How to Get A Government Job Fast

How to Get A Government Job Fast

Wouldn’t you rather get a job that affords you job security, a decent salary, and unlimited opportunities?

If you silently answered “yes”, then you should consider getting a government job.

We’ll explain why.

The government is the biggest and most consistent employer of labour. Even when there are hardly any places to work, the government creates more job opportunities for its citizens. Also, getting a government job affords you job security. This is because the government hardly lays off staff – it is indeed rare.

When it comes to compensation, government jobs are not bad either. This includes the satisfaction of working to better society.

By now, the question must be how to get a government job and not whether or not you need one.

Let’s take you through how to get a government job fast, and explain the various ministries that are hiring.


How to get a government job fast

To get a government job faster than you ought to, follow these steps:

Pay attention to the news.

If you are like one of the millennials who doesn’t pay attention to the news, you should have a rethink. Nowadays, employers focus more on the internet and digital media to advertise job openings. However, the government utilizes every media, especially magazines and newspapers to advertise jobs.

Also, the government is the most likely to advertise jobs on national television, including during the news. Thus, make reading newspapers, watching the news, and following other news publications hobbies. It will make you more likely than the average job-seeker to get a government job.

Follow politics.

Politicians always talk about creating jobs for the masses and they fulfil these promises sometimes. However, if you don’t follow politics, important information regarding job opportunities in a governmental organization could elude you.

Can you remember the last time a politician made a grand gesture that never went public? It is because politicians take advantage of every situation to be in the good graces of the people. Rest assured you will have enough information on government job opportunities when you start following politics.

Network with civil servants and people in government.

When it comes to getting a government job, many people don’t believe that networking can help. That is far from the truth. Civil servants are the most connected working-class professionals. The reason is simple.

People who work for the government get transferred to different locations and roles more than in the private sector. For this reason, civil servants have former colleagues scattered across the country.

Therefore, network with people in government. They can help you put in a word, give firsthand information, recommendation, and advice on getting a government job.

Acts of kindness or heroism.

This is one of the easiest ways to get recognized and rewarded by the government. Extreme acts of kindness like being dedicated to helping the needy or homeless draw the attention of many. Likewise, acts of valour and heroism turn ordinary citizens into national heroes overnight.

The government is quick to hand out scholarships and even jobs to ordinary people who have saved lives. However, getting a government job should not be the sole reason for you to show kindness.


Indeed, activists do not have the best of relationships with the government in most cases throughout history. Yet, the government sometimes recognizes the plight of activists and rewards them for their bravery.

Activism does not necessarily have to be an attack on the government. It could be a call for inclusion or national unity. In such cases, you might be helping the government to restore peace without knowing it.

The government could in turn recognize your value and create jobs for you that would help you continue the fight.


Types of government jobs you can apply for

The government has created several industries where citizens can find work. These industries consist of jobs at state, local, and federal government levels.


Administrative workers help the government to keep the affairs of the state in order like organizing and managing databases. This industry is one of the few with the capacity to employ many candidates who want to get a government job. From office clerks to database administrators, there are roles with great significance to nation-building in this sector.

Business and finance

This is a crucial industry that the government pays special attention to. The government recognizes the need for a sector that manages the nation’s funds and possibly creates opportunities to generate more.

Professionals hired for this role are tasked with managing the finances, balancing the books, and performing some human resources duties. The government pays workers in this industry relatively highly because they also generate revenue.


The 21st century was shaped by advanced technology. Not only are private organizations embracing technology, but the government has also tapped into the power of ICT. From fighting crime to registering citizens, the government relies on technology to run the country. Thus, the need for an industry dedicated to technology is never out of the equation.

More programmers, coders, computer engineers, and scientists are getting hired by the government. People who work in areas such as intelligence, forensics, among other specialized subsectors, are among the highest-paid government workers.

International relations

No country is an island- this also goes for island countries. Throughout history, nations have formed alliances with other nations that can add value to them. It is no different today.

From forming war allies to fostering economic ties, nations seek assistance from their peers. For this reason, the government sets up an industry that caters to international relations. Information and vital knowledge including foreign languages, history, and current affairs are crucial to this industry.

To get a government job in this industry, you ought to be fluent in foreign languages. This is the industry for linguists, intelligence specialists, and analysts.

