How to Compliment An Employee for A Good Job

How to Compliment An Employee for A Good Job

Employees are human entities and every human being loves to be appreciated for his/her efforts in life even though it may be very little. Showing compliments to employees at work motivates them and helps them to be more productive. In research conducted, it was discovered that 65% of employees are not appreciated at work and this has affected their productivity at work. If you hold a managerial position at work; you must praise your employees for their good performance at work.

Some aggressive managers believe that an employee has to always do a good job at work and so complimenting an employee is not important. This is a very false idea because employees always love to be appreciated even though they are doing their responsibility at work. Employee compliment is very fundamental because; it shows that an employee is distinctive and it also shows that there is an employee career development.

What is An Employee Compliment?

It is the praise, acknowledgment, or recognition a manager gives to his/ her employees at work for a particular job done.

Examples of Compliment

Compliments in a workplace vary based on the assignment given. Make sure the compliment correlates with the action of the employee. Here are examples of professional compliments you can give coworkers or employees;

Compliment on Skills

Some coworkers have outstanding skills or talents such as; Communication, Computing, Analytical, and Marketing skills that make the work environment very exciting. As a Manager, do not ignore these skills but compliment them because it will help such employees to build on their skills. Complimenting an employee’s skill is essential in the role of growing his career. Here are some ways you can complement an employee’s skill:

  • To be honest, I envy your talent
  • Your analytical skills are out of this world
  • You are a rare gem, I can’t imagine working without you
  • What is your secret, your output is remarkable, to say the least
  • All my life, I have never envisaged the level of creativity I see in you. You gave me a completely new perspective on problem-solving.

Compliment on a Good Job

Some tasks at work can be very herculean, appreciate your employees if such task becomes a success. Every coworker wants to know whether they are performing well on their job. Recognizing their strengths and capabilities is a great way to boost their self-esteem. This is highly beneficial because it could lead to your company’s success as well. Here are ways to compliment an employee for handling a tedious and troublesome project:

  • Your hard work has paid off because this project is a masterpiece
  • You made some great facts in the meeting today
  • Who could have handled this project better than you? What a stupendous performance.
  • Amazing job on the project- I mean it
  • Keep up the good work

When They Are Good Team Players

If an employee is contributing immensely to team products, it’s important to acknowledge his contribution and appreciate him/her individually. Show appreciation when a coworker shows support to teamwork. Below are ways you can show appreciation:

  • It’s always great to have you onboard
  • You are an invaluable member of the team
  • I am blown away by your contributions this week
  • You are good at motivating people
  • Thanks for speaking up in team meetings and providing new ideas
  • You are flexible to work with

When Employees are Enthusiastic towards Work

When employees show excitement, happiness regularly towards their job; appreciate them for their positive energy. Being enthusiastic at work shows an employee is enjoying his/her job and this also shows job satisfaction. Compliment your employees so that they can do more. Here are few tips:

  • I love your smile; please keep it up
  • Your Positive attitude at work is highly contagious
  • Thanks for being an enthusiastic employee
  • Your Positive energy at work inspires me a lot
  • You ask insightful questions

Why Employee Compliment is Important

  • Employee compliment makes employees happy with their job and makes them stick with your company. It also increases employee retention.
  • Over time, it helps team members or coworkers to build strong virtual bonds and  to rely on each other for task or assignment
  • It boasts employee’s morale during tough times and helps them overcome obstacles
  • It creates a friendly and robust work environment
  • It creates a positive work environment. With a good employee compliment, people feel valued to their work purposefully rather than working as an obligation.
  • Employee’s recognition increases the organization’s productivity and efficacy
  • It keeps employees engaged for years to come.


How to Compliment Employees for A Good Job

Make Your Compliment Specific

Do not generalize a compliment that belongs to a certain individual to a group of coworkers. When you compliment an employee individually; it shows you are doing it from your heart. Give a compliment to which compliment is due. You can call the employee with his/ her name to be specific because it will mean a lot. For example, “Mr. John, great work on the brand campaign today. You executed the project creatively and passionately”.

Make Your Compliment Public

Public recognition is a great way to motivate an employee because it makes them feel special. This will also motivate the rest of the team if they see an employee being rewarded; it will boost their morale so that they can do more. Public recognition of an employee can be done during a company meeting, board meetings, or company-wide communications. Craft a very good speech from your heart and pair them with results to make one of your employees happy. Also, reward the employee publicly to distinguish the employee among others. This will make other employees to top-up their game. In addition, give the employee a warm hug and a handshake during the meeting.

