Do You Prefer To Work Alone Or In Groups

Interview Question: Do You Prefer to Work Alone or In Groups?

During an interview, you will encounter several questions including “Do you prefer to work alone or in a group”. Among other questions, you should come prepared to answer this question appropriately to meet the interviewers’ expectations. Prepare to answer the question to demonstrate your strong traits because of their importance to the company. Always remember that you need to place yourself to meet the demand of the company.

However, you should understand that the demand of organizations differs, and while some may demand more teamwork, others may demand you to work alone. Thus, before you go for an interview, you should determine if the organization focuses on teamwork or works alone more. But in reality, an ideal workplace will require both ways of working.


Why is this question asked in an interview?

The question will give an insight about your personality to the employers, and they can determine if you can work effectively. In most organizations, it is required that you will have to work with others. Thus the employers must determine your ability to function in both scenarios. With this understanding of the importance of the question, you will be prepared to answer it appropriately to boost your chances of landing the job.


Ways to Answer The Question

After proper research from the end of the employers and the view of the employees’ overtime, we have come up with suitable ways to answer the question “Do you prefer to work alone or as a team”. As you prepare for your next interview, expecting this question to come up, consider the tips below to ensure you answer rightly.


  1. State the pros and cons of each practice

Working alone and as a team has its advantages and disadvantages. You will prove yourself capable if you can distinguish the pros and cons of each of them. Before you go for the interview, research about the organization and their need for teamwork or working alone, determining which is more predominant in the organization. And during the interview, emphasize the pros and cons of each, demonstrating your knowledge of the working environment.

For instance, you can state that teamwork will ensure that work is done faster, but it may affect the focus of individuals. Also, working alone will increase focus and paying many details to the work, and ensuring attention to the slightest details.

A simple format to answer this question is shown below:

“I appreciate both teamwork and independent work, for I understand that I will come across both of them at various stages of my career. However, while teamwork will encourage us to work together and learn from other professionals in the workplace, it will limit our focus and concentration over time. Thus I will prefer a balance of both teamwork and independent work depending on the kind of work”.

The above answer helps us to analyze both teamwork and independent work, stating their pros and cons including how they will help you and the organization.


  1. State and explain your preference

It is expected that you will state your preference and why that is your choice. Now, whatever choice you highlight, ensure to tailor it to your personal experience in answering the question. The format below is an example of how you can follow up after discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both ways:

It is my greatest desire to join this company and work with the team. I will find it helpful for me to grow working with the professional and experienced members of the team in this organization. With teamwork, everyone can share their ideas and learn from each other. And with teamwork, we are expected to deliver better quality of work in required time”.


  1. Provide examples of instances in your previous answers

It will help if you can provide examples of instances where you have worked with a team. Use examples that will correlate with the work experiences you have stated on your resume. The example will help amplify your ability to work as a team and help show how that has impacted you and the organization you worked for previously.


I have had the opportunity to work alone and with a team and I have understood the effect on each occasion. Working as a team has helped me grow professionally as I have been able to tap into the knowledge and experiences of those who have been working in the industry for years. The teamwork has made me grow to the extent that I can now perform certain tasks individually. For this reason, I am eager to join your organization as I believe with teamwork, I will grow appropriately to perform my task in the organization”.


  1. Show your flexibility

It is expected that you will have to work as a team and individually in an organization, thus you will need to show flexibility. For this purpose, you have to show interest in teamwork as well as working alone. Your ability to be flexible regardless of your interest may determine if you are suited for the job.


As I have mentioned earlier, I understand the impact of working alone and working with a team. In this organization, I am prepared to work alone and in a team, thus I am prepared for the task ahead. I do believe that there are tasks that are tailored for teamwork and work alone, and I am prepared for the tasks ahead.


You must prepare accordingly for this question, ensuring that you accept both works alone and working as a team. However, it is vital that you delineate your strength or preference but always have the kind of work at hand. Researching the organization and their preference will help you to prepare your answers to ensure that you make a positive impact.

Use the tips above to prepare for this question in your next interview. In an organization, there may be more emphasis on teamwork for you to be working with others. Employers will want to determine if you can work effortlessly and productively with others in the organization.

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