How to be Positive at Workplace

How to Be Positive at Workplace

Positivity is an energy that is needed everywhere because life is full of challenges and in a work environment, positivity is paramount.  In a work environment, challenges or difficulties will always arise but positivity is what motivates employees. Positivity has to do with not being conquered by an obstacle in a work environment but facing that obstacle and defeating it. There are numerous benefits of showing a positive attitude in a workplace and one of such is productivity. If an employee or employees are always positive no matter the obstacle they face; the result will be tremendous productivity in the organization. A positive attitude in a work environment is highly contagious and it can influence other employees who are feeling discouraged because of a particular obstacle.


How to identify a Positive Person/ Employee

A positive attitude is beyond a smiling face because someone can put a smiling face but He is discouraged in the heart.  A positive employee is someone that believes in himself and in the ability of others. A positive employee is determined rather than defeated by an obstacle and he also motivates others to believe even though the situation looks hopeless. People with a positive attitude don’t worry over spilled milk and they have a positive energy that makes people always love to spend time with them. A Positive person is always optimistic and not a pessimist.


How to be Positive at Workplace

Surround Yourself with Positive People

A positive attitude is highly contagious and to remain positive you need to surround yourself with people that are positive because they can boost your morale. Negative employees or coworkers can disquiet your spirit or make you feel discouraged. As the famous adage says “birds of the same feathers flock together” when you surround yourself with people that complain then you will also be a complainer and so avoid negative employees. Spend time with employees who are creative and who love their jobs. Employees that are positive will always make you feel happy when you are around them.  It may be very difficult to avoid negative employees but you can spend less time talking to them.


Use Positive Words

It is shallow-mindedness to underestimate the power of words because words can build and they can destroy. The words you use daily have an effect on you and the people around you; do not use words that are discouraging such as “we are doomed” or “we are crashing or sinking”. Use positive words or language especially during company meetings, examples of such words are: “encouraged”, “accomplish”, “optimistic”, “progress”, “hope”, “believe” and many more. Using these words with the right connotation can accelerate positive energy in others.

For example, in a meeting, you can say “I believe we can do it because we are making progress”. This will make you and your coworkers feel optimistic about a project.


Keep learning from every situation

Learn from every situation, mistake, or error. Learn from the past situations so that you can be better next time. For instance, if you embark on a project, do a team evaluation of the project and learn from your mistakes or shortcomings. After your evaluation, think of different strategies you can put in place next time. Do not let your mistakes discourage you but learn from them and remain positive.


Cultivate or Develop Positive thoughts

Thinking positively can be very difficult because disappointments and setbacks happen periodically. Get rid of every negative thought from your mind by reading positive books, listening to motivational speakers, and surrounding yourself with positive people. Challenge your negative thoughts by trying to see the good in every situation. Developing positive thoughts can help you control your emotion and react positively to situations around you.


Express Gratitude

Express your gratitude verbally to others or fellow coworkers because this can help you remain positive. Evaluate coworkers’ accomplishments for the day and appreciate them by saying “Thank you”. Showing gratitude can circulate positive energy at work. When you tell some people or most people “thank you”, they respond with a warm smile and reply “you are welcome. Gratitude also boasts positive energy in coworkers.

In addition, write down what you are grateful for each day, you may find out that you had a wonderful presentation with a colleague and it was successful, the positive effect of these activities can be a great way to end your day.


Appreciate the small accomplishments

Do not underestimate your little accomplishments but appreciate them. Nobody made it to the top in a day, it takes years of hard work and dedication to be highly successful and so celebrate your little accomplishments, when you embark on a project and experience an average success, celebrate and brace yourself to do better next time. Appreciate your efforts because it is not easy to get to the point where you are. The popular adage says “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a day”, your little accomplishments will pave way for bigger accomplishments tomorrow.


Believe in your Company or Organization’s Vision and Work towards it.

Every company or organization has a vision. You need to key into this vision and do your best to make it a reality. Believe in your organization no matter the challenges the organization is facing and brainstorm to come up with possible solutions. An employee that key to the vision of an organization will always be positive at the workplace no matter the challenge the organization is facing. For instance, if you work in a restaurant and the restaurant is going bankrupt as a result of low patronage from customers instead of being negative, try and bring up solutions on how the restaurant will bloom again. Be a patriotic employee and ambassador of the organization where you work and be ready to make sacrifices for the overall success of the organization.


Maintain Balance

Make time for the most important people in your life such as friends, family, and your loved ones. If your personal life is not balanced it can give you negative energy at work. Having a healthy relationship at work is greatly influenced by your personal life. Never overlook the importance of a solid work-life balance.


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