Photoshoot Stylist Job Description

Photoshoot Stylist Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a photoshoot stylist job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a photoshoot stylist. Feel free to use our photoshoot stylist job description template to produce your own photoshoot stylist job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a photoshoot stylist.


Who is a Photoshoot Stylist?

A photoshoot stylist is a fashion artist or trained creative individual that functions with the photographer to come up with an original concept and idea for carrying out a photoshoot assignment. They are specifically in charge of making people look stunning, alluring, and glamorous with each click. This expert is in charge of planning the outfits and accessories for the customer who will be taking part in the picture shoot. Clients may occasionally notice that professional works with the designers to choose the best product. When the outfit is finished, they go through the trouble of fitting it, matching it with the accessories, and frequently asking for assistance from the crew to finish the work on schedule. Stylists for photo shoots determine a client’s style and what makes them special, then plan how to portray that in photographs.

Photoshoot stylists create images for social media, billboards, advertising ads, magazine editorials, and clients’ enterprises. Without the usage of appropriate props, a photo shoot would be lacking. A photoshoot stylist would solve this problem since the average person would have no idea how to get the right professionals for the particular session. They will buy or rent the homes for boosting the mood, whether it is a photo or film shoot. Coordination of fashion photo sessions, including wardrobe selection and location selection, is handled by a photo shoot stylist. The duties of a photoshoot stylist include coordinating with fashion designers to purchase or borrow their clothing, choosing interesting venues, and designing eye-catching ensembles for each photograph. We’d like to meet you if you have a sincere interest in fashion, styling experience, and the ability to create original styles for various body shapes.

It takes a lot of work to achieve the look you see in a stunning shot. Not everyone can choose the greatest props. So, the purpose of hiring a photographic stylist is to help with the purchase of enticing and complementary items so that the final product will be stunning and mind-blowing. You assist a photographer in creating the mise en scène for a photo session as a photo shoot stylist. This typically includes assisting with outfit decisions for everyone appearing in the photos, overseeing the use of props, and overall making sure each photograph turns out as nicely as possible. This employment is significantly less common in fields like nature photography and is more typical in the commercial goods, food, and fashion industries.

A photoshoot stylist collaborates with a brand and a photographer to determine what backdrops, outfits, accessories, and other elements are necessary for a photo shoot to effectively portray a product. They provide extra props or accessories and assist in setting up the visual environment during a shoot, choosing what the models should wear, what props to utilize, and how to best place things for the camera. Stylists for photo shoots can set up furniture for the home goods sector, arrange clothes for the fashion industry, and even style food. As a novice photoshoot stylist, you might think about hiring an agent to help promote your expertise and services. Your picture sessions’ logistics are handled by an agent, who can also assist you in finding jobs.  The best solution is to hire an agency if you wish to work steadily without the stress of arranging projects. But keep in mind that because agencies demand a cut of your charge, many stylists choose not to use them. Nevertheless, if you believe it might help launch your career, you might want to present stylist agencies with your portfolio.


Photoshoot Stylist Job Description

What is a photoshoot stylist job description? A photoshoot stylist job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a photoshoot stylist in an organization. Below are the photoshoot stylist job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a photoshoot stylist job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

The duties and responsibilities of a photoshoot stylist include the following:

  • Comprehend the design team’s concept for the products and interpret trends effectively for the target audience of a business to style clothing for regular photo shoots.
  • Find and buy every piece of clothing and jewellery needed for photo shoots, then return everything to the right vendors.
  • Meet with customers to determine their needs and expectations before photoshoots.
  • Plan the sites for the shoot.
  • Offer clients advice on dynamic styling for images.
  • Work together with fashion designers, photographers, and the photo shoot coordinator to achieve the intended style for each photoshoot.
  • Keep track of all branded attire and accessories you own
  • Possess the adaptability to work on a photo session as necessary.
  • Create unique, imaginative, and outlandish designs.
  • Create and sustain productive, cooperative partnerships.
  • Ensure a stunning appearance from head to toe.
  • Organize the clothing and wardrobes used for a photo session or other event.
  • Select stylish, current attire, footwear, and other accessories.
  • Work together on the projects with photographers, models, hairdressers, and makeup artists.
  • Make suggestions for locations for each photo shoot, and then organize them using the appropriate props.
  • Adapt the perspective, lighting, and model positioning to best showcase each outfit.
  • Make sure the outcome meets quality standards and is consistent with the scope of the project.
  • Return all loaned items in good condition.
  • Adapt to the client’s personal preferences for shape, colour, and style.
  • Keep up with regional and international fashion and design trends as they emerge and change.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with professionals in the fashion industry, such as fashion designers, photographers, journalists, editors, and retailers.



