How to Get a Job in Abuja

How to Get a Job in Abuja: Useful Guide

Guide on How to Find A Job in Abuja

Do you want to get a job in Abuja? The federal capital territory is littered with a blend of government agencies and multinationals that are hiring. However, getting a job in Abuja is as challenging as in any other commercial center in the country. Abuja, together with Lagos, are two of the most industrial states in Nigeria. Thus, the competition for jobs is fierce in both areas.

You would need to do more than just apply for jobs online to get a job in Abuja. Follow the practical steps in this guide to get any job you want in Abuja. Let’s start with some factual reasons why you need to consider working in Abuja now.


Why You Should Work in Abuja

It is an industrial city

The average job seeker would prefer to find a job in an industrial area. Abuja offers this option to anyone who would love to get a job there. Besides being the city with some of the biggest companies in the country, it is where you would enjoy living. Natives and expatriates from all over the world either do business or work in Abuja. The capital city has modern public facilities to make anyone feel at home.

Top multinational companies are in Abuja

Nigeria is home to many foreign companies who decided to pitch their tents here. Many of these establishments are functional in Abuja. They prefer stationing their headquarters in Abuja as well. Some of them are into humanitarian service, while others are purely business-oriented establishments. Likewise, most of the consulates of foreign nations are situated in Abuja. These make Abuja the home of top-class employers offering high salaries.

High-paying government establishments

Although government jobs in Nigeria have become some of the most-craved jobs in recent times, not many know some government agencies pay highly. Not only are there high-paying government jobs in Abuja, but other relatively unknown government agencies are also in Abuja. These government agencies have their headquarters in Abuja. From NNPC to CBN, the best government jobs are in Abuja. Thus, if you are not content with getting just any job, a high-paying government job awaits you in Abuja.

There is life outside of work

Nigeria’s capital is arguably one of the best places to live, work, and have fun. Although you would have to work like everyone else, you also get to relax when you need to. Abuja offers an incredible mix of fascinating sights and activities for cooling off after the day’s work. Weekends are more fun in Abuja. From sports bars to recreational centers to entertainment venues, there is always somewhere pleasant to be. Besides having fun, you can make new friends and network with influential people.


How to get jobs in Abuja

Getting a job in Abuja can be tricky, especially if you don’t reside in Abuja at the moment. No matter where you are in the country, these are the steps to take to get a job in Abuja:

Do your job search

To get a job in Abuja, you need to put in a lot of effort in your job search. Even when you have people in high places to help you out, you would still have to play a significant role. There are various means to look for jobs in Abuja, both online and offline. The less stressful means is through online search. Like in any other city in Nigeria, employers in Abuja advertise job openings on online platforms. Most of these platforms are dedicated to job search within Nigeria. Look for opportunities there before considering going in person. Also, online job search helps candidates who do not reside in Abuja to save costs of traveling. On the other hand, offline job search nowadays refers to looking for job opportunities anywhere but the internet. Job adverts on television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and even word of mouth are part of offline job search. The bottom line is that you carry out this job search on your own. While you do this, be sure to make the preferred job location Abuja and no place else.

Encourage Referrals

Nigeria is home to over 200 million people. The population makes looking for jobs challenging, especially in Abuja. Thus, you would need all the help from outside that you can get. One of such types of assistance comes in the way of referrals. Not only do business owners benefit from referrals, but job seekers do as well. Referrals for a job are not the same as using your network of friends, family, or influential colleagues. Indeed, familiar people and those close to a candidate may refer them for a job. However, those who have no personal relationship with you may refer you as well. For example, if you had worked for a company and served well, the word could fly about your high level of expertise. The ones who referred you do not need to be close to you. As long as they trust your professional judgment, that is enough. For this reason, it is advised to encourage customers and colleagues (including those in rival companies) to refer you to others.


Networking helps to get a job in virtually any place in the world, including Abuja. Again, it is completely legal for familiar people to recommend the employment of candidates. Your network will be instrumental in getting you a job in Abuja. From friends to relatives to friends of friends, you need to call in favors whenever necessary to get a job in Abuja. If you don’t have a network of friends or relatives in Abuja, you should start making one. Abuja is known for being the land of the rich and influential. Also, it is a fact that Abuja is home to a long list of senators and influential international representatives in the country. Thus, Abuja presents a networking opportunity. All you need to do is take bold steps to get acquainted with high-class people to form your network.



