Gas Station Manager Job Description

Gas Station Manager Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a gas station manager job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a gas station manager. Feel free to use our job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a gas station manager.


Who is a Gas Station Manager?

A gas station manager, also known as a fuel station manager, controls the fuel and retail operations of a gas station. As a gas station manager, you sometimes have a shift with other workers, and other times handle the shop on your own. Your tasks include satisfying customers’ requirements, maintaining the facilities, and assisting them to pump petrol in their automobiles as required. Gas station managers are responsible for supervising all areas of their company’s gas stations. They guarantee that everything is working well, from the pumps to the cash register to the cleanliness of the facilities.

Gas station managers may also be responsible for recruiting and training new staff or assisting existing employees’ progress within the organization. This can entail offering further training or mentoring on issues like customer service or safety measures.

Other jobs include counting inventory and ordering items, including food, beverages, smokes, and toiletries. As a gasoline station manager, you oversee staff, which comprises training new workers and arranging the work schedule. You are also responsible for controlling sales at your gas station and ensuring sure personnel is fulfilling sales objectives.

Gas station managers supervise the daily operations of gas stations and function as leaders for the station’s workers and the assistant managers who work under them. Gas station managers also organize personnel schedules, oversee fuel/inventory shipments, hire/train/fire workers, prepare the station’s budget, and communicate with the station’s owner or corporate management.


In addition to supervising the operations of gas stations, gas station managers must guarantee that safety and security regulations are fulfilled by customers and personnel, that gasoline prices are met by customers and employees, and that fuel prices are set correctly each day according to market conditions, to beat competitors and meet management requirements. No matter the size of your station or the products/services you provide, your gas station managers are responsible for the whole business operating smoothly and ensuring the demands of customers and staff are satisfied.


Gas Station Manager Job Description

What is a gas station manager job description? A gas station manager job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a gas station manager in an organization. Below are the gas station manager job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a gas station manager job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of a gas station manager include the following;

  • Manage 3 full-time assistant managers and 6 part-time personnel, review employee performance, train staff to increase performance over time, and find possibilities for supervisor and management positions in employees.
  • Maintain excellent ties with local merchants of handcrafted souvenirs.
  • Hire personnel, train recruits, and terminate staff who do not satisfy criteria.
  • Report new personnel to the state government within the specified period.
  • Decide personnel needs for the station and determine if seasonal recruits will be necessary at any time throughout the year.
  • Create employee schedules, ensuring all shifts are covered and change these schedules to accommodate workers as possible.
  • Use market research to capitalize on consumer trends, predict projected sales volume for new items, and establish competitive pricing for Western Gainesville, FL.
  • Maintain productive ties with present convenience store distributors and create new partnerships with distributors when favorable or necessary by the conclusion of existing relationships.
  • Make judgments on all items sold and services provided to increase station income.
  • Implementing and administering the station’s credit policy.
  • Select the station’s POS system, and offer assistance and training to staff in utilizing POS technology.
  • Select the station’s inventory management system, and offer assistance and training to personnel in utilizing inventory management technology.
  • Create and implement marketing plans for high-margin products, locally manufactured souvenirs, things prioritized by distributors, and other high-priority commodities.
  • Create and administer consumer loyalty and incentives programs.
  • Research and obtain products for resale and administration of resale certifications.
  • Plan  Station budget and approve spending according to this budget.
  • Manage consumer complaints and manage the settlement of these issues.
  • Ensure that all local, state and federal criteria for the authorized operation of the gas station are satisfied by all personnel and customers.
  • Oversee the reporting of employee hours, and administer payroll and payroll taxes.
  • Create payroll reports (new hires, all employee hours tracked, adjustments to payroll, terminations) (new hires, all employee hours logged, changes to payroll, terminations).
  • Ensure that employee behavior standards are fulfilled at all times and enforce the company’s disciplinary policy with documented warnings and terminations.
  • Ensure that safety measures necessary for gas stations are followed at all times.
  • Ensure that security standards, such as retaining minimal quantities of currency on site, are followed at all times.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment by following safety rules and processes.
  • Order and maintain inventory levels of all goods offered at the station, including gasoline, food, drinks, tobacco products, automotive supplies, and other things.
  • Coordinate the supply of gasoline to the station and purchase more supplies if required.
  • Communicate with suppliers about price changes to prepare for future expenditures.
  • Manage employee recruiting and training activities to ensure that all workers are appropriately educated in their job tasks.
  • Monitor pump prices to verify that they are compatible with market pricing for similar stations in the region.
  • Schedule employees’ work hours depending on company needs and staffing requirements.
  • Conduct employee performance evaluations to verify that workers are completing job criteria.
  • Monitor cash flow to ensure that the firm has adequate funds to pay bills on schedule and make investments in equipment or facilities.



