Premier Banker Job Description

Premier Banker Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a premier banker job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a premier banker. Feel free to use our premier banker job description template to produce your own premier banker job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a premier banker.


Who is a Premier Banker?

A Premier Banker is an individual who has membership in a commercial or investment bank that is solely responsible for finishing different tasks. Premier bankers provide a range of banking support services to individuals who are considered high-wealth clients. They provide special attention and solve any banking challenge clients might have. They also reach out to clients to promote banking products and customer service. They develop or enhance different sales mechanism and also implement it. Premier bankers have one focus which is to maintain and build long-term relationships with clients.

A premier banker is also responsible for ensuring that all banking processes and policies are dually followed in the process of handling sales transactions, as well as performing other non-customer-related duties. Examples of these tasks are; delegating tasks when necessary, maintaining records, and formulating filing.

In the echelon of commercial banks, a premier banker has more responsibilities than a bank teller but he is not considered a member of the banking management team. The job responsibility of this position focuses on sales and the generation of leads to entice clients to patronize a wide range of banking products and services. These products and services are investment fund accounts, certificates of deposit, checking and saving accounts, and other specific products and services peculiar to each bank. A premier banker does not have the power to approve or initiate a loan process but in some scenarios, he or she may be mandated to generate client’s leads for follow-up by a bank credit or loan officer.

A premier banker must possess a good sales track record and must relate with clients from all social and economic backgrounds freely. He or she needs to have extensive knowledge of all products and services of the bank and must be able to convince customers to patronize the bank. The ability to convince customers is one of the salient qualities a premier banker must possess as the job responsibility revolves around analyzing financial information and providing solutions to complicated problems. For instance, if a customer wants to open an investment account but does not have the required income or money to fund such an account, the premier banker can find a better information solution that correlates with the customer’s needs and abilities.


Differences between a Bank teller and a Premier banker

Most people use the term interchangeably but there are not the same. A bank teller is below a premier banker because bank tellers perform little transactions while premier bankers perform more complex transactions. Most premier bankers begin their careers as bank tellers. Bank tellers perform transactions such as withdrawing cash and checking clients’ account balances. Premier bankers on the other hand have extensive knowledge of banking practices and they can assist clients set up new account features and transferring a huge sum of money. most premier bankers work with affluent people and advise them on the right kind of investment they should indulge in that matches their financial income.


Premier Banker Job Description

What is a premier banker job description? A premier banker job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a premier banker in an organization. Below are the premier banker job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a premier banker job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a premier banker:

  • Communicate banking products and services to prospective clients
  • Guarantee an integrated and seamless approach to developing, servicing, and developing the client portfolio
  • Organize and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with external centers of influence who will enhance business development efforts
  • Refer and get residential mortgage opportunities for clients to Mortgage Lending Specialists
  • Ensure exceptional client experience
  • Bestow financial needs to clients
  • Control, maintain, and update sales activity, pipeline, and other important information using the bank’s contact management system
  • Serve as an advocate for clients with partners
  • Keep abreast of changing economic, investment trends, financial planning, and general market and business issues impacting wealthy clients
  • Exhibit’s Bank’s Vision, Mission, and Values through action and words
  • Use the sales process to optimize sales opportunities and deliver sales results
  • Proactively work with the financial counselors on delegated investment accounts for adherence to investment and asset allocation objectives and policies
  • Enhance relationship with clients through referrals and offering them other bank special services
  • Evaluate assigned accounts
  • Review accounts and assets as per procedure ad requirements
  • Establish and periodically update understanding of client financial needs and condition-based upon sound profiling and personal financial planning analysis
  • Resolve complex service issues In the Branch Manager’s absence or direction
  • Participate in the ongoing execution and development of the premier banking program including processes, products, services, and operating policies and procedures
  • Meet revenue growth, profitability, and retention goals by enhancing new clients, amplifying services, and marketing new products to existing clients
  • Serve as a personal financial planning/advisory resource for clients, their lawyers, and Certified Public Accountants (CPA)



  • A Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Mathematics, and Business Administration
  • Past proven Experience as a Bank Teller
  • Customer Service or goal-oriented
  • Outstanding Verbal and writing skills
  • A history of generating sales leads and networking with customers
  • Bilingual skills
  • Ability to project a strong sense of professionalism and business acumen
  • Ability to demonstrate decisions  and sound work ethic
  • Collaborate with others on prospects and task
  • Knowledgeable about banking products and services


