Walmart Stocker Job Description

Walmart Stocker Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a Walmart stocker job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a Walmart stocker. Feel free to use our Walmart stocker job description template to produce your own Walmart stocker job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a Walmart stocker.


Who is a Walmart Stocker?

A Walmart Stocker is someone who unloads shipments and stocks in certain shop sections at Walmart. The person’s responsibilities may include setting up displays, cleaning the backroom, and occasionally helping clients. Anyone who does all these in any place that isn’t Walmart is just a stocker, but not Walmart’s.

A Walmart stocker may carry objects between moderate and heavy weights in most parts of each shift.

In general, the Walmart stocker is in charge of distributing goods throughout the warehouse in the correct sequence and according to predetermined regulations. Once the delivery trucks with the items arrive, the Walmart stocker must unload them and proceed to organize the goods inside the Walmart shop. The stocker is also in charge of keeping track of everything that enters or exits. The stocker also has to ensure the store is always tidy.

Additionally, they are in charge of stocking stuff in the backroom by filling shelves with goods, guaranteeing accurate inventory management, and presenting goods tastefully in line with Walmart’s standards and procedures.

The Walmart stocker is also responsible for receiving merchandise as it is brought to the warehouse, which entails directing the movement of goods from the backroom onto the store floor and allocating them to their proper locations around the establishment.

Along with stocking merchandise and putting together displays, the Walmart overnight stocker may also need to sweep, mop, and clean up spills to guarantee and maintain the cleanliness of the shop.


Walmart Stocker Job Description

What is a Walmart stocker job description? A Walmart stocker job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a Walmart stocker in an organization. Below are the Walmart stocker job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a Walmart stocker job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of the Walmart Stocker include the following:

  • Assist with truck delivery offloading.
  • Correct any mistakes, and note all differences.
  • Cross-check the barcodes to ensure they are accurately inserted and that the price tags are properly attached to the products.
  • Deliver cargo from the truck to the floor so you can place it properly.
  • Ensure you receive the appropriate number of products.
  • Ensure that surplus items are securely kept in the storage spaces.
  • Handle all of the stock inventories and double-check their accuracy.
  • Make all inbound stock available to the department’s appropriate divisions.
  • Mark, check, and verify all incoming orders before storing them in the central supply room.
  • Keep track of all the data and the inventory of the objects either manually or using a computer.
  • Sort the provided goods.
  • Put goods away in the proper location.
  • Put up advertising materials and product displays.
  • Look through and remove any litter or other things that might pose risks in the aisles so that no one trips over them.
  • Help consumers in finding certain items within the store.



  • High School Certificate, GED or its equivalent is compulsory
  • An associate or bachelor’s degree
  • Ability to lift objects weighing more than 25 lbs
  • Ability to use forklifts and other large machines


Essential Skills

Here are the skills you need to excel as a Walmart stocker:

  • Excellent Communication
  • Consumer Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Detail-orientation
  • Flexibility
  • Forklift Operation
  • Inventory Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Loading and Unloading Skills
  • Organizing
  • Stocking Products
  • Power Tool
  • Safety Measures
  • Physical Strength
  • Team Work

Excellent Communication

The capacity to communicate is the ability to clearly express information. As a Walmart stocker, you might have to talk to other staff members and management about your job responsibilities or any problems that develop in the shop. You can transfer information more effectively and comprehend directions from managers if you have strong communication skills. You could also communicate with clients with inquiries regarding goods or services while using your communication abilities.

Consumer Assistance

Because they deal with consumers directly so frequently, Walmart stockers need to be able to provide good customer service. They should be able to assist customers in locating things in the store, handle returns, and respond to queries regarding products. Ensuring each client has a great experience also involves welcoming them when they enter the shop or the checkout area.

Data Entry

Entering information into a computer system is known as data entry. As a Walmart stocker, you could need to input product information into an inventory management system. This may include entering product names, numbers, barcodes, and other identifying information. Strong data entry knowledge can help you enter this information properly and rapidly, saving your company time and increasing productivity.


The capacity to pay close attention to details allows for accurate corrections. You might need to precisely count goods as a stocker or arrange products in the right places. This ability minimizes the possibility of obtaining inaccurate orders from vendors and ensures that your department has all the required materials. Additionally, it ensures that consumers who shop in-store can locate what they’re searching for.


Being flexible is having the capacity to change course when necessary. If there are unanticipated changes in store operations, you as a Walmart stocker may need to adjust your timetable or rearrange your tasks. Your ability to be flexible will also help you rapidly overcome any obstacles that arise. Any position at Walmart might benefit from having this expertise since it enables you to better serve customers.

Forklift Operation

With the help of a forklift, you can easily move huge goods. To do their tasks effectively, Walmart stockers must be able to drive a forklift. Before being authorized to drive a forklift, you might need to pass a test, so it’s worthwhile to put in the time and effort to prepare.

Inventory Control

Inventory controls must be tracked and kept up to date by a Walmart stocker. This involves being aware of what goods are available, where they are, and when they require replenishment. Knowing how much of each product you may order is also essential to avoid overstocking or understocking.

