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Product Copywriter Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a product copywriter job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a product copywriter. Feel free to use our product copywriter job description template to produce your own product copywriter job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a product copywriter.


Who is a Product Copywriter?

A product copywriter is someone who can inform, captivate, and persuade an audience to purchase products or services now or in the future.

Product copywriters are responsible for writing product descriptions, advertisements, and promotional materials.

They ensure that a company’s product marketing content conveys its brand effectively and persuasively.

product Copywriters must be able to communicate clearly with their audience in order to persuade them to act. This necessitates strong writing skills as well as knowledge of how people think and act when making purchasing decisions.

Product copywriters start by deciding which products they are most excited about, and then they research the target markets. They also consider what language will appeal to their target market and how language can be used to persuade people to buy a product. People make purchases based on their emotions, so as a product copywriter, you must try to appeal to their emotions. Furthermore, they make it easy for customers to act by illustrating the product’s benefits with stories and anecdotes.

As a product copywriter, you must also ensure that the material you create meets industry quality standards. Furthermore, in order to pique the interest of a larger audience, you must adhere to SEO best practices.


Product Copywriter Job Description

What is a product copywriter job description? A product copywriter job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a product copywriter in an organization. Below are the product copywriter job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a product copywriter job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

A product copywriter is in charge of a variety of persuasive writing activities that encourage the target audience to act. These  duties include but are not limited to:

  • Creating engaging content to describe products to be used on websites, social media platforms, emails, advertising campaigns, and other platforms.
  • Ensuring that a company’s brand is presented in an interesting and compelling manner in product marketing content.
  • Updating product descriptions on the company’s websites and other online pages as needed.
  • Ensuring that research is being conducted on subjects related to the goods or services that will be advertised in order to develop persuasive messages that will appeal to consumers.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current advertising campaigns and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Maximizing reach to the target audience by writing copy for brochures, flyers, catalogues, direct mail pieces, social media posts, and other printed materials using SEO principles.
  • Assisting in the creation of landing and copy pages for new products for the company.
  • Generating concepts for novel goods or services that can be successfully marketed by conducting competitive analysis to determine the company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Examining competitors’ goods or services to identify flaws that marketing tactics may be able to correct.
  • Working with designers to create graphics that support text to ensure that the company’s content presents the true picture of the products and is consistent with the brand.
  • Ensuring market research is conducted to identify potential target markets and selling points for goods and services.
  • Making persuasive sales pitches to attract potential customers.
  • keeping up with the most recent media industry developments.



Some essential characteristics of a successful product copywriter include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or a related field.
  • Proven work experience as a product copywriter, a copywriter, or in a position similar.
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office and design software are required (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)
  • Adequate knowledge of a content management system (e.g., WordPress)
  • knowledge of SEO tools and keyword search techniques.
  • Familiarity with online campaigns and digital marketing strategies.
  • Strong writing and speaking communication skills.
  • Excellent time management and planning skills.
  • An acute sense of detail, strong multitasking abilities, and an analytical mind with a problem-solving attitude.


Essential Skills

If you want to work in the field of product copywriting, you’ll need a variety of skills. Among them are, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Creative writing:

Copywriters use creative writing techniques to create compelling and persuasive marketing messages. These messages frequently include creative product and service descriptions as well as persuasive reasonings that compel customers to act. A product copywriter, for example, might use creative writing skills to describe a product’s features and benefits before convincing the reader to purchase it.

  • Marketing Expertise:

Marketing is the act of promoting a product or service to a specific market. As a copywriter, you could be in charge of writing sales copy, social media posts, and other marketing collateral. If you understand marketing, you can write compelling copy that motivates readers to act.

  • Editing knowledge:

Copywriters frequently collaborate with other marketing experts, such as graphic designers, to create marketing campaigns. Strong editing skills will allow you to work with these experts to create successful marketing campaigns. You can use your editing skills to review other people’s work.

  • Detail-oriented Observation:

As a product copywriter, you must evaluate your writing from the perspective of the intended audience. It is critical to pay close attention to the details in order to reduce errors. You must check your writing for proper punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and proofreading to ensure consistent high-quality content.

  • Time Management:

The best product copywriters aren’t always the most skilled; rather, they’re the ones who can manage their time effectively and produce results quickly. Effective time management will make it easier to gain more clients and complete more work. Learning productivity skills is essential for those who work as writers.

You should learn time management and day-to-day organization skills if you want to be more productive in the copywriting industry. You should also schedule your work to coincide with the times of day when you are most productive.

  • Communication Abilities:

product Copywriters work with other writers, editors, and designers on the staff of a publication. To ensure that these people understand the purpose of the article and the intended tone of the copy, they must be able to communicate effectively with them. They also collaborate with other copy editors to ensure consistency throughout the publication by utilizing their communication skills.

  • Public Speaking:

Product copywriters frequently show their work to clients and other stakeholders. Using public speaking skills, you can effectively communicate your ideas and persuade others to accept your copy. Another way to put your public speaking skills to use is to give presentations about your work to coworkers or clients.

