Which Is More Important to You - The Job Itself or Your Salary

Which Is More Important to You: The Job Itself or Your Salary?

Which is more important to you, the job itself or your salary? Hmm! These interviewers keep looking for ways to test applicants. There is no choice between these two. It is obvious that when choosing a career, a high salary and job satisfaction are the factors to consider. Now you are being asked to settle for one.

Individuals are different; for some, as far the salary is high and okay, they do not bother about satisfaction in the job while for others they derive happiness doing what they are passionate about no matter what they take monthly.

This question should not come as a shock to you when you hear it during an interview. Your potential employer is only pushing you to test you. To them, it will reveal your passion for what you do and tell more about you.

Doing what you love enriches your life, gives you new relationships, improves your social life, you to learn new things, and gain more experiences. However, to afford the good things of life like cars, houses, and so on, you will need a high salary. So what do you say in response to this question? Don’t worry, just read along. This article will help you in constructing the appropriate response to this interview question.

Why do hiring managers ask this question?

Interviewers put applicants in difficult positions with different interview questions from different angles to know more about the applicant and a question like “which is more important to you; the job itself or the salary?” is one of those questions.

Everyone needs money because we all have bills to pay or have something to buy and the interviewer is quite aware of that. However, this question is designed so that your potential employer can measure your passion for the job role you are being interviewed for and the industry in general.

In addition to your passion for work, the interviewer is looking for honesty. Not just an honest answer but also an honest reaction when providing your answer to this question. Therefore, it is essential to find a balance, not a choice. Look at both aspects of the question and formulate a reply that will impress your potential employer.

Which is more important to you, the job itself or your salary?  

Talk about Job Satisfaction

The truth is that, when it comes to a choice between the salary and the job, the satisfaction you get from the job is more important, and this is what most interviewers want. No employer wants an employee who is not passionate about their job. The more obsessive you are about your job the better results you will achieve.

You can respond to the question by talking about the job role and how doing the job will improve your life, knowledge, and experience. Talk about the goals you want to achieve, talk about your visions, and how it aligns with that of the company. Show the interviewer that a good salary is important but not as important as the happiness you will get doing the job itself.

By showing the interviewer you are passionate about your job, they will consider you a valuable asset to their company and this will place you in a better position when it comes to consideration of candidates for the job.

Talk about the Money

Yeah the job itself is important, but the salary is also important, but it should not be your priority. Everyone needs money so you should not downplay its importance outright. As stated earlier, the employer is well aware of the fact that money is important and we all have bills and other expenses to make.

So, saying your salary is not important is not a good response. It will make you look dishonest, that you are only feeding to their ears what you think they want to hear. This may blow off your chances of being considered for the job.

Be positive

Interviewers are not just looking for the perfect answer, they are also watching for a positive reaction. You could give an impressive response to this interview question but your facial expression and bodily gestures can give a wrong impression.

So, even if the question came as a shock to you, it is important that you remain calm and organized.


What to avoid

Making a choice

Picking a side is not usually the best thing to do during an interview. No matter what you find happiness in, it is better to be diplomatic than entirely honest. The interviewer may be impressed by the passion you have for the job itself and will lose interest the moment you mention that the salary is not important and vice versa. So stick to being diplomatic in your approach.

Dwelling on your salary

Money is important, but don’t talk too much about it. Do not bring up estimated amounts in your response. This will make you sound cheap and the interviewer may cross your name out of the list of applicants.


Final thoughts

To achieve success, the job itself and the salary are important factors, and picking one over the other during an interview will make you look unprofessional. So, be genuine, be passionate about the job, and do not downsize the importance of money.

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