How to Know Companies That Are Hiring

How to Know Companies That Are Hiring

The competition for jobs is stiff, even for summer jobs. Companies hire virtually all the time but knowing companies that are hiring can be a challenge. Whether it is a work placement or a permanent position in a top company, you want to know who is ready to hire.

On your quest to find out which companies are hiring, you can only hope for the best. Having your heart set on dealing with whatever comes and keeping expectations low will help you immensely. Prepare for anything.

This article will guide you on how to put yourself in a position to easily get this information. Also, you will find out how to always find companies that are hiring at any time.


Increase Your Chances of Knowing Companies That Are Hiring

Get interested in the news.

Before the advent of the internet, newspapers, and magazines sold heavily not only for the information they have. Newspaper readers were anxious to get the new issue to find companies that were hiring. There is always news going on about what is relevant and what is not. However, most top companies are always in the news for some reason. Sometimes it is deliberate. They do it so that people can keep talking about them. For this reason, whenever these companies find out they have been away from the spotlight for a while, they release their own news. This is called a Press Release. Thus, by staying up to date with the news, you are most likely going to know companies that are hiring.

Be internet savvy.

Nowadays, anything or anyone that wants to stay relevant must have an online presence. Whether you willfully create an online platform or you find yourself in online conversations, you remain in the minds of people. Virtually every company in the world is taking advantage of this to promote their businesses. As a result, the surest way to get information about any company is by being online. The internet is where most of the entertainment, news, political, and sports conversations take place. You must become internet savvy to boost your chances of being in the know when companies are hiring.

Set your goals.

Your attitude to finding out which companies are hiring depends on what your aim is. If you have big goals, it means you already have a list of companies you would like to work for in mind. This mentality helps you stay focused and increases your interest in these companies. It is similar to “fangirling” your favorite celebrities. You stay up to date with everything that goes on around them. From news to social media, you are one of the first to know what they are up to mostly. The chances that you will come across a job opening before most people are very high.

Let the world know your aim.

Even in today’s world of advanced technology and internet wizardry, word of mouth speaks volumes. There is no better way to show you are serious about something than when you always bring it up. Let people know that you are hoping to find out about companies that are hiring. Bring it up in conversations you have in person or online. The word could spread and before you know it, you have multiple eyes job hunting with you.

Prepare to go the extra mile.

As the population of the world keeps increasing, the number of qualified candidates for a job increases as well. As a result, thousands of people strive for the same position. You have to give it all you have to stand out from the crowd. Create a mindset of going the extra mile to achieve your goals. If you have to take multiple tests and spend hours looking through company profiles, you should do it. A determined and driven person can be easily spotted from the crowd. This trait is what every company wants in its employees. In a sense, you are setting yourself up for success.


How to Find Out Companies That Are Currently Hiring

It is normal to be a bit desperate for a good job especially if none is forthcoming. Yet, as an ambitious person, there ought to be a few top companies on your “wish list”. Keep a close eye on them even as you try out other good job opportunities available. Now, follow these steps if you are ready to discover companies that are hiring right away.


Check the careers page on their official websites.

This part mostly applies to the top companies you are hoping to join. For this reason, you should have a list of first-choice companies on your mind. Virtually every company in the 21st century has a website where they connect with the world. They also use the website to promote their businesses and make public announcements.

Their websites are usually the first places where any news about them would break- including job openings. Have a list of some (or all) of the top companies in your field and keep a record of important information about them like their website. Bookmark their website on your computer or mobile device so that you can easily access it. also, subscribe to any newsletter or means of receiving updates directly from them.

The website name (URLs) of top companies are easy to find. Companies use their brand name with a “.com” domain which makes it easy to decode. For example, if you were targeting Coca-Cola, the chances that you only need to add a “.com” to access their website are extremely high.

Visit their social media handles.

