Pros and Cons of Working in Lagos

Pros and Cons of Working in Lagos, Nigeria

Would you like to move to Lagos to find a good job in a city that has a lot of potential? Before you make that move, there is a lot you must know. All the good things you must have heard about living and working in Lagos are most likely true. Also, some of the ugly things you may have been told about Lagos City are probably true as well.

However, if you need to know the true state of working in Lagos, this article has all the information you need. We have x-rayed the city and compiled for you the pros and cons of working in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pros of working in Lagos

Unlimited opportunities.

In Nigeria, Lagos is not called the “Land of Opportunities” for nothing. If you are in Nigeria and you have high hopes with big dreams, Lagos should be your next destination. There is no shortage of things to do in Lagos. What doesn’t thrive in other Nigerian states thrives in Lagos. Thanks to the population, there is a market for whatever skill or qualification you have. There are opportunities to get a good job, make good connections, and get your business established in Lagos. Investors come in different forms in Lagos, which is rare in other parts. According to many people, if you can’t make it in Lagos, there’s little hope for you elsewhere.

Most industrialized part of the country

Lagos was formerly the capital city of Nigeria before the Federal Capital Territory was moved to Abuja. Also, Lagos is rich in history as the major settlement of slave traders who invested in the city. All these and more have made Lagos the premier location in Nigeria in terms of industrialization and infrastructural development. With the advent of industries in the seaside state, working in Lagos is favorable. More industries mean that more jobs will be available to job seekers. Historically, the most industrialized cities present the most job opportunities to people.


Nigeria is one of the most diverse nations in the world with hundreds of tribes and over a thousand dialects. No place exemplifies this aspect of the country other than Lagos. This city is one of the most diverse in the world. Not only do people from all over the country move to Lagos, but you would also find people from all over the world working, doing business, or residing in Lagos. This opens more doors of opportunities for job seekers. Also, those who are new to the city would never feel isolated. No matter where you come from, you will find food, music, and acquaintances from your hometown in Lagos.

More job opportunities

There is no place in the country that promises job opportunities like Lagos. Scores of people quit their jobs to move to Lagos in search of a better one. Lagos is the center of all types of industries, organizations, and businesses of different sizes. Not only do large corporations provide job opportunities for workers, but more individuals are also beginning to provide jobs as well. The number of SMEs in Lagos is on the rise and will only continue to grow as more people are looking toward entrepreneurship. From part-time to full-time jobs, there is something to do in Lagos no matter how small the salary might be. Lagos State Government workers also happen to be the highest-paid in the land. Also, the job security in Lagos State Government jobs is a big factor that makes it sought-after these days.

Competitive salaries

If you are looking for jobs with the highest salaries in the country, move to Lagos. The seaside state has the most number of companies that pay highly in Nigeria. Besides sectors like Oil and Gas, banking, and a few others, getting a high-paying job outside of Lagos is not easy to come by. The salaries of most Lagos companies are relatively high. Since Lagos does not depend highly on one or two sectors, it opens doors for more industries to operate. And these industries pay highly compared to other states. Other states boast of oil and gas companies, and financial institutions, but Lagos has them all and so much more.


Having companies from all over the world investing in a place is good news for every job seeker. Virtually all multinationals (except for a few mining companies) are willing to do business in Nigeria starting from Lagos. The good thing about multinationals is that they come with a high standard. They equip their staff with world-class working tools and infrastructure. Also, they usually pay the highest and invest in the development of their staff. From manufacturing companies to clothing brands, you will find the biggest names in Lagos.

Side hustle

Nowadays, it is risky to depend on only one source of income. No matter how much you earn, a side hustle is very important, especially in a city like Lagos. Having a side hustle in other parts of the country comes with various challenges but Lagos makes it look relatively easy. The city provides you with a host of ideas you can convert into funds. Being a highly-populated city, you have millions of potential clients in Lagos.

More people are beginning to add an extra source of income to their jobs because Lagos favors it. You don’t have to worry about how your side hustle would affect your current job. People are waiting to be hired who can take care of your business while you focus on other things. And if logistics or branding is an issue for you, many companies would brand your business and move your goods to your clients.

A better quality of life

Nigeria is still not a developed nation. The quality of life in the country is low. Yet, the place that offers the best quality of life in Nigeria is Lagos. This is the place where you can work and live well.

