What Qualification Do You Have

What Qualification Do You Have That Will Make You Successful In This Position?

You may wonder, why an interviewer in possession of your resume is asking for your qualification; They just want to know what you are bringing to the organization. The question gives you the opportunity to expatiate on some of the qualities you highlighted on your resume and discuss those hidden qualities that you couldn’t capture. However, that is not enough because the interviewer is trying to gauge the extra attributes you are bringing to the role.

The question has two basic work variables: Qualification and Successful. Ask yourself, what does ‘successful’ entails in the context of the position you are vying for? Does it require going by the books or thinking outside the box to infuse new ideas and approaches? Similarly, does your professional pedigree and skillset makes you suited for the role? The honest answers to these questions will assist you in crafting a good response. The expected emphasis is on your special talents, experiences, passion, and unique attributes that separate you from other candidates.

On the facet, the interviewer is asking you to market yourself. So this should be a chance to draw the interviewing panel’s attention to the distinct qualities that will make you a valuable employee. Serious candidates will know as much as they should about the position, and their response will have two important qualities that make a prospective hire overboard: specificity and relevance. Here are some other components that the interviewer will be looking out for in your answer:

  • Your level of understanding of the position: do you know the responsibilities of the role? Do have an idea of the nature of the team you will be working with? What do you think are the performance criteria of the job? All this is simply to determine whether or not you know what the organization expects from the employee manning that role.
  • Whether your goal aligns with that of the organization: how you measure and strive for success that benefits both you and your employer is of utmost importance. The employee-employer relationship should be mutually beneficial. Hence, the interviewer wants to know how you see yourself growing with the firm.
  • What you find interesting about the job: your motivations are vital to how successful you will be on any job. the interviewer will want to know if you are applying because of better pay, for career progression opportunities, or even for your passion.


Steps to take in crafting a good response

Discussing what you think qualifies you to succeed in a particular position is the same as telling the employer about your strength. Here are steps to tailor your response in a way that supports the job description:  

  1. Research on the hiring organization: take a look at the organization’s reputation, culture, and vision. It will give an idea of the direction of the firm’s aspiration. Secondly, go through the job listing to see if the qualifications required match yours. You can equally explore the firm’s website and social media handle to have an idea of its brand. Identifying ways in which an organization’s culture and vision align with yours can help tailor your answer to the position you are vying for.
  2. Brainstorm: while you may not want your answer to sound rehearsed, you must prepare for this kind of interview question. You can seek additional information from career websites or blogs, employees of the hiring firm, or other professionals. An employer wants to have an insight on not just why you feel you are a good fit, but also why you are the best fit among other candidates. Write down everything that will make you stand out to say it aloud a few times it will help you sequence your idea for an impressive delivery.
  3. Concentrate during the interview: does concentration during interviews mean just is paying attention to what an interviewer is saying? I don’t think so. Mostly looking at how they ask the question and the gestures they make will give an idea of the response they want. Secondly, getting too preoccupied with how you respond to questions can derail your attention, endeavor to take notes so you don’t leave anything out when responding.
  4. Use examples: when answering the question on your qualification’s suitability for success, give relevant examples to drive your point. Real-life experiences add ingenuity to your response and will help give the interviewer a full understanding of why you are the best fit for the role. You can describe when you used a particular skill to achieve a milestone that made a difference at work or while in school. Alternatively, you could give a story of an impressive accomplishment that is consistent with the position you are interviewing to secure.

Sample answers

Below are samples of answers to the interview question “What qualification do you have that will make you successful in this position?”

Sample 1

I understand you want a very effective project manager that delivers projects wholesomely and timely, I do believe I am that guy. I bring in vast knowledge and experience of the industry with a blend of zeal. In my six years in project management and execution, I have executed dozens of high-budget projects from design to completion. For instance, in my last role at ABC Ltd, I managed its recent rice mill project and today it is the cardinal point of their success story; It processes 50 tons of rice per day, making it the second-largest in Nigeria. This earned the industry innovation award, project management category for 2020.”

Sample 2

My success lies in my creativity and passion for work. I have design websites that are not only appealing but have increased the profits of firms I designed them for. My web pages are user-friendly and very easy to navigate. I also have a unique sense of colorful photography and meaningful features. Most of my clients have applauded my work for its artistic and take-savvy nature. I love web designing and I am certain my work will be very transforming for your online activities.”   


Once you have been invited for an interview, the recruiter has already assessed your qualification and feels you possess the necessary expertise and experience for the job. What this interview question intends to achieve, is to trim down the number of candidates to that single individual that will most efficiently perform on the position. That doesn’t mean you should compare yourself with someone else; Putting up competition at the recruiting stage is never an effective strategy. Instead, be confident and focus on your achievements. As self-selling as the question may be, try not to be boastful of your accomplishments when answering.

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