Is It Proper To Tell Your Boss You Are Looking For Another Job

Is It Proper To Tell Your Boss You Are Looking For Another Job?

Looking for a job while employed in another is a good thing to do; you want to grow professionally and personally. Most experts on careers recommend that you look for a job while on a job. But is it okay to tell your current boss that you are looking for another job? Hmmm! It’s quite tricky.

Treading carefully is what you should do. For many individuals, telling their boss is the right thing to do, for some, keeping it to themselves is absolutely the best option. It all depends on the organizational policy, what they believe, and your relationship with your boss.

So, is it proper to tell your boss you are looking for another job? We will look at the pro and cons and let you decide if you want to tell your boss about your job hunt. But first, it will be advisable to examine yourself and why are you looking for a new job.


Why are you Job Hunting?

Before job hunting, while working or even telling your boss, you may want to do some personal examination and be honest with yourself. You should ask yourself why you are looking for another job. Do you want a raise, more responsibilities, or a challenging environment? Ask yourself if you want to change careers or do not enjoy what you do in your current position.

The proper examination will be made easier if you make a list of things you like and don’t about your current job


Telling your boss you are looking for another job


New Opportunities

One of the benefits of being upfront with your boss especially if you are a valuable employee is better opportunities. Your boss may have less experience than you but may have the power to connect you to new opportunities. If you have a supportive boss who understands the kind of person you are will try to open doors for you to develop yourself.

Promotion or Salary Raise

If one of the reasons you are looking for another job is because you think you are qualified for larger or bigger roles, telling your boss that you are looking for a new job may land you that role. When you are upfront about your job hunt to your boss, it will give your boss an impression that you want to handle more and might be the boost to the long-awaited promotion. The same goes for a salary raise.


This may not look like much but it is important to note that humans value honesty. A good work relationship is based on honesty and feedback. The feedback for honesty is respect.


If your boss is in the know about your job hunt, they are likely to offer to be a referee or write you a recommendation letter. This often happens when your boss knows that the company cannot offer you what you are looking for.



It May be seen as a betrayal

Many employment professionals will suggest that you should not tell your boss that you are looking for a new job because there might be some repercussions you will not be happy about. This often happens with complicated bosses as they may consider it as a treasonous act or a betrayal. Some employers may see it as trying to sell their company secrets to their competitors


Another thing that can go wrong with telling your boss that you are looking for a new job is that while they may agree and act all cool about it, they are looking for your replacement. The danger with this situation is that you could lose your current job and not get a new one.


You have informed your boss and he/she is pretty cool with it; however, that can change when rumours are going around about your departure. Rumours can be spread in the office by envious work colleagues who you have told or heard about your job hunt. Rumours can make your boss uncomfortable with working with you even if you decide to stay.

Final thoughts

Telling your boss you are looking for a new job is up to you. It is a tough decision and you should take your time but not too long. Trust your common sense, understand your organization and your boss. More importantly, if you do not have multiple sources of income, assess the risks before you take any decision.

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