Construction Supervisor Job Description

Construction Supervisor Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a construction supervisor. Feel free to use our job description template to produce your own. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a construction supervisor.


Who is a Construction Supervisor?

A construction Supervisor is also called a Construction Foreman or Forewoman. A construction supervisor oversees the construction of projects and also supervises on-site activities. They are responsible for managing the crew, and also sure that all health and safety protocols are adhered to.  For instance, an experienced bricklayer may supervise a group of bricklayers on a job construction site.  They are also responsible for the efficient maximization of labor, machines, and materials by their crew. Construction supervisors can also assist in developing contracts, and liaise with vendors, subcontractors, and contractors to carry out other administrative tasks.


Constructions supervisors report to the site superintendents, who are responsible for managing all the crew or workers on a site. They also plan and schedule works and keep a record of all materials used in carrying out a site project. These records are documented by the supervisor and presented to the superintendent. Examples of things he documents are; personnel, costs, and safety, and construction supervisors must ensure that all the rules are adhered to. It is their sole responsibility to communicate company rules and regulations to workers. When a member of the crew has grievances or complaints about their jobs, the construction supervisor meets with the union representative to work out solutions. Hence, it is paramount that supervisors know union contracts and procedures.

There are scenarios, whereby supervisors spend their time working alongside a small crew that is if the project they are embarking on is small. This caliber of supervisors is called working supervisors. In a large job setting, supervisors have a managerial role and they must be able to read blueprints and plans. Supervisors counsel qualified craft workers on the best way to handle tasks assigned to them. Sometimes supervisors are saddled with the responsibility of overseeing newly hired laborers.

Supervisors are usually experts in their craft or the field of construction; they must be able to specify clear guidelines for people to follow. They must also be able to communicate perfectly with their bosses, crew, and clients. Their bosses can be superintendents or contractors. Supervisors are indispensable when it comes to the efficient completion of all construction jobs, large or small. They are more familiar and highly technical with their trades than their superior superintendents because they rely on them to maintain high standards of workmanship and efficiency.


Construction Supervisor Job Description

Below are the construction supervisor job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a construction supervisor job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of a construction supervisor

  • Plan all construction and ensure adherence to all budgets and schedule  and implement qualified program and procedure and administer all capital projects and forecasts all requirements  for the same
  • Collaborate with external and internal contractors and supplier for various construction activities and acquire all required permits and licenses for all construction processes and assists in the development and construction
  • Evaluate all customers’ requirements and develop cost-effective procedures for same and design innovation techniques for all construction activities and prepares a report for all processes and provide support to the construction manager
  • Maintain and develops all capital operation budgets and maintain quality in same and execute implement all procedures according to required policies and procedures to increase the efficiency of all projects and maintain the integrity of all activities
  • Evaluate and gather manpower requirements for projects and coordinate with various construction resources for all projects and maintain knowledge on all special equipment required for projects
  • Supervise contractor’s everyday activities and ensure the safety of all projects and evaluate and update schedule for all projects and maintain track of all daily manpower and budgets
  • Oversee all construction projects to ensure adherence to all regulations and perform research on all budgets requirements and administer all change order processes
  • Develop and assess all project plans and perform risk assessments on all projects and identify design resolutions for all issues and recommend cost-effective methods for same and provide status reports to all project managers
  • Coordinate with various teams and participate in all claim resolution meetings and evaluate work plans for all contractors  and  ensure completion of all tasks with the help of all supervisors
  • Develop and implement project control tools and prepare effective reports for all construction projects and provide training to all employees on various processes.
  • Write reports on budgets, and projects plans and present them to relevant stakeholders
  • Work closely with architects and other professionals
  • Stay up to date with safety codes and advanced construction
  • Assist with recruitment and training of new staff
  • Process paperwork and travel to multiple sites as required



  • A high school diploma or similar
  • A bachelor’s degree in Construction, Businesses Management, Architecture, Engineering,and Building or a related field
  • Experience in the construction industry required
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Experience in a leadership role as recommended
  • Familiarity with safety regulations and building codes
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to focus and keep calm under pressure
  • Ability to keep track of multiple projects
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Interpersonal Skills


