine where information is housed and how it performs. For campaigns, learn about your users’ mindsets and conduct user testing.
  2. Content Presentation Skills: Once you’ve created and approved your content as a digital content specialist, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll package it for prospects and consumers to consume. Each sort of content (social, video, eBooks, guides, and so on) has a distinct function for your audience, so as part of your skills as a digital content specialist determines what that purpose is based on analytics, research, and experience. Regardless of the format.
  3. Content Delivery Skills: Once your content is complete content as a digital content specialist you’ll need to know how to get it in front of your target audience. To establish the optimal distribution channels, it’s part of your aptitude to know how to collaborate with other digital content specialists on your marketing team so that when you research the issue and find the best route for it to reach your audience, a simple blog post can help gain the attention of your website visitors.
  4. Campaign Execution Experience: It’s impossible to strategize a campaign if you’ve never run one before. To be considered for a position as a digital content specialist, you must have prior experience planning, delivering, and executing marketing campaigns, as well as evaluating analytics and devising creative strategies.
  5. Content Monetization Skills: Unless you work for a media organization, content is unlikely to be your primary source of income. As a digital content specialist, you seek to persuade others to purchase your product or service and so you must know how your material should be outlined for monetization and as well explain this to your executive management.
  6. Organizational and multitasking skills: Working as a digital content strategist can be isolating. Your company’s leaders will want you to have an autonomous, take-charge attitude to get the job done because the success of the brand’s content marketing is often dependent on your efforts. While there may be opportunities for collaboration with other members of the marketing team, you will be the single owner of your own efforts. On a daily basis, you’ll have to handle a wide range of tasks and individuals.
  7. An Analytical Mindset: Today’s apps and integrations make data collection simple for most marketers. But deciding what to do with that information is a different thing. You’ll need to notice patterns and trends in your content marketing data as a digital content strategist and form conclusions. Perhaps your blog entries are more successful on Facebook, but your videos are more successful on Instagram. Perhaps the most shareable material for your company is 1,500 words long, released in the morning, and includes two Pinterest-sized photographs.
  8. Ability to Build Consensus: As a digital content strategist, you will be the face of your company’s content. Your work or its functions will not appeal to everyone. Some people aren’t even aware of the significance of content marketing. You must preach the gospel of content marketing throughout your company by defining and proving its numerous advantages.
  9. Ability to demonstrate outstanding judgment while remaining flexible and professional.
  10. Demonstrated interest in history, museums, and cultural organizations.
  11. Demonstrated ability to operate in a fast-paced setting and handle several competing projects and expectations
  12. Excellent communication skills in order to communicate with a wide range of audiences and learners.
  13. Superior organizational skills, including the ability to define priorities and adapt as those priorities change, as well as the capacity to manage many assignments and deadlines.
  14. Excellent writing, editing, research, and analytical skills are required.
  15. Advanced technological skills; Drupal and Adobe Creative Suite knowledge are a plus.
  16. Superior organizational and collaborative abilities
  17. Attention to detail and a desire to learn and adapt to new technology.
  18. Problem-solving creativity; a critical thinker who can continually avoid inconsistency.
  19. Demonstrated ability to consistently provide high-quality work under tight timeframes.
  20. Knowledge of Google Analytics, YouTube, HTML, and Microsoft Office.
  21. A passion for photography and video creation, as well as prior experience in these fields.
  22. Ability to build strategies and processes for increasing content accessibility and user experience in a creative way.
  23. Demonstrated interest in or knowledge of history, museums, and/or cultural organizations.


Steps to Becoming a Digital Content Specialist

The steps to becoming a digital content specialist include the following:

  1. Bachelor’s degree: A bachelor’s degree is an important thing to consider in other to qualify for the role of a digital content specialist. Although, while many digital content specialists have a bachelor’s degree in communications, English, journalism, business, finance, or a related field, some employers may consider candidates who have extensive experience in market research and working on digital media campaigns without a degree.
  2. To be considered for this role, part of the things you need to know is that the function of a digital content strategist necessitates an understanding of the business in which you intend to work, as well as how to market the firm through traditional media and manage their social media accounts.
  3. Thirdly is on certifications: Although certification is not necessary, it may increase your job market competitiveness.
  4. Finally, Excellent communication and problem-solving skills, as well as attention to detail, are additional credentials.


Where Digital to Work

Digital content specialists work for a variety of companies that require authors for enhanced conversion, online presence, and brand exposure. As a digital content professional, you can work for brands, corporations, and other corporate and non-profit organizations remotely or in an office setting.


Digital Content Specialist Salary Scale

The average annual compensation for a digital content specialist in the United States is $52,513 per year as of November 30, 2021. However, in the United Kingdom, the average compensation for a digital content specialist is £33,463 per year.

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