Data Center Manager Job Description

Data Center Manager Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a data center manager job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a data center manager. Feel free to use our job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a data center manager.


Who is a Data Center Manager?

A Data Center Manager is in charge of managing computer systems and data for businesses and organizations. He/She is responsible for managing and handling all types of data present in a business, whether it comes from internal sources or external stakeholders. A data center manager would be in charge of upholding the integrity of data handling, whether for the security of the business or even the confidentiality of client information. Without proper care and attention on the manager’s part, a data breach is likely to occur, harming the operations and reputation of the affected firms.

Data center managers manage staff with various servers, networking equipment, and computer gear. A data center manager must be knowledgeable, and skilled in managing databases and computer gear, with managerial abilities being an added plus. They play a crucial role in overseeing customer service, personnel management, equipment maintenance, and inventory.

Since they are responsible for tracking system-generated reports of the company’s databases, an effective data center manager should have strong analytical abilities. The data center manager must assure real-time automation and accessibility of data on behalf of the business and the client, whether in a physical form or the cloud environment.

The duties of a data center manager vary. A company’s success depends heavily on the data center manager, who oversees everything from employee management and shift scheduling to installing and transferring technology. Information worth billions of dollars can be kept in a data center. The data center must be sufficiently manned and operational at all times.

A good data center manager should be on-site and well-organized to avoid accidents brought on by human error. They must be attentive to what is happening every day and participate. Data center managers must also constantly look for methods to make the facility better.


Data Center Manager Job Description

What is a data center manager job description? A data center manager job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a data center manager in an organization. Below are the data center manager job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a data center manager job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of the data center manager include the following:

  • Control the planning and assessment of every server system according to process measurement.
  • Ensure that staff members follow all rules and management procedures.
  • Integrate vital systems into infrastructure after consulting with relevant departments.
  • Develop plans in coordination with the IT, improvement, and business teams to guarantee the data center capacity is reached.
  • Keep an eye on all analysis-related operations and carry out all data center plans.
  • Oversee the data center’s implementation and upkeep.
  • Prepare plans for the construction and installation of the data center according to the current needs and the future.
  • Verify all hardware and software items adhere to Data Center standards and systems by keeping an eye on them.
  • Perform data center troubleshooting, find problems, and help them get fixed quickly.
  • Manage and research to create a brand-new cutting-edge data center.
  • Update your expert understanding of all apps and how they are used on different essential systems.
  • Make sure customers are happy and offer the best customer service for various departments.
  • Keep up productive working connections with IT relationship managers.
  • Update yourself on all business practices related to resources and capacity.
  • Keep an eye on all the functional resources needed for growth.



  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology
  • A master’s degree is optional
  • Years of experience working in a data-related role


Essential Skills

Here are the skills you require in your career as a data center manager:

  • Cloud Computing Skill
  • Communication and Customer Service
  • Data Security Knowledge
  • Decision-Making and Good Judgment Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Excellent Project Management Skill
  • LAN/WAN Networks Design Skill
  • Remote Management Process
  • Organizing Technique
  • Self Awareness
  • Accessibility and Dedication
  • Leadership
  • Professional

Cloud Computing Skill

The atmosphere for cloud computing is strengthened by the expanding 5G possibilities. Data transmissions for businesses using 5G networks are substantially quicker. Employers in this industry are most likely to demand that candidates possess a set of cloud security and cloud architect skills. Expertise in colocation connection is also highly recommended.

If possible, you can get certified in cloud fundamentals, architecture, etc, as it can help you when you are still studying and advancing in your job.

Communication and Customer Service

Poor customer service and communication between the data center manager and the present or future client might reflect poorly on a business that is otherwise effectively operated. Customer downtime might also result from miscommunicated information.

Data Security Knowledge

The goal of any data center is to increase its intuitiveness and agility. However, they prioritize enhancing security standards above anything else. The need to keep all data secure in the centers develops with the industry.

There are currently billions of gadgets online. Because of this, managing and securing data centers is more difficult, so data center managers should know that this is not a simple skill to master. To ensure uninterrupted performance, analyze data, and automate processes without posing any security threats, you’ll need to know how to apply network intelligence.

Decision-Making and Good Judgment Skills

As a data center manager, this is a necessary skill to possess. You will need to know all contemporary data center trends, management difficulties, and cutting-edge software developments.

Dealing with a team is just one aspect of management in this field. You’ll encounter fresh options and chances to put them into practice in the surroundings of your firm. You will need to constantly stay up with the industry’s expansion.

If you’re sure you’re qualified for the job, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to prepare your resume. Your personality and abilities will come over in the application’s writing. However, you also need a standout blog that demonstrates your familiarity with current events and even allows you to assume an educator’s position.