  • Degree or certificate holder in any subject.
  • Minimum 5-10 years of managing experience in the retail fuel station, service industry.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic with great interpersonal and communication skills to inspire workers successfully towards reaching high customer service standards and sales objectives.


Essential Skills

  • Employee Scheduling: Scheduling is the practice of arranging and allocating work shifts to workers. As a gas station manager, you may be responsible for arranging your team’s time at work. This includes knowing each employee’s availability and skill level as well as determining how many workers are required throughout various times of day or week. You may also utilize scheduling to identify which workers should earn increases or promotions depending on their performance.
  • Store Maintenance: A gas station manager controls the daily operations of a gas station, including ensuring that all equipment is in good condition. This involves maintaining pumps and other gear, as well as keeping the store clean and supplied with required goods.

A good maintenance skill set will help you assure your store’s success by minimizing repair costs and improving productivity. You may also be responsible for recruiting and training new workers, thus showing an aptitude to teach others might convince prospective employers that you are capable of leading a team.

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is the capacity to adjust to changing conditions. As a gas station manager, you may require flexibility in your work schedule and location. You may also need to be flexible with employee shifts or when staff takes time off. Being able to adapt rapidly might help you handle numerous activities at once and keep your workplace operating smoothly.
  • Leadership: Leadership is the capacity to encourage and lead your team members. As a gas station manager, you may need to lead teams of workers that work in several areas. You may employ leadership abilities while allocating tasks or distributing duties. It’s also crucial to be a great communicator so that you can give feedback and assistance to your colleagues.
  • Cash Handling: Cash handling is the capacity to correctly conduct cash transactions. As a gas station manager, you may be responsible for taking payments from customers and ensuring that all cash is accounted for. This ability demands attention to detail and ensures that your organization keeps correct records of receiving and departing monies. It also helps guarantee client happiness by offering rapid and accurate service.
  • Merchandise Sales: A gas station manager manages the sales of all items at a petrol station, including food and drink. They also guarantee that the products are priced appropriately and that buyers get exact change. A gas station manager should be conversant with the items they offer to give outstanding customer service. They may also instruct new staff on how to run the register or other equipment.
  • Decision Making: A gas station manager must be able to make rapid choices concerning the operations of their stations. You may need to select whether or not to take a given sort of payment, how much gasoline to pump into a customer’s car, and what types of promotions you should run at your site.

You may practice decision-making skills by examining numerous situations in which you have to select between two possibilities. For example, if you were given a job as a cashier or a manager, which one would you take?

