Tips on How to Build Your Self-Esteem

Tips on How to Build Your Self-Esteem

The value of self-esteem in a work environment cannot be underestimated because it is what every employee needs. Self- Esteem is highly beneficial because it makes employees successful and builds their ambition. To achieve anything in life; the first step is to believe that you can do it even though others have failed and that’s what self-esteem does; it helps employees to overcome fears or obstacles. Employees that have self-esteem always believe in their potential, skills, and expertise no matter the obstacle. Self-esteem is a value that is highly needed in an organization because it makes an organization successful.

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem simply means having confidence in your skills, abilities, intelligence, and expertise. Being confident in your job is a mindset, and it is very important to your professional career growth. As an employee, if you feel unconfident at work then your professional career life will be stagnated. Every organization has obstacles or challenges and only employees that are confident can help the organization scale through.

The following are tips on how to build your Self-Esteem at work:-

  1. Focus on your Strengths
  2. Dress Professionally
  3. Acquire New Skills
  4. Set targets for yourself
  5. Relate with Confident Coworkers
  6. Speak and think confidently
  7. Learn from your mistakes
  8. Ask Questions
  9. Ignore negative criticism of coworkers


  1. Focus on Your Strengths

The foremost step on how to build your Self-Esteem at work is to focus on your successes or achievements at work. As an employee there were times in the past when you achieved a lot for your company or organization; write down your achievements and go through them daily, especially in the morning time. Always remind yourself that you have added a lot of value to your organization. Do not focus on your errors or misstep even if they happen frequently. Always remember that you are a human being, and you are bound to make mistakes. Focusing on your strengths and not your weaknesses will build your self-esteem.

  1. Dress Professionally

Dressing appropriately to work will always boost your self-confidence. Do not dress casually for events like Conferences, Seminars, and board meetings. Dressing casually can make you lose your confidence at work. You can hire a professional stylist to help you dress appropriately to work, and also you can get dressing recommendations when you go shopping at a boutique. Make sure you update your wardrobe regularly: dress professionally, smell incredibly and appear wonderfully to be confident at work.

  1. Acquire New Skills

This will go a long way to increase your self-esteem at work. You can learn new skills that you feel are related to your career. You can take your spare time to learn these skills, and you can also apply these skills at work. Learning new skills is highly beneficial because you will be ahead of your colleagues who don’t have such skills. Furthermore, you can advance your knowledge by furthering your education. Increasing your knowledge will boost your self-confidence

  1. Set Targets for Yourself

Set long time and short time goals at work. You can set a goal to increase your productivity and improve your effectiveness at work. You can also set goals on what you want to achieve in your professional career. Setting these goals will increase your productivity and achieving them will make you more confident at work. For instance, As a Journalist, you can set a professional goal of being among the best investigative journalists in your country. Achieving this goal will build your self-esteem at work.

  1. Relate with Confident Coworkers

Confidence is highly contagious and relating with confident coworkers can boost your esteem. Observe coworkers who are highly confident and draw close to them; learn from them and emulate them. Observe the way they talk, stand, sit and handle duties or tasks; follow suit. Do not relate with coworkers that lack self-esteem as they can weigh your spirit down. In addition, you can also initiate a mentorship relationship with a coworker that is very successful and is ahead of you. Engaging in a mentorship relationship with a successful coworker will build your self-esteem.

  1. Speak and Think Confidently

Confidence is a mindset because it starts from the mind and for you to be self-confident; you need to think positively and eliminate every negative thought from your mind. Start perceiving yourself differently in your mind; love yourself and appreciate who you are. In addition, do not use negative words or speak negatively. Use words like “I believe I can achieve this,” ” I believe I can make it,” and ” I am assured that I did a good job.” Speaking positively will always boost your confidence.

  1. Learn From Your Mistakes

No one is perfect and mistakes are inevitable when setting goals or doing tasks. Mistakes are failures, but they can help you become better if you are willing to learn from them. Do not dwell on your past mistakes but look for how you can improve yourself.

For instance, if you are an App Developer and you made a mistake when creating an app, you can learn from it to make yourself better.

  1. Ask Questions

Be an inquisitive employee; ask questions during meetings, conferences, and seminars. Asking these questions will show that you have a deep interest, and you are willing to learn. By asking questions, you will get to talk more with coworkers and relieve yourself of anxieties. Asking questions will also show your supervisors and coworkers that you will take initiative when it comes to direction. Do not ask irrelevant questions but brainstorm and come up with intelligent questions to boost your self-esteem.

  1. Ignore Negative Criticism from Coworkers

To boost your confidence, you must shun every negative comment or perception about you from Coworkers. Accept corrections and criticism that will make you better but do not always pay attention to the negative things people say about you. Negative Criticism has a way of reducing your self-esteem.


In a nutshell, boasting your self-esteem daily should be your paramount focus because that’s what will make you a successful employee. Follow the tips above to boost your self-esteem.


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