Signs It’s Time to Find A New Job

Signs It’s Time to Find A New Job

How do you feel about your job right now? If there is no feeling of excitement or at least, contentment when you think about work, they might be signs that it’s time to find a new job.

Being disillusioned with your job doesn’t always mean the job has a problem. Rather, it could mean that it is you who has a problem with the job. Even though it is not an easy decision to make, there comes a time when you have to find a new job.


It is not a question of “why” but “when” you should leave your current job. This article reveals 19 unmissable signs that are probably already telling you that it’s time to find a new job.

You are no longer happy to go to work in the morning

Are you one of those people who hit the snooze button five times every morning? Then you probably don’t like your job. Indeed, some employees cannot wait to start the day’s work. These are the most punctual ones who never call in sick.

Thus, if you are the opposite, perhaps you shouldn’t be there in the first place. Is the thought of going to work tomorrow giving you the chills? It’s not fever; it is a sign that you should change your job.

You can’t wait to leave work

While some people don’t mind working overtime when they don’t have to, some can’t wait to leave the office. It is not a pleasant situation to be in as it only means that you have been enduring your work. If you have already packed your things before the close of each business day, then you shouldn’t be working there.

Special holidays are cherished

Unlike weekends, bank holidays only come up once or twice in a quarter. Some months don’t even have any holidays.

Thus, if you have been counting down to the next public holiday, then something is wrong somewhere. In fact, if you already know how many bank holidays there are in the coming months, you don’t fancy the job. It is probably time to call it quits.

You start counting down to Friday from Monday

There are 5 weekdays, starting from Monday. Thus, if you are already looking forward to the weekend on a Monday or Tuesday, then you have to be objective.

Normally, workers love weekends because they get to relax and focus on themselves. Those who love their jobs are never in a hurry for Friday to come. In fact, Friday meets them unprepared most times. However, when the longing for Friday becomes extreme with each passing week, it shows you are not enjoying your time at work.

There is no more challenge for you

A challenge and healthy competition are important for every employee. It brings out the best in people and makes them look forward to the next task.

Indeed, an employee can outgrow an establishment- this is not being disrespectful to the organization. Likewise, an employee gets to a stage where they have seen and conquered and there is nothing left to achieve. This is an honest sign that you have to leave the organization.


Your peers are leaving the job

Employees come from different parts, and backgrounds, and with diverse skills to form a unit. Work is enjoyable and life is good when you have your colleagues working side-by-side with you for a common goal.

Although it is normal for employees to leave an organization now and then, seeing colleagues go is sad. This doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon. However, if your peers are suddenly leaving for good reasons (especially the exceptional ones), there must be a method to their madness.

When you feel like the organization has lost its way

Some organizations are more than just a place of work. When a company has its policies and an identity that its employees can buy into, it will move mountains. However, more companies are beginning to deviate from what they used to be known for.

From reducing the quality of products to tailoring services to suit only the rich, some new company policies can make employees lose faith in the establishment. Thus, if you no longer feel proud to be associated with your current company, leave.

Management is suggesting a pay-cut

The worst nightmare for any worker is to get a reduced salary. Especially in difficult times, it can be depressing to get a pay cut. Normally, every salary earner has tailored their standard of living based on the salary they earn.

Therefore, reducing their salary would be a major blow to them. When the management is suggesting a pay cut, it could mean an eventual lay-off of staff. Leave the company when these signs start showing.

The company is going through a downward spiral

Throughout history, there have always been times when even big companies fall and never rise again. It all begins with one or two signs that many business owners fail to notice. This affects both employees and staff because it puts everyone in a tough situation. While some might argue that it is not ethical to jump ship in these moments, it is mostly the best option for employees.

When a company is going through a downward spiral, things begin to go badly for them. From drastically reduced sales to lessened interest from investors, the signs are telling. Thus, once you see the signs, it’s time to leave. This is because soon, the company will find it difficult to pay salaries. Also, they might have to lay off staff as a result.


The management no longer supports you

The relationship between a sought-after candidate and a new employer is nothing short of a romance at first. You feel immense support, adoration, and a sense of belonging provided you produce great results. However, this “honeymoon period” doesn’t last forever. Sooner or later, employees start to look for a replacement once they spot a new gem.