Data Analysis

A steady stream of data essential to the operation of the data center is delivered by power distribution units and other smart equipment with environmental sensors. This data is too large and intricate for average people to understand. Because they can transform the data into knowledge that data center managers can utilize, these centers employ qualified data analysts.

Analyzing the available data makes it possible to solve almost every problem a data center confronts. Imagine that lately, energy usage has been greater than usual. The data center manager can assess humidity, temperature, open perforated tiles, and other factors using the data connected to power utilization effectiveness. The management may take measures to reduce power utilization without impacting the center’s effectiveness when this data is converted into useful suggestions.

Excellent Project Management Skill

A data center manager should also have strong project management abilities that will allow them to balance the demands of their position and rank the priority of the various initiatives.

LAN/WAN Networks Design Skill

As a data center manager, you can be an expert in LAN/WAN Networks Design, as you will need to install and test Wide-area and local area networks for functionality. It is part of your duty to spot possible problems and implement adjustments that might stop harm from happening.

Remote Management Process

Data center managers now need to be versed in remote administration procedures as more businesses are turning to cloud computing for their data storage needs and cloud computing is expected to grow in popularity over the coming years.

Organizing Technique

A disorganized person, it has been said, welcomes crisis. The number of issues brought on by human mistakes will be drastically reduced by a well-organized data center manager.

Self Awareness

A driven data center manager will actively look for methods to enhance his employees and the data center. Customer downtime may result from an uninspired data center manager’s tendency to only respond to urgent situations.

Accessibility and Dedication

A data center manager must be present, involved, and informed of all activities in the building. No matter the time of day or night, fully committed data center supervisors will return phone calls and follow up on emails.


A data center manager must not only feel at ease leading a team of employees but see the value of setting an example. A professional data center manager will always believe they have to make sure that all staff members are familiar with the policies and procedures of the data center.


Data center managers must be self-assured and conduct themselves professionally while dealing with staff members and clients. A data center manager that is successful will be familiar with both his facilities and his staff. Due to the nature of operating a multi-tenant data center, the manager must take seriously his or her obligation to address client issues and emergencies.


How to Become a Data Center Manager

Below are the steps to becoming a data center manager:

Step One: Get Educated

You can apply for a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, cloud computing, or systems analysis to qualify for the position of data center manager. Most organizations also need a thorough knowledge of data networks. A thorough understanding of networking techniques like cloud computing, fiber optic testing, and cable installation may also be useful.

Step Two: Hone your Technical Skills

It’s crucial to be skilled at designing, running, and maintaining computer network systems if you want to manage a data center. This can let you carry out testing, implement access to various features, secure the data center, and provide support services. These activities check the usability and functioning of new technology.

Step Three: Boost your Current Knowledge

The best data management tools and methods might change as technology advances. You can succeed in this career by taking part in educational programs and seminars to up-skill and increase your current job expertise. To assist you to develop your abilities, a corporation could provide training, such as workshops. You might also attend conferences or enroll in an online course.

Step Four: Apply for Data-related Jobs

Once you get a data-related role, you can start to keep learning, acquiring skills, and gaining experience in the role. In the long run, you may be promoted to a data center management role. When you feel you are suitable for the role and you haven’t been promoted yet, then you can apply for it in the same company or others.


Where to Work as a Data Center Manager

Data center managers normally work in an office setting, although they could also have to travel to other sites or data centers on occasion. They can work in data centers, telecommunications, network centers, and other tech companies.

They normally work standard business hours, but they could also have to put in extra time or be available when needed.  Data center managers need to be able to multitask and perform well under pressure. They also need to be able to act quickly and pay close attention to detail.


Data Center Manager Salary Scale

The average salary for a data center manager in the United States is $118,085 per year or $60.56 per hour. More experienced professionals earn up to $160,200 per year, while entry-level roles start at $97,500.

In the United Kingdom, the average gross pay for a data center manager is £55,503, or £27 per hour. They also receive an average bonus of £3,963. The typical salary for a data center manager at the entry-level (1-3 years of experience) is £39,017. The average pay for a senior-level data center manager (5+ years of experience) is £68,887.

In Canada, the average gross pay for a data center manager is CA$128,643, which equates to a CA$62 hourly wage. Additionally, they receive a CA$9,931 bonus on average. The typical salary for a data center manager at the entry-level (with 1-3 years of experience) is CA$89,516. The average salary for a senior-level data center manager (5+ years of experience) is CA$159,925.

Australia’s national average income for a data center manager is AU$129,625 or AU$66.47 per hour. Most experienced professionals earn up to AU$155,018 per year, while entry-level start at AU$106,533 annually.

In Germany, a data center manager makes an average income of €66,129.

The national average salary for a data center manager in Ireland is €86,105.

The salary range of a data center manager differs due to factors like company, industry, years of expertise, and location.

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