How to Be a Successful Remote Worker

How to Be a Successful Remote Worker

Remote jobs are trending globally because of events like Covid-19 that shook the world and people are earning well by working remotely. A remote job has its own share of benefits, but there are challenges that remote workers face which can make working remotely very complicated for them. As a remote worker, there are obstacles that can hinder you from performing your job as expected and such obstacles are Distractions, Noise, and an unhealthy work-life balance. There are tips you can follow to be a successful remote worker and this article will explore such.

What is a Remote Job?

A remote job is work you do from home. A remote job can also be called an online job. These are examples of remote jobs: Content Writer, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, Virtual Assistant, Customer Care Representative, and Online Sales Representative.


Tips to Become a Successful Remote Worker

  1. Create a dedicated home office
  2. Set up deadlines for Tasks
  3. Dress for the Job
  4. Set Office hours and be dedicated to them
  5. Communicate Proactively to build a relationship with coworkers
  6. Create a Work-life Balance
  7. Enhance your use of technology and communication tools
  8. Take Breaks


Create a Dedicated Home Office

Set up an office or a designated area in your house where you can do your work. It can be your bedroom, sitting room or any were around your vicinity that you feel is very comfortable. In setting up a home office, you should take into cognizance distractions. Set- up an office in a place where you will not be distracted. Arrange the place to look like a real office and place your computer or working tools there. Arrange your working schedule with your boss and visit the office at the set-up time to do your work. Make sure the home office designated area has a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Set Up Deadlines for Tasks

To be a successful remote worker, you have to be a successful time manager and the only way to manage time is by setting up deadlines. Your boss may give you a deadline for a task, but you should also set up your personal deadlines. Setting up deadlines is highly beneficial because there are a lot of distractions remote workers face. Create your daily task and use time management tools to help you meet up with time.

Dress for The Job

Remove the pajamas or nightdress you are wearing and put on something casual. As a remote worker, you need to dress appropriately to do your work because of video calls and Zoom meetings with your teammates. Dressing for the job will help you stay focused and confident. Take your bath, and dress professionally the same way an offline worker will do.

Set Office Hours and Be Dedicated To Them

Arrange a flexible working schedule with your boss and stick to it. Inform your coworkers or teammates about your work schedule so that they will know when you are available for work and your personal time. Inform your family members about your working hours so that they will not meddle with your work hours. You can place a placard with the tag “busy” at the door of your home office. Setting up office hours will help you have a work-life balance.

Communicate Proactively To Build a Relationship With Coworkers

Communication is so indispensable in a remote job setting. As a result of the fact that you don’t share the same office with your teammates and boss; you need to communicate effectively to be a successful remote worker. Use email, video calls, and online chat software to communicate with coworkers.

Furthermore, communicating effectively will help you to relate well with coworkers and to build a strong virtual bond. A remote job causes loneliness because you are not able to meet face to face with coworkers but through computer tools like Skype, zoom, and video conference calls; you get a chance to relate with teammates and bridge the gap of loneliness.

Enhance the Use Of Your Technological And Communication Tools

Update your communication and technological skills to familiarize yourself with the tools used in remote jobs; you can enroll in LinkedIn free online skills training tools, Coursera, and Udemy online platforms to acquire technological skills.  You can also develop yourself by familiarizing yourself with tools and software used by remote employees. Familiarize yourself with video conferencing apps like: Zoom, Bluejeans, and WebEx,

In addition, have knowledge of how to use Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Having Knowledge of Ms. Word, Excel, Corel Draw and Photoshop will also be an added advantage

Create a Work-life Balance

Every remote employee needs to balance personal time and working time. Avoid personal tasks during working hours and avoid doing work during personal time. It is very mandatory to create a healthy work-life balance. Personal interruptions will impede your productivity and performance at work. For instance, do not do your laundry during working hours, but you can do it during a break. This is a very critical issue; many remote job workers have failed because of their inability to balance their personal life with their working hours.

Take a Break

Working from home should not exempt you from taking a break when necessary. You can set a break time and take your lunch or clear your head. Do not sit for too long hours under the computer as this can be very dangerous for your eyes. Use the break time to stretch your body and revive your energy. If you are the type that is so engrossed with work, set an alarm for a break and stick to it. This will help your focus; keep you refreshed so that you can be an efficient and productive worker.



Millions around the world are working remotely to earn a living and in the years to come, remote jobs may take over physical job settings. As remote workers being successful should be our ultimate goal. Follow the tips above to be a successful, productive, efficient, and effective remote worker. A successful remote worker will never run out of income.

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