Although Nigeria has produced innovators and trailblazers in various fields globally, it remains a developing nation. Thus, Nigeria is one of the centers of focus of international humanitarian organizations. These organizations help the government to provide for the basic needs of those in poor communities. Most of these organizations that operate in Nigeria have their head offices situated in Abuja. These are some of the best places to volunteer. They make the process enjoyable and open opportunities for volunteers in their organization or other aspects professionally. Finding a top organization to volunteer in is challenging in other commercial states like Port Harcourt and Lagos, but not in Abuja. Some job seekers have volunteered and gotten permanent jobs with these organizations. Meanwhile, some have met influential people while volunteering who helped them get jobs elsewhere.

Attend High-class social gatherings

Nigeria is blessed with cities where relaxation and fun are at their peak. Abuja is one of these cities and commands high-class events and social gatherings. These are the gatherings to pay attention to in Abuja. It pays to be social and attend events in Abuja if you want to get a job there. This is because influential people are always looking to have a good time after a hard day or week’s work. From bars to cinemas, Abuja is littered with fun spots, especially during the weekend. Likewise, weddings and celebrations are places where they love to attend and be merry. Indeed, many deals have been signed during social events and many contracts have been awarded in social gatherings. Here is the trick: people loosen up when they are outside of the workplace. Therefore, you would have their attention when you meet them in a more relaxed environment. Thus, if you are invited to high-class social events, be sure to attend. You could get a job in Abuja by attending.

Visit Sports clubs

Nigeria is a sports-loving country, especially football. There are stadiums in virtually every state in the country. One of the most-equipped stadiums in Nigeria is the Eagle Square stadium in Abuja. Besides Eagle Square, Abuja has many other locations for sports fans. If you want to get a job in Abuja, you should consider visiting sports clubs, stadiums, and sports bars from time to time. Like social gatherings, sports clubs are a combination of recreation and networking. People join sports clubs for the networking opportunities it affords them. You should try it as well. Golf clubs are becoming popular even though Nigeria is not a golf-loving country. Yet, small business owners and job seekers in need of networking opportunities join golf clubs. This is a positive move to get a job in Abuja because the person you golf with might be your next employer.


Join Gymnasiums

Fitness is gradually becoming popular among the Nigerian people, especially the wealthy and influential individuals. To reach top fitness levels, more people go to gymnasiums in Abuja. Just as people attend social gatherings and sports clubs to get acquainted with influential people, gyms are also a place to network. However, you should do some research on the gym where you would likely meet influential people. While you enroll in the program and become a gym member, you may get acquainted with people. Make sure that you are also clearly interested in fitness so that you don’t seem like a stalker. With time, you may share some of your professional aspirations and your job search history so far. You never know; anyone can help you get a job in Abuja in a high-class gym.

Be active in your alumni meetings or professional association

One of the best parts of being an alumnus is that there are people like you everywhere. Likewise, a professional association in Nigeria would have branches in every state. Many of these associations have their headquarters in Abuja. Some of the common associations are the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers, the Nigerian Institute of Management, and the Nigerian Academy of Engineers, among others.

These associations have members who are employees in top companies. Likewise, some of their members are employers, some of who might be hiring at the moment. As long as you are alumni of a school, reach out to others and find out about meetings. The same goes for your professional association. Even if you are not working at the moment, being active in your organization’s meetings helps. By being active, you get noticed.

Also, being an active member gives you the confidence to meet influential people and form a relationship. Whether online or offline, join and be active in your alumni and professional association meeting. Job seekers who attend these events are more likely to get a job than the average job seeker.

Try government intervention programs

The level of unemployment in Nigeria has risen to an all-time high in recent times. This made government jobs more highly contested than ever before. For this reason, the government makes several attempts to provide temporary jobs, most of which pay the minimum wage jobs. For instance, the N-Power scheme was set up to provide graduates and non-graduates with jobs. The salary is NGN30,000 and you can join the program in Abuja. Likewise, the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (Youwin), established by former President Goodluck Jonathan, was made to empower the youths.

Although most of these government schemes are low-paying jobs, you can take advantage of the program for good. Besides the minimum wage salary, a candidate stands to gain some work experience. Also, there are skills that any individual would have learned upon working in those establishments. The combination of these is what you may need to get a better job in Abuja. Therefore, whenever such schemes become open to the public, register in Abuja and take part in the program.



Abuja is called the federal capital territory for good reason. Although it is not as populated or littered with companies as Lagos, it is home to most of the headquarters of government agencies. Likewise, foreign organizations and conglomerates prefer to set up their headquarters in Abuja. This means that the opportunities to get a job in Abuja are endless. Thus, follow the steps mentioned in this guide to help you get a job in Abuja faster than you thought possible.

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