Signs of Career Burnout

Signs of Career Burnout

In our world today, efficacy and productivity is a core aspects of every organization because that’s the driving force. Every organization tries to maintain efficacy but there is something very crucial that is a threat to productivity which is career burnout. Career burnout means different things to different people and about two-thirds of people in the world are suffering from career burnout. Career burnout can have a huge effect on workplace morale and performance. It is very crucial to identify the signs of career burnout and how it can be tackled.


What is Career Burnout?

Career burnout may not necessarily be a medical condition but it can be seen as a special type of work-related stress. It is a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that reduces effectiveness, and accomplishment and leads to loss of personal identity.


Signs of Career Burnout

  • Lack of Job Satisfaction
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Physical illness
  • Working due to Force
  • Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs
  • Emotional Outbursts at Work
  • Exhaustion and Poor Sleeping Habits
  • Isolation from Friends & Family


Lack of Job Satisfaction

Job dissatisfaction can be defined as the unhappy feeling and resentment that one has towards work. One of the biggest signs of career burnout is job dissatisfaction. Many people are excited when they take up a particular job and they give their best to it but in the space of time they start to lose fulfillment in their jobs. There are many reasons that cause job dissatisfaction and these include stress and limited career growth. All the factors mentioned above can make an employee lose interest in a job. One of the ways to identify career burnout is lack of job satisfaction and the moment an employee does not find satisfaction in his job then it is not wrong to say, he is experiencing career burnout.


Lack of Concentration

Difficulty in concentrating at work is another sign of career burnout. An employee experiencing career burnout will feel disconnected at work and he may be at work but his mind is somewhere else. A lot of thoughts will bombard his or her mind that it may be very difficult to focus on work-related issues. Stress can also make employees lose focus and an employee that loses focus at work will handle duties and obligations haphazardly. The panacea to this is to take breaks in between working hours such as lunch breaks and in addition also take up a project that excites you.


Physical Illness

Stress is very detrimental to our health as humans and it is one of the signs of career burnout. Employees need their physical health to be productive at work and health should be a priority for an employee. If you discover that you have been absent from work due to illnesses like cold, fever, headache, dizziness, and other sicknesses; this could be a result of burnout.

If work-related stress is affecting your health please take out some time to see a doctor and also make sure you recuperate well before you resume work.


Working by Force

One of the signs of burnout is working by force. People go to work day by day to earn a living and some people feel excited going to work but  for others, they have to force themselves to go to work against their wishes. The latter category of people always hate Mondays which is the first day of the week and they wish the weekend will never end because they don’t want to go to work but they have to. Working under force may be due to monotonous work or stress at work. If an employee is working under force then it is a clear indication of career burnout.


Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

Career burnout has adverse effects on employees and one of such is alcohol and drug addiction. Employees suffering from burnout due to stress may take the option of drinking to relax which will make them addicts. Work stress may also make employees start taking drugs like stimulants and narcotics to be more effective at work or to boost their morale. The solution to this is to take a break or a vacation.


Emotional Outbursts at Work

Feeling irritated with coworkers, crying privately, or having unnecessary arguments with friends and family is a clear indication that you are suffering from burnout. Stress at work can make one easily get irritated and emotional outburst is detrimental to your health. The remedy to this is taking a break at work or a vacation to ease the stress. This will restore your emotional state and make you relate well with your coworkers at work.


Exhaustion and Poor Sleeping Habits

Work-related stress can deplete the health of an employee and can cause insomnia. Some employees find it very hard to sleep at home and their energy drains once they come to the office which is a clear indication of burnout. Persistent tiredness can cause mood swings and mistakes at work due to a lack of concentration. If you are passing through such horrible experiences don’t manage but try and see a doctor for proper medical attention.


Isolation from Friends & Family

Isolation from friends, family and social gatherings is another indication of burnout. Work-related stress can make an employee keep to himself aloof from friends and not be social. Some employees don’t have time for friends and family due to work-related stress. There is only one life to live and surrounding yourself with friends and families is what makes life worth living. Once in a while go for friends gatherings and also go for family vacations to avoid burnout.

In conclusion, career burnout can have a huge negative impact on your quality of life but there is a way out; identify the causes of your burnout and find solutions to them. The only solution at times may be to find a new career because no one should get stuck in a job that results in burnout.

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