  • Degree in a relevant discipline, such as fashion design or photography.
  • Work experience as a fashion stylist, photoshoot stylist, or in a position equivalent.
  • Possessing a portfolio of previously developed looks for photo shoots or catalogues is advantageous.
  • The capacity to creatively and proactively style entire ensembles.
  • Must be updated with the newest cosmetic, shoe, accessory, and clothing trends.
  • Excellent fashion sense, including an understanding of colour palettes and fashion trends.
  • Understanding of clothing styling procedures with a focus on fit and tailoring.
  • Strong knowledge of production, pace, and efficiency in the studio for digital photography.
  • familiar with a variety of manufacturers and designers.
  • Outstanding communication skills.
  • Willingness to be available to work a full day for picture shoots
  • Flexibility in terms of travel is required.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Ability to manage time and meet deadlines.
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to meet all businesses’ schedules.
  • Largely focused on the details.
  • Personal responsibility and professionalism.


Essential Skills

  • Communication skills: Photoshoot stylists engage with clients, coworkers, and other professionals using their communication abilities. They employ their communication abilities to describe their services, respond to inquiries, and give feedback. To establish a rapport with their clients and forge a personal connection, photoshoot stylists also employ communication abilities. By doing so, they may better comprehend the needs and preferences of their consumers and offer tailored advice.
  • Customer Service Skills: Skills in customer service are needed in every business. A photoshoot stylist who excels at customer service can build trusting relationships with their clients. You can have the duty of assisting clients in selecting clothing that complements their sense of style and physical attributes as a photographic stylist. You can assist customers in locating the appropriate clothing and accessories for their needs by utilizing your customer service abilities.
  • Marketing skills: Photoshoot stylists must understand how to sell their services to clients because they do it frequently. They can design a brand, a marketing plan, and marketing materials with the aid of marketing talents.
  • Leadership skills: You must effectively communicate with others and manage a group of individuals to succeed as a photo shoot stylist. You should also be comfortable helping out with any component of the photo session as needed. Your leadership skills enable you to control the environment during a picture shoot and effectively convey your thoughts to the other participants.
  • Multi-tasking: Strong multitasking abilities are essential for stylists because of the variety of tasks they must complete during a session. This ability enables you to simultaneously arrange for several picture shoots and manage numerous briefs and schedules. As a stylist, you must maintain your composure under pressure and be able to manage several tasks at once.


  • Fashion expertise: The current fashion trends and styles are frequently well known to photoshoot stylists. They can utilize this information to assist customers in locating attire for a shoot that complements their body type and personality. Stylists for photo shoots can also utilize their understanding of fashion to assist customers in locating accessories and other items of clothing that complement the purpose of the photo shoot.
  • Design expertise: Design competence is the capacity to produce visually pleasing designs. This talent aids photography stylists in showcasing the client’s merchandise. Your success in this career is ensured by your ability to put together looks or situations in original ways that are pleasing to the eye, as well as by understanding how to best portray items.
  • Networking skills: The capacity to retain business or social contacts in your field is referred to as networking skills. Stylists for photo shoots frequently employ networking techniques to increase their customers and advertise their services. To network with new clients and other stylists, they could use social media. Additionally, by attending conferences or joining professional organizations, they may be able to uncover possibilities to expand their firm by utilizing their networking abilities. In addition to helping you establish your reputation, networking can also assist you to land a job. Your career will ultimately advance if you have this expertise. Additionally, photographers, brands, and assistants may recommend you for their upcoming projects if you have great networking abilities and were a pleasure to deal with in the past.
  • Organization and interpersonal skills: A big photo shoot will probably require a ton of props and accessories. To develop a network they can use to buy, hire, or borrow the goods needed for a specific photoshoot, a professional photoshoot stylist will have to establish solid working relationships with stores, hirers, PRs, photographers, d  models, and prop suppliers. It takes a lot of organization to have this inventory well-maintained, well-documented, and present where and when it is required. The duty of making sure borrowed or rented props are returned later is the same. A photoshoot stylist who can remain calm under pressure, interact positively with other crew members, and ensure that deadlines are met will always be in demand. Photoshoots are constantly busy and occasionally a little chaotic.


