Tips On Building Successful Career

Tips On Building Successful Career

A career in its own sense is designed to be progressive, but that doesn’t mean career progression happens automatically. Much effort is required to build a career. A successful career comes along with self-fulfillment, prestige, and wealth. Hence, every career pursuing person will wish to have an accomplished one; as the world is now governed by social status and money.

Self-career building can be very interesting: it gives you the opportunity to shape your life the way you want. An individual without a vision certainly has no plans for the future, so what career-building does is to give you a chance of creating your own future. A successful career will make you stand out among others, and have a sense of security and accomplishment which are vital to your overall well-being in the long term.


People mostly focus entirely on the job, ignoring the fact that if they don’t build themselves, their chances of remaining long on the job might be in doubt. Similarly, even their efficiency level will drop over time. So the only sure way of remaining relevant and in-demand is if you have the capacity to bring fresh ideas to the table. In this time of economic uncertainty, the term ‘job security is almost an illusion, it is important then to figure out how to build yourself in a way that will help you thrive in your chosen career. Below are a few tips to help you in building a successful career.

  1. Work towards identifying your Goals: Prior to choosing a career path, you must first zero in on your values and purpose. Until you find a way of aligning those two, you will not be able to set clear goals, and life will just be an endless string of fruitless pursuits and struggles. Try and discover things you are good at, your passion and interest, and what gives you satisfaction. These will give you a preamble on choosing a career that you will excel at.

To avoid undesirable outcomes, you will need to start by identifying your personal aspirations, then follow up by going deeper to introspect, which should be focused on finding a balance between your innermost desires and your practicable goals. The two have to match, if not, your professional career may even be in ruin well before it starts. Identification of personal goals requires a lot of time and effort but is an important process in any person’s career success.


  1. Be Conscious of your Strengths: Self-awareness is an important tool for personal growth. Being aware of your strengths, your aspirations, and weaknesses will make it easier to adapt to whatever condition you encounter on your career path. It is not just enough to know what you can really do, take a step further to foresee how good you can be at it in the long run. It is best to choose a profession according to what you know about yourself. Regardless of your strength and weakness, you should choose and stick to a career that is consistent with your qualities and capacity.


  1. Develop yourself: Most people get too comfortable and don’t see the need for further studies once they secure a job. If you are employed, take advantage of your organization’s in-service training options to go for advanced or professional courses that are relevant to your profession. Attend workshops, conferences, and seminars; they will improve your capacity and competencies.

You will get many benefits from your study, as you can leverage your knowledge for the best purposes. For one, having professional and advanced certificates will naturally keep you above your colleagues when it comes to promotion and responsibilities. And if you are unemployed or disposed to job opportunities elsewhere, you will in no time get an offer, just make sure you update all of your additional certificates on your resume.


  1. Set your standards: This is one critical factor that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones. Your standards influence the way you think, your actions, and your beliefs. People with high standards always seek and work towards the best possible outcomes; they want the good life, the good positions and to be and remain at the top. This in turn motivates them into working towards reaching the peak of their chosen careers.

Once you set your standards, do not compromise, in fact, raise them from time to time. Take time every few months to re-evaluate your standards and principles. Find ways to realign with them, and take conscious steps to improve them bit by bit until you realize that you have become the best version of yourself.


  1. Make yourself a Brand: What people now call ‘packaging’, is a very effective career boaster. You don’t have to be in showbiz to be a brand anymore. An accomplished career or an unusual success story can be harnessed and imaged into a brand; this will make you highly sorted after by firms, companies, colleagues, and clients alike. For instance, big firms spend a lot of money to establish an appealing reputation; this attracts patronage and commands loyalty, so also can you as a professional. You can brand and even trademark your name and services and constantly improve it. This can easily be done by starting a blog, creating a professional social media profile, or providing exclusive services that are second to none.


  1. Create a Support Base: There is no career route you intend to take that those before you haven’t passed through. Your career-building process will be easier if you keep a cool head to learn from the feet of those who have gone ahead of you. Having mentors will minimize the chances of making mistakes and aid you in growing quickly.

When choosing a mentor, lookout for people who are conversant with your situation and are of positive influence. Join a support group of like-minds and form your own personal board of directors that will shape your professional direction. Interestingly, there are a lot of accomplished career people out there who are looking for opportunities to pass on their wealth of experience to those coming behind.


  1. Explore the Connecting Economy: The world is moving in a direction where a person’s success is hugely tied to his personal and professional relationships. No matter how smart or intelligent you are, you will not be able to realize your full potential without the support of others. This simply requires networking for better opportunities and connections. The best jobs come up because someone who knows you thinks you would be the right person for the job. Networking should be mutually beneficial. Just as it gives you the chance to tap from other people’s knowledge and goodwill, you should not hesitate to give back when the opportunity comes up.    Connecting in this context does not necessarily require physical contact. Interacting with others in the same industry on digital platforms and often updating your LinkedIn and other social media accounts will go a long way in expanding your professional network.


Conclusively, the process of planning for a successful career is not restricted to a particular group. It doesn’t matter if you are employed or not if you are in or out of school. Taking conscious steps to secure your future will always be a wise decision. It requires sacrifices that if you make will definitely discomfort you temporarily, but as the saying goes ‘no pain no gain’. Just be courageous and committed to following through with everything you have set to achieve and the sky will surely be your bedrock.

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