What Have You Done To Become Better Qualified For Your Career

What Have You Done To Become Better Qualified For Your Career?

Nowadays, business owners are looking to hire people that can take the initiative to improve themselves and perform better in their organization. Proactiveness is the key here as the interviewers are looking for those that can take the responsibility of improving themselves by taking courses or classes that will increase their productivity in the workplace.

With the internet and higher institutions located in many cities, people can easily register for courses and finish them while still working. One of the reasons that business owners are looking out for such people is that they will likely improve the productivity of the company with their improved knowledge. However, this question should not be difficult to answer since you can relate it to your recent accomplishment

Thus, when you go for an interview, you will likely be asked the question “what have you done to become better qualified for your career? This should not be a difficult question, although you must take it seriously and ensure that you leave a positive impression on the interviewers. They want to see how you have improved yourself in your career, which will be an indication of your desire to initiate development, first within yourself and then in the company.

Tips to Answer the Question “What have you done to become better qualified for your career?”

Before you go for that interview, you must prepare for this question and have your answers planned out appropriately. For this purpose, we have listed the tips below as you prepare for the question “What have you done to become better qualified for your career?”

  1. Make a list of the top three courses you attended recently

Days before the interview, you should make a list of the top three courses you have studied and how they have improved your personal experience in your workplace. List out the recent courses you have taken and their benefits, including their impact personally and on the organization. Make a comprehensive note, and study it days before the interview to keep them fresh in your memory when this question or one similar to it comes up during the interview. Always show yourself as one that is taking the initiative to improve yourself with such courses and how you have enjoyed taking this course for your personal growth. You should ensure that the interviewers are familiar with the courses, for you may ask them politely if they are before proceeding to answer the question.

Remember not to mention too many courses but use a few to get this point across. They have already seen all the courses you have attended on your resume but want to ensure the impact these courses had on your productivity and your willingness to improve yourself in the workplace.

  1. Mention courses you initiated for your improvement

It is ok to mention courses sponsored by companies or other organizations in your resume but to answer this question effectively, it will be best you focus on the courses you sponsored. You are showing the interviewers that you have the initiatives to take responsibility to improve yourself and do better for the company. It would also help if you mentioned some of the volunteering courses or mentorship you have initiated. And also, if you have used these skills to benefit those in the organization especially those that are under you the organization. Any future educational program or courses that you intend to take that will improve your abilities towards the work is also worth mentioning when asked this question. The objective is to show the interviewers that you have the initiative to improve yourself personally.

  1. Mention all types of education

Before going for this interview and answering this question effectively, you have to understand that all types of education count. The interviewers are not overly concerned about the amount spent on the course, the certificate, or if it is a free online course. but, they want to determine your initiative of personal improvement and how this course has improved your skills in the workplace. So do not undermine any of your courses or educational experience by providing them with information about the courses you have attended, and what you have gained from these courses.


Some Sample Format to Answer the Question “What have you done to become better qualified for your career?”

To help you answer this question effectively, here are some formats for three different scenarios you can use or modify to answer the question.

  1. With this question, I can understand that your organization values continuous education and personal growth. Although I lack much experience in this field, I have continually exposed myself through several courses both online and offline, and also through books. Immediately after I finished college, and started my internship, I enrolled in a workshop online to increase my knowledge in the field, where I learned the practical application of business-related courses. Immediately after my internship, I registered for a two weeks course in business school to learn the further application of business ideas in the real world. Furthermore, I am presently reading a bestseller book on Business Management and Application by one of the best-selling business writers. These courses and books had greatly impacted my knowledge in the field and will impact my career in the future.
  2. Over the years of working with my previous employer, I was able to make a considerable impact after each course I attended. After my second year working in the firm, I set up a goal to take one course to improve myself every six months. Each course had helped me to improve in my task and take up additional tasks as I proved to the management my ability to take up additional responsibilities. I have always been eager for any educational course sponsored or personally funded, and I wish to indicate my interest to continue attending courses in any future employment to improve myself and help the company.
  3. I am thankful for this question, for it shows your appreciation of initiative for personal growth. And I believe this organization will provide me the opportunity to grow personally in this field. I wish to reiterate my interest to continue with my practice of taking courses as I work to improve myself and help the company. I have been able to attend the last three courses in business and management school to improve myself. And earning certificates for several top business online courses, I have continually upgraded myself with the latest practice. Presently, I have enrolled for two weeks of improvement training that is related to my field of study, and I am confident that it will have a positive impact on my career here as I look forward to joining your esteemed organization.



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