How to Become a Photoshoot Stylist

Step 1. Obtain a degree/certificate

Getting a degree is optional. While a degree in styling or fashion is not required to work as a photoshoot stylist, you may want to consider obtaining a university certificate in fashion styling or a degree in fashion design to advance your education. When styling, the latter instructs you on how to manufacture clothing. Knowing how to produce garments may be helpful when styling since it allows you to become more familiar with the fabric, which makes it simpler to change the appearance of the garment without causing creases or ugly lines. Understanding the technical parts of a photo shoot, such as how to operate a camera or place lighting, may also be helpful. Consider attending specialized classes if you decide not to seek a degree or certificate. These abilities can be picked up while working on photo assignments.

Step 2. Acquire experience

Acquiring appropriate experience will assist a photoshoot stylist to comprehend the value of each participant’s job throughout the production and how to apply visual elements. Having this experience enables you to observe the methods employed by successful stylists to ensure the smooth operation of a photo shoot and the best possible representation of the product in pictures. Getting experience also provides you with the chance to network with clients, photographers, and employers to advance your career. To gain experience, get in touch with local stylists and photographers and offer to work as an assistant or run errands for them. Apply for appropriate internships in your area as well. You might get inspiration from a stylist who works in a different field than you, regardless of the kind of things you wish to style. Conducting test shoots also allows you to build your portfolio and experience. A test shot is a photo shoot that a stylist, not a brand, pays for. You are free to experiment and use your imagination when it comes to style because the stylist and photographer have complete control over the photographs during the shoot. You can also act as your photographer throughout the session, but for best results, make sure you take professional pictures. You can meet photographers and develop ties with brands through test picture shoots. In the end, the pictures you style can show off your styling skills.

Step 3. Build a portfolio

Create a portfolio to show prospective clients that includes pictures from earlier photoshoots or styled test photographs. The ability to style photoshoots for several businesses with a variety of aesthetic themes can be demonstrated to clients through the use of a website or digital portfolio.

Step 4: Apply for an entry-level job

Consider applying for entry-level jobs, such as the position of an assistant stylist, if you have some expertise with photoshoots and a portfolio to show off your abilities. While most stylists work on a freelance basis, some hold reliable, long-term jobs at periodicals, major retail chains, or any other business that frequently requires aesthetic upgrades.


Where to Work as a Photoshoot Stylist

Photoshoot stylists typically work in studios. They are also employed by magazine or media organizations, advertising agencies, modelling agencies, photographers, publishers, design studios, business brands, and professional vendors. The majority of photo shoot stylists are independent contractors. To create the style and atmosphere of a shot, photographic stylists collaborate closely with photographers. Their work can be seen in books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, catalogues, brochures, fashion shows, and exhibitions, among other venues. Photographic stylists typically focus on one industry, such as food, fashion, or interior design.

On a team with photographers, art directors, lighting specialists, set designers, and other stylists and designers, photographic stylists work. Along with models and famous people, they work with clients. Some tasks, like taking photos for a book or a catalogue, can take several weeks. Some tasks, like a fashion spread for a magazine, may just require a few hours. Because of the pressure and length of a typical workday, photographers’ stylists must be adaptable to their schedules. Even though a shoot may be scheduled from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, the stylist frequently has to stay later to complete the assignment. To meet deadlines or make the most of models or equipment that might only be accessible for a short while, this is necessary. Photoshoot stylists may work on preliminary tasks from their homes or offices. The majority of shots take place in studios, however, some may be on-site or even outside.


Photoshoot Stylist Salary Scale

The average salary for photoshoot stylists in the US is $58,450, with pay ranging from $27,970 to $100,240. In Nigeria, the average monthly salary for a photoshoot stylist is roughly 300,000 NGN. The typical salary range is between 90,000 NGN and 600,000 NGN. The regular monthly wage also includes transportation, housing, and other amenities. Based on factors including experience, education, skills, and others, photoshoot stylist pay varies greatly.

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