  • Technical Knowledge:

Technical knowledge is your understanding of a product or service. This can include information about how the product works, how to use it, and any other details that will help you create compelling copy. If you’re writing product copy for a technology company, you might need to know how to use the product you’re writing about. This can help you write copy that is both informative, persuasive and interesting.

  • Empathy:

The product copywriter must be able to precisely identify the emotion to evoke in order to get the audience to relate to their products or services. A product copywriter must understand how to write compassionately in order to make their target audience feel good. A product copywriter’s primary goal is to increase sales. As a result, it is critical that you market your product with empathy in order to elicit a desire to purchase it.

  • Abilities to Conduct Research:

Research skills are the ability to locate and analyze information. As a product copywriter, you may need to conduct product and topic research in order to create engaging content. This can include learning about the company’s, product’s, or industry’s history. This understanding can be used to create audience-relevant content.


How to Become a  Product Copywriter

People who want to pursue a career in product copywriting can take the following steps to become product copywriters:

  • Pursue Relevant Education:

Although a degree is not required for a product copywriting career, having training in journalism, English, marketing, communications, marketing research, or writing can help you get a better job. Product Copywriters must have a bachelor’s degree or higher to be hired. Some Product copywriters may only have a high school diploma or a General education degree.

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Copywriting:

Writing effective product copy requires more than just following simple instructions or expressing information clearly. Effective copywriting requires a thorough understanding of customer needs and human psychology. It requires the ability to quickly and effectively capture the audience’s attention while arranging the words, images, and call-to-action components aesthetically.

  • Learn how to Write Persuasively:

Writing effective product copy is primarily concerned with eliciting a response or action from the consumer. Product copywriting emphasizes persuasive writing to accomplish this. You must be able to use language to persuade readers to act in your favour. You have access to an abundance of resources that will assist you in pursuing a lucrative career in copywriting and becoming an expert in persuasive writing. It’s a good idea to learn persuasive writing techniques by reading other people’s work and emulating successful product copywriters.

  • Find and Cultivate your Niche:

Create a clientele that is interested in what you have to offer. This will maximize your results and help you establish credibility as a copywriter in a specific field. For example, if you’re interested in the real estate industry, you could focus on assisting realtors in creating conversion-driven copy that ensures sales.

Concentrating on a single market segment allows you to gain greater knowledge and control over it. Your chances of producing high-quality copy increase as your knowledge level grow, and you can charge more for your specialization. Choose a field in which you are knowledgeable and have prior experience. As a result, more customers will be drawn in. Once you’ve found your niche, stick with it and reject any notions that you’re being limited.

  • Learn about People’s Psychology:

To be a successful product copywriter, you must understand human psychology. This can be achieved by understanding how the human mind works and what motivates your audience to click a link or make a purchase. You can direct your writing to elicit the desired response.

The average person has a 10-second attention span when reading something random. There isn’t much time left to pique someone’s interest. The first ten seconds are critical in determining whether to pursue or retain a client.

  • Create a Product Copywriting Portfolio:

A product copywriting portfolio is made up of examples of work tailored to a client’s preferences. This is also known as a Minimum Viable Portfolio (MVP). An MVP is a 200-400 word writing sample of your meticulously crafted work that serves as a tangible example of the level of writing you provide for your clients.

Despite its short length, it should strive to be accurate and effective in demonstrating the qualities your potential employer seeks. It should also contain specific wording to convey your message.

  • Learn about the Market and Build your Personal Brand:

One of a product copywriter’s goals is to persuade readers to buy from their clients through the use of language, imagery, and persuasiveness. A product copywriter must understand the fundamentals of advertising in order to promote themselves and find clients.

In order to attract clients looking for your services, your product copywriting strategy must include marketing tactics, product placement, target audiences, branding, and brand identity.

  • Join a Community:

Another way to succeed as a product copywriter is to join a community. Making connections with other product copywriters who have similar interests to you can help you advance your career significantly. You will gain access to a wealth of knowledge and learn from other copywriters as you build relationships.

Your peers in the same industry are the best at understanding the challenges you face as a product copywriter, and they can offer you the support and encouragement you need when going through difficult times in your professional life. Joining a product copywriting community also allows you to make connections that will help you advance your career over time.

However, you can join a community of product copywriters by joining an online group on social media, attending copywriting seminars and events, starting a local group and inviting like-minded individuals, and so on.


Where to Work as a  Product Copywriter

Product copywriters work in a variety of settings, including marketing firms, advertising agencies, and corporate marketing divisions. They may also do freelance work, allowing them to set their own schedule and location. Non-profit organizations, e-commerce companies, tech startups, and news organizations also hire product copywriters.


Product Copywriter Salary Scale

Education, work experience, and location are just a few of the factors that influence Product Copywriter pay.

According to several salary aggregation websites, the salary of a product copywriter in the United States can range from $46,570 to $86,527 per year, with an average pay of $59,442.

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