It’s important to keep thorough records of all incoming and outgoing shipments to manage your inventory successfully. Software that automatically tracks inventories is another option.

Loss Prevention

The capacity to recognize and stop impending losses is loss prevention. As a Walmart stocker, you can be in charge of making sure that goods are properly kept to prevent loss or damage. Additionally, you must be familiar with how to manage instances in which clients have misplaced products. This involves identifying the appropriate item and returning any money spent on a thing that was unintentionally bought.

Loading and Unloading Skills

Walmart stockers should have this skill to do their job efficiently. Incoming product shipments must be loaded into the storage area quickly and effectively, and departing shipments must be promptly and effectively unloaded when they are prepared to leave the store. By doing this, you can guarantee that your inventory levels are precise and that you can quickly satisfy client orders.

Organizing Skill

Being organized is being able to keep track of your schedule and tasks. As a Walmart stocker, you should have organizing skills to ensure you do all your responsibilities as a Walmart stocker on schedule. When stocking shelves, you should also be organized so that you can locate things quickly for consumers who need them. This helps save time and increase productivity and efficiency.

Stocking Products

Stocking involves putting merchandise on shelves. You can be in charge of stocking every item in a room or division as a Walmart stocker. Finding the right item in storage, getting it out, checking that it functions well, and properly putting it on the shelf are all part of this process. Rotating outdated items to create a place for new ones is another method of stocking.

Power Tool

Power tools are a group of tools that may be used for various jobs. Power tools are frequently used by Walmart stockers for construction and maintenance, therefore it’s crucial to know how to handle them properly. To grasp the directions for using these instruments, you might also need to learn how to interpret technical drawings or blueprints.

Safety Measures

The guidelines that staff members adhere to protect their safety and other people’s safety are known as safety protocols. You might have to train other workers on how to use machinery or handle dangerous chemicals if you work as a Walmart stocker. It’s critical to be knowledgeable about all pertinent safety procedures so you can properly instruct your coworkers and maintain everyone’s workplace safety.

Physical Strength

Since physical strength enables Walmart stockers to carry and move big objects, it is a crucial skill. Stronger workers may finish jobs faster, which can help them reach their productivity targets. You can execute physically demanding tasks like cleaning or operating machines better if you have physical strength. You need to be physically strong to excel in this job.


The capacity to collaborate well with others is known as teamwork. As a stocker, you could frequently collaborate with other staff members who are stocking other retail departments. Working effectively with coworkers may make everyone’s duties get done more quickly. Additionally, it’s critical to be approachable and encouraging when working with clients.


How to Become a Walmart Stocker

To become a Walmart stocker, you may need to adhere to these general steps:

Step One: Obtain a High School Diploma or the Equivalent

You need to go through high school and graduate as it is required for employment as a Walmart stocker. A high school diploma-equivalent certificate can be obtained for applicants without a high school diploma by passing the General Education Development test (GED).

Step Two: Concentrate on Computer-related Courses

You may improve your knowledge and abilities to use the stocking software you will use as a Walmart stocker by concentrating your time and energy on any computer classes you take in high school. The world is getting more digital, so having more computer knowledge will help you in other aspects of your daily life.

Step Three: Achieve an Associate’s Degree

A post-secondary degree is not necessary to become a Walmart stocker, but if you do decide to do so, earning an associate’s degree in logistics will help you stand out from the competition and provide the groundwork for future advancement in the retail logistics sector.

Step Four: Obtain your Stocker Certification

Most new Walmart stockers undergo training by their managers or supervisors. Walmart stockers can get training immediately after they start a job and while on the job. The new employee will learn the precise steps and techniques for stocking the store during this training. The trainer may take the new stocker around the store to grasp the layout and where to find things.

No one knows everything, because things and policies may change in the company as time goes on, so they may need subsequent training from time to time to adjust and adapt to changes.

Step Five: Develop in the Logistics Sector

After some time working as a Walmart stocker, you could think about trying to grow in the retail logistics sector and have a higher position.


Where to Work as a Walmart Stocker

From the name of the job, it is clear that Walmart stockers can only work at Walmart.

Stockers at Walmart are employed in a setting with minimal direct supervision. Small groups of stockers are assigned projects, and it is expected that they will finish them before the end of their shift. For this job, being able to multitask and get along with coworkers are essential.

Additionally, you will frequently stoop and use overhead motions to store goods. Mechanical tools like pallet jacks are occasionally used to transport products.

Full-time employees should expect to work up to 40 hours per week, compared to 20 to 30 hours for part-timers. Some stockers work during the day, while others work overnight.

Seasonal variations might sometimes require longer hours and overtime from the stockers. It usually takes place just before and during significant deals, like Christmas, Black Friday, etc.


Walmart Stocker Salary Scale

A Walmart stocker’s salary is based on experience, region, and other factors.

The typical salary for Walmart stockers in the United States ranges from $27,084 to $50,133.

In London, the United Kingdom, the average hourly wage for a Walmart Stocker is around £11.24.

While the average Walmart Stocker hourly pay in Canada is approximately CA$14.36.

Walmart is not in every country, so in gathering the data, the salary scale was unavailable for some countries it exists in.

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