Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking System to Hire

Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking System to Hire

The recruitment process is a rigorous strategy that consists of: reviewing resumes, scheduling successful candidates for interviews, and hiring the most qualified candidate for the job. This process can be very tiring and tedious, but Applicant Tracking System is a technology that has tremendously improved the hiring process. Technology has made the recruitment process very efficient with the use of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


What Is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software that manages the entire hiring process of a company and it speeds up the recruitment interval by providing efficient, time-saving tools. The functions of an ATS are as follows: it oversees tasks such as storing job applicant data, post jobs, and screening applicants. An ATS performs phenomenal functions like collating your entire recruitment team on a database and helping them to track and rate applicants.


Features of a Modern Applicant Tracking System

A good modern tracking system should have the following features:

  • A transparent database for applicants which has friendly site features
  • Automated resume screening
  • One-click posting to social media platforms and job sites
  • Interview Scheduling features
  • Comprehensive Analysis and reports
  • Integration with other business software like CRM, VMS, HRMS
  • Email templates for automatization.
  • High chances to communicate and collaborate with team members


Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking System

  1. Enhance Application Process
  2. Enhance review of resume efficiency
  3. Enhance Efficiency of Hire
  4. Reduction in Hiring cost
  5. Saves Time
  6. Enhances Communication and Collaboration among the recruitment team
  7. Advanced Resume Storage
  8. Host an amazing career page
  9. Collation of Reports and Analytics
  10. Increases Accessibility to Various Mobile Device


Enhance Application Process

The Applicant Tracking System is software that enhances a recruitment process because it functions as a virtual assistant. Candidates can easily have all their questions answered without passing the process of writing emails. It is a step-by-step processor to all candidates by presenting the job posting and attaching resumes; it makes it very easy for candidates to apply.

In addition, it also helps the recruitment team to communicate with candidates effectively. The software stores the contact information of job applicants, and it can also be used to send those emails or messages about an interview.


Enhance Review of Resume Efficiency

Reviewing and filtering one by one can be very tedious and sometimes a chaotic process. Applicant Tracking System provides tools to automate steps like screening, filtering, and ranking of candidates which saves the hiring team from the normal rigorous process.

After you have input your criteria for applicants into the software, an intelligent, Al-powered ATS automatically parses you receive ranks the candidate automatically, and presents the data in a transparent way that makes it very susceptible to comparison. An ATS also clears a bulk of paperwork which makes recruitment very beneficial and environmentally friendly.


Enhances Quality of Hire

An ATS can compare hundreds and thousands of resumes and offer the best candidate for the job. An Al-powered ATS can make sure that no qualified candidate is ignored and this helps you hire the right candidate. An ATS has a positive effect on the overall recruitment process and not just the initial step.

It makes the interview process smooth and professional. ATS software guarantees a well-communicated interview whereby applicants can select the day and time convenient for them through the calendar provided by the software. It also sends out a reminder to help both parties prepare for it.


Reduction in Hiring Cost

Every recruitment process has its budget and by using an ATS, you save yourself from spending more money and time. ATS reduces the hiring cost by being a solution for companies that want to post jobs on job boards. In addition, the recruitment team can focus their energy on more high-value tasks rather than spending time on updating resumes and scheduling interviews.


Saves Time

An ATS software has got every aspect of a recruitment process covered, and it saves the time of the recruitment team. It does all the tasks of organizing resumes and applications, publishing open positions on job boards and n social sites, sending follow-up emails and applications with a few clicks. This makes the recruitment process very short and transparent. All you need to do is to log in to your dashboard and see all the applicant’s information neatly arranged in their folders.


Enhances Communication and Collaboration among recruitment team

ATS is a sole software recruitment software that enhances communication and collaboration among team members, and manager participating in the recruitment process. The recruitment team can track applicants, ask questions and mark all the information about the applicant. It also helps to manage tasks, schedule an interview, and to communicate with candidates effectively.


Advanced Resume Storage

Applicant Tracking System saves every information, and about job candidates which makes it very easy for hiring managers to make a decision. ATS helps you to review thousands of job applications in a short frame and it helps you reach potential job applicants easily by publishing open positions on job sites.


Host an Amazing Career Page

An ATS makes you have an attractive career page that attracts a lot of job applicants which your company can use as an opportunity to advertise your brand better. Job seekers also get a chance to learn more about your business, values, and organizational culture before they apply for the job position you are advertising. A study discovered those candidates that apply directly to a company career site are more likely to get hired than those that applied through a job board.


Collation of Report and Analytics

The Al-powered ATS software generates data reports and computes analytics to help to hire managers monitor the recruitment process and give overall feedback. It also helps to hire managers to ascertain the effectiveness of job postings, the engagements, and the demographics of job candidates to carry out the necessary procedures. It is a phenomenal tool that helps companies checkmate the effectiveness of a recruitment process.


Increases Accessibility to Various Mobile Devices

In research conducted, it was discovered that 58% of Job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs. An ATS can provide the functional capacity that helps job seekers to be able to apply for your job in 2 minutes.

An ATS also helps the company to share a job posting on social media and other platforms with just one click which makes it highly accessible to other mobile device users.


In a nutshell, technology has made the world a better place and including the recruitment platform. As a recruitment agency or company, using an Application Tracking System is highly beneficial to your company because it saves you a lot of time and energy. ATS has made the recruitment process highly transparent and effective.

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