Essential Skills

  • Leadership skills: this is a core skill that construction supervisors need to possess because they are in charge of the construction site even though they work under the superintendents. They are responsible for managing the crew or construction workers on the job site. They must be able to give appropriate guidelines and direction to the workers. They must make sure that there is an order on-site and assigns the task to crew members based on their expertise.  Sometimes, they are responsible for training newly recruited staff.
  • Communication Skills: they must possess both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They should be able to draft relevant documents about the building budget, personnel, and expenses; this is usually called a report. They should also know how to communicate with the crew members, contractors, and vendors and also build a relationship with them. Communication on-site is very important to keep the project in the progress; the supervisor must ensure that there is order on site and crew members communicate with one another effectively.
  • Teamwork: a construction foreman or woman needs to have an excellent team spirit to work in harmony with the construction team. This is highly relevant because, in a small construction project, supervisors work together with the crew members. There is a need for them to build a team bond and adapt to working with one another. In a large organization, a supervisor may be responsible for managing the team; in such a scenario; he must allow each team member to contribute his or her quota to the success of the building project.
  • Multi-tasking: construction supervisors may be saddled with the responsibility to handle multiple projects; they must know how to multi-task to fit into these roles. They need to be able to carry out different functions and make sure they deliver the best to their clients. They can perform the following diverse duties: administrative tasks, training newly recruited employees, and also they can work closely with other crew members. It is very paramount for them to multi-task but they must ensure that a project is not overdue; the project they embark on must meet up with the deadline. For instance, if they are in charge of bridge construction and they give the client six months; the project should not exceed six months.
  • Analytical Skills: Construction supervisors need to possess analytical skills to be able to draft a sufficient budget for a project. Construction supervisors are in charge of drafting a budget; they must ensure that the budget is adequate for the project and not the They are also responsible for approving materials for construction work; they must ensure that order the appropriate materials that will be adequate for the business.

In addition, they are also responsible for hiring personnel for a construction project; they must be able to critically analyze a project and know the technical-know- how they need for such a project.


How to Become a Construction Supervisor

To become a construction supervisor, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Acquire a Bachelor’s Degree

To become a construction supervisor, the minimum experience you need is a high school diploma but you can acquire a bachelor’s degree to increase your chances of getting the job. You can acquire a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Business Administration, Construction, Building and Construction Engineering, or any related field. This course can take up to four or five years to complete. During your studies. You may be mandated to enroll in an internship as part of your continuous assessment; this internship will expose you to the practicality of on-site construction.

  • Enroll in a Job Training

To become a supervisor on a construction site, you need to be trained by a construction supervisor. A construction supervisor is a top-notch position in the construction industry and this is usually earned by experience.  Some employers will not give you the role of a construction supervisor without experience. You may first of all start as a crew member before you can become a construction supervisor. You need to watch closely and learn from other construction supervisors; you can enroll in a mentorship under an experienced construction supervisor to get the requisite experience. You should acquire experience in the following; drafting a budget, managing building materials, and personnel, and also how to make bricks for building.

  • Know the Construction Industry

The construction industry is diverse and some changes keep emerging as years go by. You need to know the construction industry efficiently to become a successful construction supervisor. The construction industry can be divided into ways; there are road construction and building construction. Master everything about the industry; know the kind of building structures people love, the latest building materials available, and the latest technology used in building.

You should also know how to replace manual labor with technical labor due to the advancement of technology. Experienced construction managers can handle road construction such as building bridges, flyovers, and mega buildings while intermediate construction supervisors go for small projects like building houses.

In addition, keep a good rapport with the right people in the industry. The construction industry is made up of contractors, vendors, stakeholders, and superintendents. You need to keep a good relationship with them to be successful as a construction supervisor.

  • Build a portfolio

As a construction supervisor, most people will not trust you with their building projects unless they have proof of your remarkable past projects. You need to keep a good track record of your past projects and also clients you have worked with in the past. You can use social media to your advantage and post pictures of all the construction projects you have carried out. You can also ask your clients to give feedback about your building projects on your social media handle. This will open more doors for you to meet more customers.

  • Acquire Certification

You should acquire a professional course in construction or engineering. Although, employers may not request a certification when they are hiring it can boost your chances to get the job. You can also attend a professional workshop to boost your knowledge about the construction sector.


Where can a Construction Supervisor Work?

A construction supervisor works on the construction site; he or she may have an office but they do not spend their time in the office but on the site. They can be saddled with the responsibility of handling government projects which can be the construction of airports, roads, bridges, academic institutions, hospitals, stadiums, or any other project. This is a mega project whereby they need to work with experienced crew members. They can also handle individual projects such as the construction of houses or any other small projects. Construction supervisors are always on-site overseeing the process of a building project.


Construction Supervisor Salary Scale

  • In Nigeria, a person working as a constructor supervisor earns 313,000 NGN per month. The average salary includes housing, transport, and other benefits.
  • In Australia, the average salary of a constructor supervisor is $104, 176 per year or $53.42 per hour.
  • In the United States, the average salary of a construction supervisor is $64,086 per year. The salary varies based on the location

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