What's Your Ideal Work Environment

How To Answer Interview Question: What’s Your Ideal Working Environment

The dream of every job seeker is to ace a job interview and get an employment letter afterward. Before an employer hires you for a job, the employer wants to know if your core values are in alignment with that of the organization. While preparing for a job interview, always make sure you research the key strengths of the company. This will help you in providing an appropriate answer to the question: what’s your ideal working environment?


Why Employers Ask About Your Ideal Working Environment

Employers ask you about your ideal working environment for different reasons. The aim of employing professionals in an organization is to improve the existing performance of the organization.

The following are a few reasons why employers ask you about your ideal work environment.

  • Culture: All organizations have a culture, a culture that they want an employee to adapt to. The culture of the place you worked previously may be entirely different from the one you’re aspiring to work for. Your employer wants to know if you can thrive regardless of its culture.
  • Passion/Potential: Before an employer employs a job candidate, they want to find out what you have and what you can offer. They want to know if you have the drive(passion) and the skill(potential) to prove yourself when the job has been given to you. The truth is that: if you are not passionate about the job or have the potential required for the job role you may find it difficult to perform at your best.

No hiring manager wants to employ a candidate his/her efforts will not be effective to the growth of the organization. If you have the passion and the potential, there are high chances that you will get the job.


How To Answer Questions About Your Ideal Work Environment

Before you answer any interview questions, take a deep breath, relax, then shoot with your answers. When answering the question, ensure that you are transparent in giving your answers: be yourself, don’t instantly try to wear a character that is not yours. Being yourself does not translate to behaving in an unruly manner. Being yourself helps to reduce the anxiety that comes with attending a job interview.

The following tips will help you to answer the question: what’s your ideal working environment?

  • Define what an ideal work environment is for you: Have your own definition of what an ideal work environment is or should be. You need to know if your prospective company has the type of environment that you wish to work in.
  • Do your background research: Before you attend a job interview, always make sure that you carry out research on the company. Carrying out the research will help you to know the company’s key strengths and also identify the lapses.
  • Prepare your answer: After running your background check, you now know what you want and what the organization is like. It’s now time to compare and contrast: ln what ways do your workplace priorities align with the environment this job offers? While answering the question, do not frame your answers negatively. Rather than focusing on aspects of pasts work environments that you didn’t like and are hoping to avoid, highlight the things you do like and want in your future positions. You might be tempted to ignore red flags if you’ve been searching for a while, but ultimately, you’ll be much happier if you are in an environment that suits your work style. For clarity, don’t be afraid to ask questions to see if the organization is a place where you can thrive.

There are other key factors that you can take into consideration which includes:

  • Are the employees always punctual to work?
  • Do they carry out their jobs diligently?
  • Are they been paid according to the value they bring to the organization?
  • Do they work as a team?
  • Is there a reward for an employee that produces exceptional results?
  • Do they encourage their staff to come up with their own ideas?

Knowing the answers to the above questions will help you know if the prospective company is in alignment with your core values because if you’re working in your ideal environment, the ability to perform your everyday task will be on the high side.

I hope you find the above tips useful.

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