If Hired, What Would You Do In The First 30- 90 Days

Interview Question: If Hired, What Would You Do In The First 30- 90 Days?

The interview process requires tact, guile, and skill. The interviewer has to select the best candidate from a pool of applicants. When faced with highly qualified candidates, hiring managers tend to ask tough questions to ease the selection process. A great example of such questions is – if hired, what would you do in the first 30-90 days? This question can be asked in various forms; such as what would be the initial goals you would like to accomplish in the first 90 days? Tell me about what you would be doing in the first 30-90 days in this role amongst others.

It is true that starting a new job brings excitement and may invigorate you. Also, you may be overwhelmed by the processes involved. Although the onboarding period may seem daunting, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about your manager, supervisor, coworkers, company’s culture, duties, and workplace etiquette. Relatively, you can use this period to learn more about yourself, your strengths, and your work ethic. In addition, you will be able to know how you fit into the larger organization.

However, proper planning and creating a goal-driven plan can help you settle in and adjust to the new role and organization quickly and effectively. Planning should always be at the back of your mind as a job seeker. Employers and hiring managers are often intrigued and impressed by candidates who plan ahead of time. Even if you are a fresh graduate who is applying for an entry-level position, the interviewer will still ask you tough questions about your first 30-90 days at work.

Remember, organizations and employers are looking for candidates who are goal-oriented and focused. Moreover, the recruitment manager wants to know and be certain that you are ready and prepared to make an immediate impact in the organization. Employers prefer workers that will hit the ground running in a position. These days, new hires hardly get the opportunity to transition gradually into the role. Also, all eyes are on you; so it is paramount that you prepare well and make a great positive impact from the onset. You will have a competitive advantage over your competition for the role when you have a plan for the first 30-90 days. Therefore, this article will discuss the reasons why interviewers ask this question and provide guidelines on the best way to answer the question.


Why Do Hiring Managers Ask the Question- If Hired What Would You Do in the First 30-90 Days?

The interviewer asks the question for the following reasons;

  • The hiring manager wants to test and decipher your level of understanding of the basic needs of the position.
  • Also, the interviewer wants to know what you deem and consider the most important and urgent needs for the role or position.
  • The employer wants to know where you feel you can have an initial impact on the role.


What is a Job Transition Plan?

In every venture of life, a transition plan is essential for adaptation. It helps businesses and individuals to set and accomplish goals. When you are about to start a new job or role, you need a transition plan to help you adjust to your new setting or environment. A good example of a job transition plan is the 30-90 days plan. The plan is used by employees to strategize the first three months in a new job, as well as to set goals. It helps workers to maximize their work output during the first 90 days at work. Similarly, it enables employees to create manageable and achievable goals that are tied to the organization’s mission statement and values and the position’s expectations and duties.


Things to Consider When Preparing for the Interview

To come up with a realistic, honest, and enthusiastic answer, consider the following before going for the interview;

1) Understand what is expected during the first three months on the job.

2) Do your research on the role and the organization’s mission and vision

3) Prepare your answer by outlining your goals for each month.

4) Ensure that you have a backup answer always.

5) Discuss just the actions and outcomes that you can control.

6) Don’t get caught up in imaginary targets that are irrelevant.


How to Answer the Question

It is important to know the primary needs of the role or position to effectively answer the question. Preferably, candidates and employees should try and understand the most urgent needs for the position. The following tips can suffice;

  • Describe how you will utilize your training and orientation.
  • Focus and emphasize how you plan to build relationships with your coworkers.
  • Mention and outline the skills and experience that you would hope to put into practice.
  • Describe the steps you would take to gain the trust and respect of your colleagues.

Describe how you will utilize your training and orientation: Most employers and organizations carry out employee training and orientation to get new hires or workers acquainted with the role and company. Therefore, when responding to this interview question, highlight and describe how you will utilize such orientation and training in the first 30-90 days on the job. Undoubtedly, the training and orientation are meant and structured to help you understand the position and organization better.

Focus and emphasize how you plan to build relationships with your coworkers: Also, your answer should include statements on how you intend to build relationships with fellow employees. Even if you are applying for an entry-level position, cohabiting and coexisting with other workers in the firm is vital and paramount. Therefore, try and emphasize how you plan to build healthy relationships in the workplace within the first 30-90 days. If you have experience and examples from a previous job, feel free to mention and dwell on it.

Mention and outline the skills and experience that you would hope to put into practice: The early stages of a new job are a good opportunity to showcase your skills, expertise, and experience. Hence, you can talk about how you would employ and use these skills in the first 30-90 days. Additionally, outline clearly how your experience would benefit the organization during this period. Every employer or recruiter prefers a candidate that will hit the ground running immediately and help the organization to save time and resources. Ideally, you should mention how you would use each skill to help move the organization forward in the first three months.

Describe the steps you will take to earn the trust and respect of your colleagues: Imagine having a new employee who shows arrogance and disregard for others from day one. You don’t want to draw the ire of other employees in your early days. Thus, it is important to take measures and steps that can make your coworkers trust and respect you. It is easy to succeed when you have the trust and respect of colleagues. When responding to the question, list the steps you will take to make that happen.

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