  • Communication: Communication is the capacity to deliver information effectively and simply. As a gas station manager, you may need to contact staff, customers, and suppliers over the phone or in person. Strong communication skills may help you transmit messages successfully and develop trust with others. You could also utilize your communication abilities while composing emails to give firm information or answer staff inquiries.
  • Organization: The organization can keep track of many activities and obligations. As a gas station manager, you may be responsible for managing multiple people at once, as well as ensuring that all areas of your company are working properly. Having great organizational skills may help you manage your time efficiently and ensure that your team has everything they need to finish their task.
  • Inventory Management: A gas station manager controls the inventory of a gas station, including gasoline and other supplies. They guarantee that their business has enough products to fulfill consumer demand and keep an acceptable amount for personnel to utilize. Effective managers also check product sales and monitor stock levels to make sure they have plenty of each item. This guarantees that consumers can locate what they need when they visit the gas station and helps the management save money by ordering just what is required.
  • Problem Solving: Problem-solving is the capacity to detect and address challenges. As a gas station manager, you may need to tackle consumer complaints or technical challenges with equipment. For example, if a pump isn’t operating correctly, you may be able to repair it yourself or tell an employee to do so. You also apply problem-solving abilities when workers have problems that necessitate mediation.
  • Customer Service: Customer service is the capacity to offer a favorable experience for customers. This involves welcoming them, addressing their inquiries, and resolving any concerns they may have. Customer service skills are vital because they may help you create connections with your clients and encourage them to return to your gas station. You may also leverage customer service abilities while applying for a management job at a gas station.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory compliance is the capacity to obey industry norms and rules. As a gas station manager, you may be responsible for ensuring your firm meets all necessary rules and regulations involving safety, taxes, and environmental issues. This includes understanding what sorts of licenses or permissions are required for running a gas station in your location.
  • Safety & Security: Safety and security are two of the most crucial parts of a gas station manager’s work. You need to guarantee that your personnel obeys all safety rules, as well as any corporate policies you may have in place. You also need to keep track of employee attendance so you can make sure they’re safe when working alone at night or in risky conditions.

You should also be aware of local rules and regulations addressing fire safety and emergency response protocols. This guarantees that you know how to react if an emergency arises on your property.

  • Loss Prevention: Gas station managers have to be able to anticipate possible dangers and take action to prevent them from happening. For example, if a client is upset with the service they got at your gas station, you may need to step in and rectify the problem before it results in a loss of income for your company. You may also utilize your loss prevention abilities while evaluating surveillance video or analyzing data to see where there are holes in your procedures that might contribute to losses.
  • Fuel Sales: Fuel sales are a critical talent for gas station managers to have since it helps them to understand the items they offer and how much of each product clients require. It also helps them earn money for their companies, which may help them develop in their professions. Having fuel sales skills may also assist you in better teaching personnel how to sell various kinds of gasoline and other items at the gas station.


How to Become a Gas Station Manager

  • Complete a high school diploma or equivalent: A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum education requirement for gas station attendants. If you do not have a high school diploma, consider attending courses to get one. You may also enroll in an associate’s degree program that will give you the skills and information required for this employment. Some of, these programs include training in customer service, company management, and computer applications
  • Develop great interpersonal skills: Gas station managers engage with many different sorts of individuals regularly. They must be able to create excellent connections with all of their clients and give t, them the finest possible service. This involves being kind, courteous, and helpful at all times. It also entails listening closely to what your clients need from you and meeting those requirements in a timely way.
  • Have solid communication skills: Gas station managers need to be able to converse successfully with clients. They should be able to welcome clients and answer inquiries regarding the items supplied at the gas station. Gas station managers may also have to tell consumers of shop restrictions, such as whether they take credit cards or whether overnight parking is permitted.

It’s crucial for gas station managers to carefully communicate these things in a manner that makes consumers feel welcome and assures their safety.


Where to Work as a Gas Station Manager

The work atmosphere for a gas station manager is fast-paced and chaotic. They are typically forced to work extended hours on evenings and weekends. Gas station managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the gas station, thus they must manage customer service concerns, settle disagreements, and make rapid judgments. They also need to be able to manage the financial parts of the company, such as ordering merchandise, maintaining budgets, and ensuring sure the gas station is successful.


Gas Station Manager Salary Scale

The average gas station manager’s income in the United Kingdom is £35,730 per year or £18.32 per hour. Entry-level occupations start at £28,000 per year while most experienced professionals get up to £65,000 per year.

The average gas station manager’s income in Canada is $55,916 per year or $28.68 per hour. Entry-level occupations start at $44,850 per year, while most experienced professionals earn up to $70,317 per year.

The average gas station manager’s income in Canada is $38,513 per year or $19.75 per hour. Entry-level occupations start at $35,100 per year, while most experienced professionals earn up to $42,900 per year.

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