Essential Skills

  • Communication Skills: A premier banker must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in terms of writing. He must be able to communicate to potential customers the mission, vision, and values of the bank. This is very important because this is the first point of attracting customers to the bank; he should also be able to interpret the bank policies and procedures for customers who may find it difficult to comprehend. He should also be able to draft the bank’s financial official documents.
  • Customer Service: this is a core skill that every premier banker must have to be successful in the role. A premier banker must know how to generate leads to boost the sales of the bank’s products and services. They should be able to convince clients about the bank’s exceptional services and why potential clients should patronize the bank. They must also have strong negotiation skills because most people premier bankers work with affluent people.
  • Interpersonal Skills: it is one thing to attract potential customers and it is another to retain them. Premier bankers need to possess interpersonal skills to establish long-term relationships with customers to make them keep patronizing the bank services. They should develop a friendly relationship with customers and give customers counsel on the best banking services that match their investment. They can also enhance this relationship by following customers up to their offices, houses, or any other place they can get their attention to motivate them to keep patronizing the bank’s services.
  • Extensive Knowledge about Banking Services and Products: A premier banker must have extensive knowledge about the products and services of a bank. He or she must know the services that his bank specifically offers and other banks don’t use it as an upper advantage to increase customer patronage. Many loan processes are complex to comprehend; it is the sole responsibility of the premier banker to explain mutual funds, annuities, and other investment products to clients.
  • Computer and Technical Skills: Most banking processes involve the use of computers; it is therefore very paramount for a premier banker to have knowledge of computers and how to use banking computer applications to deliver incredible banking services to customers. He must also be a good email marketer to reach out to a wide range of customers and also follow up with customers that are not frequently patronizing the bank services. You should use email marketing to introduce a new product to clients and update them about any change in banking policies. Some banks that experience network glitches also use the email marketing platform to inform and apologize to customers about poor banking networks.
  • Critical Analysis and Problem Solving: A premier banker mostly meets with clients and clients may voice their opinion about a particular banking service and how it is very difficult for them to get along with it for instance. It is the responsibility of a premier banker to analyze the situation and give solutions to it promptly without any delay. He or she must also know how to make financial transactions without any error and to achieve that they must pay keen attention to detail. They must also be highly knowledgeable about banking to critically analyze a situation. A successful or good premier banker is someone who educates others about their financial health and helps them to achieve their goals by educating them about money management tools.


How to Become a Premier Banker

  • Acquire a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to becoming a premier banker is to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting, Banking and Finance, Mathematics, Economics, and any other related field. This degree takes four years to complete and during this degree, you will get to learn about general banking policies, how to handle a financial transaction and how to relate with customers. This degree exposes you to the rudiments of banking and helps you hone some salient skills that a banker is expected to have. One of the skills you will get to harness is critical thinking skills which are a requisite for most bankers. Someone wishing to become a banker may benefit from enrolling in a vocational sales training course at a community college.

  • Get the Relevant Banking Industry Experience

A premier banker is a senior bank position that will not be given to an amateur banker and it takes years of working as a junior banker before you become a premier banker. A premier banker deals with affluent customers and businesses marketing bank products to them and anyone aspiring to become a premier banker must gain some banking industry-level experience. He or she can start acquiring this experience by working as a bank teller or a customer service associate. Some banks may mandate that you attend training banking sessions that have to do with complex banking products and services to acquire extensive knowledge before you become a premier banker. Most banks love to employ seasoned bankers who have accomplished good sales records when recruiting.

An individual considering becoming a premier banker can also acquire banking industry experience from financial firms such as brokerage houses, selling securities, insurance companies, and lending products.  Therefore, you can start your career in these institutions rather than in a bank as an agent or broker before officially transitioning into banking. Most people who work as insurance agents or brokers must first attend a series of licensing classes and write an examination. In some scenarios, an insurance license is one of the requirements of a premier banking job banks may highly seek out people who have a history of working in this industry.

  • Draft your Resume

When hiring a premier banker, most employers look out for a resume that itemizes the candidate’s financial qualifications. Highlight your financial qualification, skills, and experience in your resume to get your potential employer’s attention.

Employers also prefer a candidate with exceptional customer service skills that can interact with wealthy people and offer them professional advice. Ensure you enumerate the skills you possess and stress your customer service skills to attract your potential employer. You can highlight the following skills: Interpersonal skills, communication skills lead generation, and extensive knowledge about banking services and products.

  • Apply for Open Positions

There are a lot of job opportunities for a premier banker but a premier banker is a top-notch banking position and employers have a lot of expectations from the job candidate. A good job candidate must be very smart to be the right candidate for the job; one way you can achieve this is by gathering information about the banking services and products you are applying for. Most banks have peculiar banking services; do a background check on the banking services the bank you apply is offering and then apply. Once you apply for the job and you are invited for an interview, prove to the bank that you are the ideal candidate they are looking for and highlight how you manage a financial project in your previous work environment.


Where Can a Premier Banker Work?

Premier bankers work in the banking sector; they work in commercial banks, mortgage banks, banks of industry, and merchant banks. They play a role in generating leads and increasing the bank’s customer patronage.


Premier Banker Salary

In the United States, a premier banker earns a salary of $66,550 per year and $33.62 per hour. Entry-level positions start their career by earning $54,600 per year while most experienced premier bankers earn up to $90,300 per year. The salary varies based on the geographical location of the premier banker.

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