Compliment Your Employee Professionally

Make sure the compliment you give to your employee should be formal and polite; if it is done in an office setting. Do not make the environment rowdy and funny because you are complimenting an employee but follow your office conduct. Compliment the employee in such a way that other coworkers will not feel green-eyed. Use the employee as an inspiration to other coworkers instead of an image of jealousy. It is important to consider the time and place when complimenting a coworker.

Write an Appreciation Card

You can say thank you in person or write a thank-you card to an employee who has done a great job. This will make the employee feel valued. Acknowledge the employee’s tangible accomplishments and send your appreciation based on the performance to the employee who has amassed them. This will make them deliver tremendous performance in the future. Feeling valued and receiving employee recognition accolades is directly responsible for people’s happiness at work.

Encourage Employee-Employee Compliment

Employee recognition is not bound to managers alone. Coworkers should also appreciate one another in a little or big way. Many organizations have global localities and some managers don’t get to see employees to their job. Employee- Employee appreciation saves the day by facilitating coworkers to appreciate one another’s contribution which will make them feel valued for their hard work, and build a strong virtual bond among them. One-one meetings are great meeting is a great way to do this. As a manager of the company, give your employees a level of freedom to organize mini-celebration whenever they achieve a task and celebrate with them too.

Managers should also be complemented, acknowledge your boss for his strong leadership qualities and efficient communications. Praise managers for handling the organization well. For instance, “Thank you for believing in me and giving that task to handle. You gave me a platform to showcase my skills and I’m very grateful. Your leadership qualities are out of this world”

Compliment Employees Outside of the Office

Improving our environment at times is not bad. You can reward your hard-working or good employee outside of the office. Take high-profile performing employees to a fun activity whenever they achieve a milestone. You can organize an employee vacation, a mini celebration party, and employee awards or even host a company lunch break to acknowledge them. You can also reward them by giving those free vacations or a break from the office for a while to make them feel happy.  Another way to reward employees outside the office is by giving them tickets to attend a conference or support their pursuit of getting a new certification. The new skills they acquire will help the company to be successful.

Award Great Works with New Task

Another creative way to give praise to employees is to reward your team members with new tasks and responsibilities they are interested in. if someone distinguishes him/her in a project; allow them to take a more difficult project they are passionate about. This is an extraordinary way to offer a reward because it will boost their career growth. This will also make other employees step up their game so that they can be rewarded by giving a task to handle.

Give Thoughtful Gifts as a Piece of Appreciation

Giving tokens of gifts to employees for a good job done is also an incredible way to compliment them. Sometimes, saying Thank-you is not enough adding a little gift can make an employee’s day. You can give as little as $20 to an employee for a job well done. It can be data subscription, airtime, and transport fares, tickets to movies, or sport. The gift may be little but it will go a long way to brighten an employee’s face.

Prompt them of the Bigger Purpose

One remarkable way to praise an employee is to remind them of the impact of their project on society and how it has changed society. This is the biggest motivator; by doing this you are showing the employee that his contributions to the company are not just benefiting the company but the society at large. An employee that knows that his efforts are improving society at large will channel a lot of efforts to make society a better place. Remind them why their work is important and how the company and society are relying on it.

Acclaim Good Junior Coworkers

A coworker may have the lowest position in the company and other coworkers may overshadow him/her that his contributions to the company may not be seen. It very essential that you praise everyone that does a good job in the company no matter how small it is. Do not be biased when praising your coworkers but praise even the least such as the: cooks, cleaners, typists, security of the company. Different coworkers made a unified effort that’s why the company is a success; do not leave any employee unrecognized because his role in the company is minor. For instance, you can say;“ Your part in the company’s accomplishment is appreciated”.

Use Diverse Means to Compliment Your Employees

To adopt a particular means to compliment your employees is not good but explore all the means available to you based on your resources to compliment them. Complimenting them in one apparent way can make them feel unappreciated but compliment them in a bigger way when they achieve a bigger task. Do not be accustomed to saying “Thank you” all the time. Make your compliment be in form of a surprise to excite them.


Fallacies about Employee Compliment

  • It can be expensive, time-consuming and it can demotivate other employees. Employee Compliment is only for top performers.
  • It can lead to rivalry and unhealthy relationships among employees
  • Allowances and Remunerations are enough; there is no need for any compliment.
  • Complimenting your coworkers won’t work for everybody.

All the misconceptions accentuated above are false claims made by companies that don’t want to appreciate their employees. Debunk these false claims and reward your employees as appropriate. If these claims were profound, employee compliments will not have worked out for other companies. If you are having a difficult time knowing the appropriate way to appreciate that will work best for your employees, set up a team that can effortlessly relate with your employees to help you discover the best way to appreciate them.


To crown it all, employee compliment leads to employee retention, productivity, career growth, and the overall success of the company. Every Employer should make employee compliment priority because its benefits are incredible.

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