As part of an attempt to connect with the new generation of customers, companies have embraced social media. Also, social media helps companies send information and receive instantaneous feedback from customers. Besides their websites, top companies usually send updates through their social media handles. From breaking news to frequent friendly reminders, top companies use social media to pass important information across to their customers.

If you would like to know companies that are hiring, especially the top ones, follow them on social media. Just like with website URLs, finding these companies on social media is easy. Type their brand name in the search space and their account will show up.

See ads in newspapers.

About a century ago, newspapers sold like hot cakes every morning. Both CEOs and blue-collar workers were anxious to see what was in the papers. Not only did newspapers carry news, businesses advertised open job positions in them. Even though the world has gone digital and print is going out of fashion, businesses still advertise jobs in the papers. Hence, read newspapers whenever you have the opportunity to know companies that are hiring.

See ads on job search websites.

Since the world went digital, the demand for news in print has dwindled drastically. For this reason, roughly every news agency has embraced the digital space. More news agencies are beginning to publish news on digital platforms. The internet has created an open space for diverse kinds of content and news of various niches.

Also, the internet has become the number one hub for information dissemination which makes it the ideal place to advertise job openings. These days, there are information websites dedicated to connecting prospective employers and their employees. Companies of all sizes pay a fee to advertise jobs there so that interested candidates can apply. There are many job listing sites all around the world but only a few stand out. Some of the best job listing sites are:

  • Indeed
  • Handshake
  • Linkedin
  • Target Jobs
  • Glassdoor
  • Flex Jobs
  • Upwork
  • AngelList Jobs
  • Recruit Military
  • Idealist

You can open a personal profile on these job sites or simply visit them whenever you need information. Bookmark all of these job websites and subscribe for the latest open positions.

Ask around.

To date, some of the most helpful information has been passed down through word of mouth. There will always be someone, somewhere who has a bit more information than you do. and in some cases, there might be those who have strong ties with important persons in the company you wish to join. Don’t hesitate to ask around for information about companies that are hiring.

Ask company personnel.

No one knows more about what goes on within an organization than those in the organization. Before information becomes public, the people within the organization would already be in the know. The same goes for job openings. Sometimes, if a company only needs to replace someone, they might not want to go through the stress of advertising. In these cases, they ask for recommendations from trusted staff members. By asking someone within the company, you might be lucky to get useful information that is not yet public. You may also target people who work in the company to ask them if a job opening is out.

Email the company for inquiries.

Sometimes, companies do not necessarily need to hire more people. In fact, some don’t recruit 3 years or more after their last recruitment process. Getting a job in such an organization would be nearly impossible since you don’t know where they stand concerning recruiting new staff. For such companies, the best chance you have of knowing whether they are hiring is to contact them.

Sending a formal email would be the most appropriate way to inquire. Search the company’s contact page to find details of the person you should address your inquiry email to. If you cannot find the details of the authorized person to email your job inquiry to, write an email asking for the information. Upon getting the details of the authorized personnel, email them, asking if they are currently hiring and how you should apply. If they are not hiring, ask them to consider your application in their forthcoming job openings.

Browse search engines for related news.

All the top companies know the value of having a secure online presence and how they need to remain in the public eye. They spend a lot to get people talking about them thus anything said about them makes them more popular. Whether they deliberately promote their brand or not, there will always be news about them when external sources mention them. Thus, by randomly searching for top companies, every recent and relevant news about them comes up. So, if any company is currently recruiting candidates, there will be news about it online.


Final word

Companies are always hiring virtually and in person. Most times, both local and multinational companies make it public that they want more people to join them. The major problem is knowing which ones are hiring when you are looking for a job. Getting yourself in a position that increases your chances of knowing who is hiring gives you an edge. Likewise, making a move to find out who needs to hire someone like you is advantageous. From asking around to sending these companies emails of inquiry, this list of things to do is extremely helpful. Have you tried any of these methods, how did it go? Let us know about your experience in this. Also, recommend an addition to the list to further help those in need of this information.

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