Compared to other parts of the country, Lagos is well-developed. It has influences from some of the biggest cities in the world. There is no shortage of sights and sounds in Lagos. Most educated, young people enjoy living in Lagos more than elsewhere. Likewise, foreigners prefer living in Lagos as it has elements of a developed city like the ones they are used to.

Life outside of work

When it comes to working hard, Lagos beats every other place in Nigeria. And when it comes to having fun, no place does it better than Lagos. The Center of Excellence is also known as the entertainment capital of West Africa for good reason. All the major celebrities in Nigeria reside in Lagos.

After a tough day at work, there is always somewhere to hang out in Lagos. Most of the fun happens during weekends. There are many places for kids, teens, middle-aged, and the elderly to have a good time in Lagos. Also, Lagos hosts entertainers from all over the world to help people have a nice time.


Cons of Working in Lagos

Overcrowded Lagos.

Just like any megacity in the world, Lagos has its challenges. When a city is known as the “Land of opportunities” in your country, some problems come with the territory. Such a city becomes the go-to place for virtually every young and ambitious person all over the country. This has made Lagos highly overpopulated.

Ironically, Lagos State happens to be the smallest state in Nigeria. Yet, it is home to over 10 percent of the country’s total population while the remaining 35 states (including the Federal Capital Territory) contain the remaining percentage of people.

Lagos is so overpopulated that people build homes very close to each other, especially in many parts of the mainland. In these cases, making a fence between two houses is inconceivable. Overpopulation in Lagos leads to problems in other areas that affect residents and workers alike.

High cost of living

It is only logical for the most decorated city in a country to be one of (if not) the most expensive places to live. Lagos is no exception. The city of Lagos ranks as one of the most expensive places to live in Africa. Lagos is more expensive than some more developed cities in South America, Asia, and Europe.

The major problem with the high cost of living in Lagos compared to other top cities in the world is the low quality of life. While most of the top cities have a stable power supply, power failure is one of the biggest problems in Lagos. Rent in Lagos is always on the rise. With new State laws governing land use and additional taxes on residential buildings, property owners have no choice but to increase rent.

Also, with the poor drainage system, insecurity issues, bad road networks in many areas, and highly underfunded health sector, Lagos is very expensive for the quality it offers. Thus in Lagos, you have to be ready to pay a lot of money to generate electrical power for yourself, provide security operatives for your valuables, make good roads in your neighborhood, and more responsibilities you never knew would be yours.

High rate of competition for jobs

Compared to other states in Nigeria, Lagos has the largest number of job seekers. People troop into the “Center of Excellence” daily in search of job opportunities, and understandably so. This has brought about a high rate of competition in the labor market. There are literally hundreds of people who are ready to take the spot of anyone who loses their job or retires.

This high competition also leads to a high rate of unemployment and underemployment in Nigeria’s most populous state. Some people get easily discouraged when they go for interviews due to a large number of applicants for the same position. As a result of the intense competition, some people have had to resolve to do the nearly unthinkable to make ends meet.

Complacent employers

One of the cons of working in Lagos is the problem most employers create for their employees. It is no longer news that the labor market is oversaturated with people who desperately need a job. If you place an advert today for virtually any position, you would find university graduates vying for it. As a result, employers have become complacent and they are quick to remind their employees that they can be replaced in a jiffy.

By doing so, employers put their employees under unnecessary pressure regularly. These days, employers don’t deem it necessary to provide training for their employees. In the same way, employees have to work extra hours, carry out their duties under unhealthy conditions, and endure different forms of abuse for fear of being replaced. 

Lagos traffic

If there was ever a common problem shared among Lagos residents regardless of age or status, it would be Lagos traffic. The horrible traffic conditions in Lagos are not just felt in Nigeria; it has become a phenomenon all over the world. Lagos is home to over 22 million people with millions of people plying Lagos roads daily, including on weekends. According to a publication by CNN, Lagos has the highest urban population, more than double that of London and New York.

It is also estimated that the average Lagosian (Lagos residents or natives) spends up to 3 hours in traffic daily. Many people spend more than double that time in traffic in Lagos. This is due to many factors ranging from overpopulation to poor road network, inept traffic control, and the unconducive state of the public transport sector.



Working in Lagos comes with many benefits that you can hardly find elsewhere in Nigeria. However, there are also cons to working in Lagos City that is hard to ignore. One major problem is job insecurity. Since employers know that the labor market is oversaturated with competent people, they are quick to replace employees.

Although Lagos has its challenges, no place in the world’s most populous Black nation affords more opportunities than the city of Lagos. Please let us know about some of the information you can relate to in this article.

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