When this happens, it is a sign that you should look elsewhere. There is a lot of confidence that comes with getting the full support of the management. The tension reduces and stress seems to be a foreign concept. As long as you are confident in your skills, experience, and other attributes, some organizations would cherish every moment with you.

A demotion

One of the most humiliating things any professional can face besides not getting a promotion is getting demoted. Not many disappointments can match that. However, this is a rare situation that will only happen if something grave has transpired.

Mostly, it is when an employee flatters to deceive that they get such treatment. Yet, there are cases where employees get demoted due to bias from their superiors. No matter what the case may be, hit the exit button if that ever happens to you.

No promotion

Not getting a deserved promotion is one of the saddest moments in anyone’s professional journey. It can get people into a great depression which could result in something more serious. Every employee deserves to be promoted at different points in their career provided that they meet the requirements.

In many cases, employees have to take tests to gain promotion. Failing these tests often results in not getting promoted, which is understandable. Yet, some employees get refused a promotion no matter how hard they try.

Regardless of what the cause is, seeing your peers getting promoted while others are catching up to you is depressing. If you’ve tried too many times and failed, it is better to leave than to drown in depression.

Not getting the credit you deserve

Just like not being backed by the management or you’re superior, not getting enough credit for your work is sad. Every employee knows how important they are to the success of their organization. Employers know how much confidence and encouragement their employees get when they are praised for a job well done.

That is why many organizations have “Employee of the Month” awards among others. When the management makes a habit of not giving you credit for your input, it feels like being robbed. If you are still looking for a sign to leave, there it is.


When the company is not thinking big enough

These days, employees are more ambitious than in times past. Especially millennials are always buzzing to be ranked among the best as they keep an eye on the competition. Thus, when a company does not see the same vision as the employees, it can be a problem.

Since organizations are formed and managed in the image of their owners, you can easily tell what their plan (or lack of) is. Therefore, when the owners are trying to play it safe with their business, it shows in the company’s dealings. If you know the potential the company has and believe they should be striving for bigger things, leave if they are not.

The company is not investing in its employees

Employees need to work with some of the best tools to help them compete at the highest level. When employees see what their peers in other organizations work with, they crave the same. Also, scheduled training is vital to the development of staff.

The combination of better-trained staff and the injection of new and improved working tools will bring out the best in employees. Without this sort of commitment from employers, you should consider leaving.

The company doesn’t embrace new methods

As the world is changing, newer methods of doing business, buying and selling, communicating, and more, are coming up. Modern-day companies take advantage of these changes to connect better with their customers and the general public.

The biggest trait of a progressive company is when they embrace technology. These new methods make work more enjoyable and life easier for employees. As long as your employers keep resisting modernism, you have all the exit signs you need.

When you and your boss can no longer see eye to eye

Some superiors form a close relationship with their juniors where they go out together, play golf, and have meaningful conversations. Usually, superiors don’t form close friendships with their juniors. When they do, it is a sign that the employee is doing everything right for them.

It is one thing to keep the relationship strictly professional and another thing to be on each other’s throats. The superior would almost always win if both parties go to war. Therefore, if you can no longer tolerate the attitude of your boss towards you, you should leave.

You have a better offer elsewhere

This is one of the clearest and most unmistakable reasons why you can leave where you work. No matter how much you enjoy working somewhere, a better opportunity is always the best reason to leave.

In some cases, you might need to follow your heart and ignore the opportunity. However, opportunities don’t come by all the time. Thus, if another employer is offering you better benefits, salary, working environment, promotion, and more, it is your cue to move.

You get fired

The most embarrassing thing any professional can face is getting the sack. It is not only humiliating, but it sends the wrong message about you to other employers. Some companies will never hire someone that had been sacked from their previous job. That makes getting a job twice as hard when you get fired because your reputation will precede you.

One of the worst things about getting fired is that you don’t have any other option but to leave. There is no clearer sign that it’s time to leave your job than when you get sacked.


Final thoughts

All good things must come to an end, including jobs. No matter what the reason may be, an employee will leave their current job one day. Now, the timing of the exit is not always clear but certain signs indicate when you should make the switch.

Are you always looking for excuses to skip work? Do you like calling in sick? Are you bored at work? Or do you have a better offer elsewhere? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should consider moving on.

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