Health and medicine

Public health is one of the major aspects a government is judged by. To keep their promise of improved healthcare to the people, the government dedicates a ministry to health. The health ministry oversees all matters relating to the health of citizens across all ages.

They are the specialist the government relies on for advice on public health and safety. Also, they regulate and approve health products and centres throughout the state. You will get a government job in this ministry if you are a professional in a health-related field.


The government pays much attention to the education of its citizens across all age groups. For this reason, the ministry of education is a notable sector that the government invests in. Educators including teaching and non-teaching or administrative staff are tasked with running this ministry. This ministry employs professionals including teachers, analysts, HR experts, psychologists, among others, to regulate other educational institutions.

Law and national security

The law of the land is the one major factor that makes every citizen accountable for their actions. Law is a significant part of national security. To this end, the government has a ministry dedicated to revising and enforcing the law.

You can get a government job in law as a paralegal, attorney, or judge. The demands of the ministry are high but ensuring equity and fairness in the country is worth the trouble.


To most people, the strength of a country’s military shows their formidability and resistance to threats and attacks. This is an industry that is perhaps the most vital to a country’s national security. Indeed, most nations in the world spend a significant amount of their revenue in bolstering their military.

You should look at the military if you want to get a government job in the army, navy, air force, among others. Also, the government encourages its citizens to join the military to defend their country. This makes getting a government job in the military one of the easiest application processes bar the screening exercise.

Science and engineering

The government invests heavily in science and research for good reason. Science and engineering have shaped the world and paved the way for modern technology. The most advanced countries have their investment in science to thank for it.

From state-of-the-art nuclear plants to civil engineering masterpieces, to discoveries in medicine, frontrunners in science rule today’s world. Also, virtually every sector or government establishment needs science and engineering experts.

Thus, there is no shortage of government jobs for people in science and technology. If you are a civil engineer, mechanical engineer, or scientist across various fields, this is where you should be.


Skills needed to get a government job

To enjoy working for the government, you need to have the following skills and more:


When it comes to the division of labour, government establishments are the ones to beat. It is not uncommon for a government agency to have multiple sub-sections within a department. The reason is that the government uses government jobs as a way of reducing unemployment.

Also, they have the funds to employ many workers and pay them duly. This implies that if you get a government job, you will be working with a team in a possibly large unit. Hence, you must have teamwork skills. You can barely survive working for the government if you can’t be a team player.


Working for the government comes with its challenges. At times, work gets overwhelming in certain peak seasons. This is partly because many government establishments are responsible for catering to the needs of the whole country or state.

It implies that you might be responsible for the data of countless millions of citizens. For this reason, missing files or mishandling data comes with serious consequences.

To cope well with the demands of working for the government, you must possess top organizational skills. From keeping records to managing vital data, an organized person will have no trouble working for the government.


Contrary to what some might think, working for the government comes with pressure and strict deadlines. Problems arise out of the blue when you work for the government. Also, you might work for a government agency or ministry that is vital to the economy or national security.

The decisions you make from the ideas you come up with as a team could shape the fate of the nation. Thus, you must have apt problem-solving skills because you never know when you might need them.

Verbal and written communication proficiency.

Many criticize the recruitment process of many government jobs, especially in developing countries. While private organizations run strict candidate screening procedures, it is not always the same with recruitment into a government job.

For this reason, some government workers have been found out as having relatively poor verbal and written communication skills. Therefore, you must develop your communication skills to stand out from the crowd.

Also, you might end up in a crucial department or ministry where the government would depend on you for information. You ought to be able to explain complex terms to ordinary people or aliens in your field.


When you work for the government, a lot is expected of you. Firstly, the average person looks to you for firsthand information on both present and past occurrences in the nation. You should at least know about current affairs and more information about the present state of the nation. For this reason, you have to be an expert researcher.

Likewise, governmental institutions work closely with foreign bodies. Thus, you would need to get all the necessary information about your ministry’s acquaintances. Once you realize that working for the government means serving the nation, you will take research more seriously.



Getting a government job is more rewarding than many people realize it. For most people, it is job security that stands out. Also, there are many sectors or ministries under which you can work for the government.

Opportunities in working for the government are numerous, especially when it comes to networking or running for office. Finally, working for the government comes with some degree of pressure but you will have the support of your colleagues.

Are you currently working for the government? Please share your tips on getting a government job in the comments section below.


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