How Effective Communication Can Increase Productivity

How Effective Communication Can Increase Productivity

Organizational communication involves the sending and receiving of messages among interrelated individuals in a particular environment to attain a common goal. Communication in an organization is very essential because it will help an organization to meet its goals and target; without communication, an organization may find it difficult to meet up deadlines. There are diverse means of communication and they are; the telephone, SMS, internet, and many other outlets, and no matter how small this means may be; its effectiveness is awesome. Communication in an organization increases productivity, employee retention, and cohabitation. An organization that wants to make a difference in society must make communication a priority.


Methods of Communication in an Organization

  • Written Communication includes emails, proposals memos, letters, training manuals, and social media.
  • Verbal communication includes face–to–face communication with both individuals and groups, and multiple channels. Tools like telephones and teleconferencing are used.


Effective Communication Strategy for Organizations

The benefits of effective communication in an organization are overwhelming, and every organization should implement it. The strategies for effective communication an organization can adopt are:

  • Organizing training and workshops that will coach employees on the aspect of written communication such as public speaking and conflict resolution in an organization
  • Providing technical communication tools such as instant messaging apps like Zoom, Skype, emails, teleconferencing, and other apps. Project management tools will also help employees to develop their communication skills.


How Effective Communication can increase Productivity:

  1. Curtails Misunderstanding and Errors

Communication in an organization reduces misunderstanding which leads to error. If employees clearly understand their tasks and how they should be carried out effectively; there will be less friction in an organization. Employees make mistakes most times because of ineffective communication from the managers or coworkers.

For instance, if a manager should give an employee a task and the employee gives his overall view (feedback) of the task; the organization will run smoothly.

Managers and employees should make use of face-to-face communication and emails to increase the productivity of the organization. The feedback mechanism is also paramount for effective communication because this will show how the message is received. This does not mean that your organization will be devoid of mistakes but if you employ effective communication the rate of mistakes will be curtailed.

  1. High Level of Employee Accountability

One of the core benefits of effective communication in an organization is that it increases the level of accountability from the manager to employees. When employees are held accountable for their tasks; they must complete their tasks at the appropriate time which will increase the productivity of the organization.

Checking in regularly will make them feel bound to achieve a particular task, and it will help them ask questions if they have a misunderstanding, or they need more enlightenment on how to carry out a task. Each employee will clearly define his/her role and the task of other coworkers. Checking in on employees will also motivate them to carry out a task.

  1. Increases Credibility

An organization that wants to be transparent to its employees should adopt effective communication. Effective communication makes employees see the management of the company as trustworthy and reliable which will increase the productivity of the organization. As a manager, the perception of your employees about you should be your topmost priority. Effective communication helps the management to build a positive reputation in the eye of the employees. In addition, it also makes the managers trust their employees and saddle employees with a task.

  1. Resolves Problem Rapidly

Problems are solved quickly in an organization with effective communication. When faced with a challenge, the management of the organization will communicate the challenge to employees and employees will brainstorm to come up with a solution.

For instance, if an employee is struggling to complete a project due to a computing error, he may ask a coworker for help and the problem will be fixed. This will make the project to be accomplished and increase the organization’s productivity.

  1. Creating a Positive Employee Experience

The best way to increase employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement is through effective communication. Employees will have an awesome experience in the organization if there is effective communication. Effective communication will curtail boringness, job dissatisfaction, and idleness; this will make the organization retain employees for a long time. If an employee has a positive experience; other job recruiters will find it very difficult to entice the employee. A positive employee experience will increase the productivity of the organization.

  1. Enhancing Cross-departmental Communication, Teamwork, and Collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration are greatly enhanced through effective communication.  Open communication helps employees to carry out a project, and it resolves issues between different departments and areas of the company.

For instance, if you’re marketing and Accounting departments are always at loggerhead, having an open communication or a weekly meeting can help resolve issues within the two departments and keep them abreast of each other’s progress. They will also brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas for their various departments which will increase the organization’s productivity when implemented.

  1. Enhancing Communication with Remote and Deskless Employees

Some companies have remote and offline workers. Effective communication improves communication with remote employees cut across various locations. Tools like Skype, Zoom and Teleconferencing apps are used to communicate with remote workers.

  1. Encouraging Employee Share Of Voice

Effective communication gives room for employees to be part of the decision-making process of an organization. Employees can voice their opinions on challenges and other issues prevalent in the organization. An employee can also contribute to the success of the company by giving ideas on different projects or tasks. Effective communication gives room for the lowest employee’s voice to be heard which results in the productivity of an organization.


To crown it all, the benefits of effective communication in an organization are awesome; in this digital era, organizations that employ effective communication are tough competition for other organizations. Effective communication increases productivity, job satisfaction, employee motivation, and retention.

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