What Kinds of People Do You Enjoy Working With

Interview Question: What Kinds of People Do You Enjoy Working With?

The concept of teamwork is one of the most essential components of an organization. Whether it is a business venture, IT firm, or manufacturing company, employers want workers who can function and cohabit well with others. More often than not, you will be required to work as part of a team. However, working effectively as part of a team or unit is easier said than done; because of individual differences, we tend to favor and enjoy working with a certain type of people. While some employees may prefer working with a hard worker, others might enjoy working with a freelancer.

Regardless of your position in the company or organization, enjoying what you do is paramount and vital to the growth and development of the firm. Even if you find the job boring, having people around you whom you enjoy working with can help you achieve your goals. In addition, your productivity at work can be enhanced as well. Analysts and experts have postulated that the overall growth and development of an organization can be influenced by how its employees or workers coexist or enjoy working together.

Relatively, most organizations want to recruit job seekers who will be able to get along and work with everyone. Therefore, your answer should be shaped and coined in a way and manner that depicts or show that you are willing, able, and capable of working well with all kinds of people regardless of their personalities. Similarly, the hiring manager is arguably interested in deciphering if you are smart enough to mention all the desirable and different traits possessed by employees. Thus, mention and demonstrate the traits you admire in others and connect cum relate them to stories, examples, and experiences from past jobs.

Remember, interpersonal skills are one of the most important skills to have; every company is looking for that during the interview and recruitment process. Most employers and organizations believe that when members of staff get along well, they produce quality work and reduce workplace conflict. When asked about people you enjoy working with, give a clear and effective answer.  Hence, this article will discuss why employers and organizations ask the question, provide tips on how to answer the question, and subsequently give sample answers to the interview question –what kinds of people do you enjoy working with?

Why Do Hiring Managers Ask the Question?  

Below are some of the reasons why hiring managers ask the question-what kinds of people do you enjoy working with?

  1. Employers ask the question to find out if you possess interpersonal skills or not.
  2. Also, the hiring manager wants to learn about a job candidate’s social habits and preferences when they ask this question.
  3. In relation, organizations want to get valuable information about a potential employee’s professional interactions by asking the question.
  4. Since company culture is a significant factor when looking for new employees to fill a vacant position, the interviewer wants to know if you will be a perfect culture fit or not.


Tips to Answering the Interview Question- What Kinds of People Do You Enjoy Working With?

Since the question being discussed is a common interview question asked during interviews, think of what kinds of people you like to work with beforehand; and be sure that you choose your words carefully. The following tips should suffice;

  • Make a list of positive traits you like to see in a boss or coworker
  • Show that you can be compatible
  • Keep a professional focus
  • Be open-minded and don’t give a brief answer
  • Research the organization’s culture beforehand
  • Include examples from previous jobs in your answer

Make a list of positive traits you like to see in a boss or coworker: Positivity should be the order of the day in the workplace; no employer wants workers with a negative mindset. This question is arguably aimed at testing the level of your positivity. Therefore, you should endeavor to draft a list of all the positive traits you love to see in fellow workers or managers. These traits can include the motivation to succeed, passion for their career, career growth and advancement, open-door management style, creativity, and problem-solving to mention but a few. Then, you should make a mention of them in your answer.

Show that you can be compatible: The question is also about relations; so you want to appear as compatible as possible. Your answer should eliminate any doubt the hiring manager may have about your ability to work well and get along with others. Moreover, most organizations expect you to be able to cope, adapt and cooperate with all kinds of supervisors, managers, and coworkers even if they have difficult or likable personalities. Thus, try and convince the hiring manager that you have excellent interpersonal skills that enable you to relate with everyone.

Keep a professional focus: Although the question seems to be a personal question, the hiring manager is expecting you to keep your answer professional. Don’t use sentiment when answering; instead, maintain a professional focus and tailor your response to the personalities that work well within that organization’s setting.  Remember, you are applying for a professional position, not a personal one; don’t forget that other candidates are vying for the role as well. When you make your answer appear too personal, it may jeopardize your chances of being hired.

Be open-minded and don’t give a brief answer: Again, some job candidates are fond of or guilty of giving vague answers when asked questions during an interview. Giving a brief answer or hiding some information might give a bad impression. The hiring manager should be able to trust you and think that you are a social individual. Therefore, do not rush your answer in a bid to get to the next question. In contrast, give an outstanding description and explanation of the things you admire most in workers in general.

Research on the organization’s culture beforehand: Some job candidates go into the interview without researching the organization they applied to. It is not enough to focus only on the roles, requirements, and responsibilities attached to the position you applied for; your attention and research should also include the organization’s culture. This will help you to display and show that you can be a good culture fit when answering interview questions including this one. Therefore, do your research beforehand to understand the organization’s culture. Try and find out if the culture is relaxed, a work-hard-play-hard setting, or a more formal office structure. This will help you to know the kind of workers there and thus, enable you to give an excellent answer to the question.

Include examples from previous jobs in your answer: The importance of giving examples when answering interview questions cannot be overemphasized; it shows that you pay attention to details. Additionally, adding a little story or an example reinforces the fact that you have gotten along with others in a previous job. However, make sure you stay positive. Think about what traits of past advisors, coaches, or managers helped you succeed, and use those characteristics as an example to show how well you work with others.

Mistakes to Avoid When Answering the Question

Remember, leaving out a specific point is better than making and saying something you should not. Therefore, try and avoid the following pitfalls;

  1. Avoid negative answers. Saying the type of person you do not enjoy working with is not a good answer.
  2. You might prefer working independently. However, avoid saying you only like working on your own.
  3. Avoid saying you are fine with everyone. Everyone has their preferences, so answering in this way sounds like dodging the question. It is fine to conclude that workplace relations have never interfered with your work instead.
  4. Answers like preferring nice and friendly workers are vague and don’t offer enough detail. Hence, avoid them.
  5. Do not jump into describing how likable you are and forget to answer the actual question.
  6. Do not come off as inflexible. This is your preference, not a coworker’s wish list.

Some Sample Answers to the Question

  1. I love and enjoy working with people who drive me forward. When I see that other people try to give their best in work, I get motivated to also push hard. Also, it helps a lot when your coworker encourages you. For example, I remember having a low day at work in my previous job and my colleague praised me for the level of work I was able to get done that day. It lifted my spirit and made me realized that I did well. I also embrace diversity in the workplace. The experience of working with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds is enriching; it enables you to learn from each other.
  2. I enjoy working with individuals who work hard and love what they do. Being surrounded by passionate colleagues or coworkers motivates and stimulates me to do more. In addition, I love working with people who are creative and who have little inhibitions when it comes to pitching ideas.

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