Why Are You Interested In Our Company

Interview Question: Why Are You Interested In Our Company?

Picture this: You’re sitting across from an interviewer and he asks you, “Why are you interested in our company?” or similar variations like  “Why us?”, “Why do you choose to work with us when you could have gone to any other company?”, “Why apply for the position here when you could have done it elsewhere?”, or “What made you apply here?” Do you know what to say or are you going to feel like the rug has been pulled under your feet?

Of course, it’s normal to feel a little nervous before and during an interview. Even when you have done your research on the company and the job role, you may still find it difficult to put into words, your reason for clicking the “apply” button. Some candidates have even gone as far as saying that they can’t find anything interesting in their prospective place of employment except the salary. You don’t have to feel that way. All candidates have personal reasons why they choose to apply for a job, the foremost and most common of course being that they need to make a living. They are also attracted by different things. Every reason and interest is valid. However, during interviews, how you say something is always important and can make the difference between acing an interview and going back home dejected. If you blurt out an answer like “I chose this company because it looks rich enough to pay me”, then your interviewer might term you very basic and you may lose the job.

So what is the best way to approach the question? The first step to answering any interview question is thorough preparation. Reading this article attests to the fact that you are already getting ready. Before preparing an answer, try to view things from an interviewer’s standpoint. This will help you know what kind of answers employers are seeking. You might wonder why an interviewer will ask an obvious question like that when it is obvious that you needed a measure of interest in the company to even be present at the interview. So why do interviewers go further in asking why?  No employer wants to make a bad hire. They want to be assured that you are enthusiastic about starting a career with them. They also want to know if you are attracted to the role for the right reasons. From your answer, they’ll be able to discern if you’re the best fit for the job, someone who encompasses the company’s work ethics and believes in what the organization stands for.

When you put yourself in an interviewer’s shoes, it will aid you in knowing what kind of answers are acceptable and which ones will have them shaking their head in disapproval. A tip that will help you prepare an excellent reply is familiarizing yourself with the “don’ts” of answering the question. That will point you towards the dos. Below is a list of some of the things you should avoid when answering the question.


  • Do not give flippant answers. Every interview question should be taken seriously, even if it is a common question.
  • Do not throw caution to the wind.  Like we mentioned earlier, there are rarely wrong reasons for choosing to work with a company (except you’re planning on committing fraud or doing something illegal). However, you should always exercise caution when giving your answer, no matter how truthful it is. Be careful not to say things that can be easily misconstrued or give the hiring manager a chance to doubt you. Be honest, but choose the right words.
  • Avoid answers that could make the interviewer think that you are concerned only with superficial things like money and that you have not done any research on the company before attending the interview. What kind of answers? The list is not exhaustive but answers like these should paint a clear picture:

“I’m here because someone said the pay is good.”

“I was just scrolling through the internet when I saw the job advert and I clicked on it.”

“I don’t know.”

“I need a job to pay my bills.”

“I hate my current job and I needed a change.”

“I was just lucky enough to pass this company’s recruitment process.”

“The company building looks beautiful so I thought it will be an interesting place to work at.”

Now that you know what to avoid, you can better understand how to formulate an answer.


  • Make a research on the company before the interview. Get to know their values and culture and the services they offer. Go through the company’s website, social media pages, and careers page. The time you spend on research will point you towards something that interests you and help you discover why you clicked the “apply” button in the first place. When you are familiar with the company, then you can add in your answer, that you chose the company because the values and culture resonate with your brand.
  • Find out the gap the organization wants to fill by employing someone to fill the position you are being interviewed for. In a nutshell, know why the company wants to hire you. The hiring manager wants to be assured that you chose their company because you have something to offer. Are they hiring because they need someone with specific skills, probably tech? Then when developing your answer, add that you saw the company’s job opening as an opportunity to showcase your skills and put them to good use. That is also a great way to sell your brand to the interviewer by reminding him of your skills.
  • Prepare and practice your answer before the interview. You could even write it down and say it out loud in front of a mirror. While an interviewer may not have the time to ask a lot of questions, you should prepare and practice answers to common interview questions like the “Why are you interested in our company?” question.

Sample Answer

Your answer should be succinct. Go straight to the point but be sure to start with an introduction that draws the interviewer in. No need to be afraid. Practice your answer but try to sound as natural as possible. After all, an interview whether virtual or in-person is a two-way conversation with a human-like you. Here’s a sample to help you prepare your answer:

“I see the ABC group as an organization where I will be able to put my skills and experience in tech and finance to good use. When I saw the job posting on the internet, I immediately recognized the position not only as a perfect match for my skill set but also as an opportunity to contribute to a fast-growing fintech company. What makes the thought of working here even more interesting to me is the company culture that supports innovation.”

Final Thoughts

With prior preparation, you can easily answer interview questions in a way that increases your chances of getting the job. The tips in this article will help you formulate a simple, realistic answer that the interviewer expects to hear. We wish you the very best at your interview!

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