Ways to Ensure you Hire the Right Employee

Ways to Ensure you Hire the Right Employee

As an employer, employees are the greatest assets an organization has but not all employees are great assets and that is why you need to hire the right one. Hiring the right employees is highly beneficial because it enhances productivity and success in an organization. Hiring the wrong employees can be time-consuming, and it leads to a waste of resources. Hiring the right employees can be very costly and Herculean, but it is very worth it. There are steps you need to put in place as an employer to make sure you recruit the right candidate because there are a lot of wrong candidates out there. This article will explore the necessary steps you need to put in place to hire the right employee.


How to Hire the Right Employee

The Job Analysis or Description

The first step to hiring the right employee is to evaluate the job position. This analysis will help you gather information about the necessary skills, duties, responsibilities, outcomes, and workload of a particular job position. This information you gather will help you to know the right candidate that fits into the job description and also help you to plan the effective methodology you will put in place to hire the right candidate.

Set up the Hiring Methodology

After you have gotten your job description; set up a hiring process that is suitable to the job description. There are many ways to set up a hiring strategy but set up the one that can give you an excellent outcome. The best hiring procedure is to set up a team of current employees that will do the planning and execution. Engage employees that have experience in the hiring process.

Review Credentials and Applications Carefully

The hiring team should take out time to review credentials and applications carefully. Screen the credentials and applications based on the job description; be on the lookout for skills, character, experience, and educational qualifications. Select the candidates that you feel match the job description and contact them for the next process.

Verify Credentials and References

This is a very crucial stage that should not be left out, you need to verify the background of the job applicants such as; credentials, work experience, and educational qualifications. To authenticate this information, you need to contact the Alma Mata of the job candidate, referees, supervisors, and past employees to verify the background of the candidate. This may be very tedious, but it is worth it because some job applicants tell lies on their resumes. You can also verify candidates’ backgrounds through their LinkedIn profile

In addition, check the candidate’s criminal record; this will help you get the eligible candidate. If the candidate has been a culprit before you may not want to hire him/her.

Conduct Learning and Analytical test

Do not be swayed away by an excellent resume but conduct a test to check if the job candidate is intelligent. You are not looking for just some set of confident employees but employees that have the necessary skills. Invite all the job applicants and conduct a learning test to determine their intelligence and applicants that perform excellently should be contacted for the interview. You can run the test online or offline but makes sure it correlates with the job description.

Conduct Telephone Interviews to Prescreen Candidates

Every Company has a social culture and every employee should fit into the social culture of an organization. Prescreen candidates by making a telephone interview with them to get to know their salary expectations, availability, and how they can fit into the company’s culture. Give room for salary negotiations and other aspects of the job the applicant may not be comfortable with. A skilled telephone interviewer should carry out the interview process to get the right candidate.

You can also ask them smart and intelligent questions to understand their character and adaptability.

Conduct a face to face interview and Ask interview Questions

This is the biggest stage; conduct a face-to-face interview and ask critical questions about the job position the candidate is applying for. Make sure you are very observant to check the candidate’s confidence, mannerism, and attitude during an interview. Asking good interview questions can help you separate desperate and average candidates from exceptional ones. Ask the candidate’s question that requires him/her to answer out of the personal experience because that is the best way to get the right employee. You can set up an interview panel or just a simple interview but try as much as possible to make the interview outcome effective.

Hire the Right Candidate

Hire the appropriate candidate that is committed to his job and can relate with other coworkers. Look out for compatibility and commitment in a candidate. Draw closer to the candidate that you feel is most qualified and develop a relationship with such a candidate. Do not just be driven by an excellent resume, character also matters. Look out for motivation and vigor in the candidate.

Consider Hiring Interns

Sometimes just save yourself all the stress and hire interns that have been in your organization for a while. Interns are voluntary workers in a particular organization that has the necessary skills, experience, and company culture an organization needs. If you have interns in your organization that is doing exceptionally well; just officially employ them in your organization. Good interns are the right employees every organization will ever need because they save you all the cost of recruiting new employees. You don’t need to interview interns that have been working in your organization; you can just serve them with official employment letters if you feel they are competent for the job.

Employment Letter

Once you have gotten the candidates you feel are competent enough for the job; draft an employment letter. The employment letter should state the salary, benefits, bonuses, and other entitlements of the employee. The employment letter should also state when the employee will start the job; the letter should be crafted in such a way that the job candidate can accept or reject the job offer.


To crown it all, there are thousands of job applicants out there but getting the right candidate for the job is what is crucial. The right candidate for the job can benefit the organization in tremendous ways; follow the tips above to get the competent, eligible, and perfect candidate for the job.

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