Human Resource Assistant Job Description

Human Resource Assistant Job Description, Skills, and Salary

Are you searching for a human resource assistant job description? Get to know about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills requirements of a human resource assistant. Feel free to use our human resource assistant job description template to produce your own human resource assistant job description. We also provide you with information about the salary you can earn as a human resource assistant.


Who is a Human Resource Assistant?

The group of people who make up a company’s, industry’s, or economy’s labour force is known as its human resources. The knowledge and skills that people possess are referred to as human capital, which is a more specific definition. Similar concepts include labour, personnel, companions, and people themselves. An organization’s human-resources department (HR department) manages human resources by supervising a variety of employment-related activities, including compliance with labour laws and employment standards, interviewing, handling employee benefits, organizing employee files with the necessary paperwork for future use, and some facets of recruitment (also known as talent acquisition) and employee offboarding. They act as a liaison between the management and the workforce of an organization. The human resource department plays a crucial role in supporting the employee experience and ensuring legal compliance. The HR assistant serves as the organization’s employees’ and benefit vendors’ point of contact and manages daily HR duties. This crucial job contributes to ensuring that crucial HR files are handled and employee demands are satisfied. In smaller firms, managing the HR department may be a part-time duty; in larger ones, it may be a full-time job.


The everyday administrative and HR responsibilities of a business fall within the purview of a professional known as a human resources (HR) assistant. He or she is an administrative specialist who carries out several transactional tasks in support of a company’s human capital and employment goals. They support all employees with administrative work and aid with recruitment and record-keeping for payroll processing. A human resource assistant (HR assistant) assists a human resources specialist or specialists for a business or organization. They typically perform secretarial duties like setting up appointments, taking phone calls, and writing correspondence. Maintaining personnel records is one of the key responsibilities of an HR assistant. This entails maintaining track of private data including address changes, performance reports, benefits, and salary information for employees. Recruitment assistance from HR assistants is also possible. Posting job ads, pre-screening candidates, giving assessments to candidates, and notifying applicants of their acceptance or rejection for a position are a few examples of what this might include. Additionally, they may go over health, disability, and life insurance with new hires as well as other benefits; gather completed paperwork; and assist current workers who want to switch benefit plans during open enrollment periods.

The majority of the time that HR assistants are at work is spent in an office setting and during regular business hours. They reply to emails and put staff members in touch with the right person who can help them with their inquiries. Memos about changes to the corporate policy are sent and kept on file by HR assistants. Information entry into corporate databases is one of the typical responsibilities of HR assistants. They make actual copies of the files and verify the accuracy of the data they entered. The HR Assistant performs print jobs, produces copies, and sends outgoing mail for the division before the day is up. Excellent HR assistants are incredibly motivated and well-organized. They go quickly through their work without compromising its calibre of it. For other HR staff members to do their duties, HR assistants can foresee what paperwork and data they will need to collect. When they learn sensitive information about a colleague employee, successful HR assistants exercise discretion and are truthful. They are also informed about their company and the numerous hiring, promotion, and firing processes.


Human Resource Assistant Job Description

What is a human resource assistant job description? A human resource assistant job description is simply a list of duties and responsibilities of a human resource assistant in an organization. Below are the human resource assistant job description examples you can use to develop your resume or write a human resource assistant job description for your employee. Employers can also use it to sieve out job seekers when choosing candidates for interviews.

  • Keep all documentation, records, and files related to human resources correct and up to date.
  • Answer frequently asked questions about common policies, benefits, hiring procedures, etc. from job candidates and employees; direct more complicated inquiries to the proper senior-level HR professionals or management.
  • Keep the confidentiality and integrity of records and files about human resources.
  • Ensure that all necessary documents are gathered and filed correctly by conducting periodic audits of HR files and records.
  • Support the HR department’s administrative needs.
  • Assist in processing payroll, responding to employee inquiries, fixing processing blunders, and distributing checks.
  • Serve as the organization’s point of contact with outside suppliers and providers of benefits, such as those for health, disability, and retirement plans.
  • Conduct new hire orientation or assist.
  • Help with organizing and carrying out special events, such as benefits enrollment, company-wide gatherings, employee recognition activities, holiday parties, and retirement celebrations.
  • Contribute to the creation and execution of human resource policies and procedures.
  • Encourage and help staff members to comprehend the practices and policies of human resources.
  • Help to create and advertise job openings.
  • Accept and examine job applications.
  • Plan your interviews and evaluations.
  • Assemble and confirm applicant data, including background investigations.
  • Give job hopefuls comments on the selection process.
  • Process the paperwork for new hires.
  • Organize the onboarding of new staff.
  • Plan the performance reviews.
  • Plan coaching and training sessions.
  • Assist with the execution of employee wellness initiatives and other HR services
  • Keep track of complaints, performance, and disciplinary information.
  • Assist with the termination procedure, including the paperwork, departmental notifications, and departure interviews.
  • Keep up-to-date, accurate, and thorough employee and HR records.
  • Respond to informational requests.
  • Compile HR reports with statistical summaries, charts, graphs, and surveys using pertinent data that has been carefully chosen.
  • Take care of incoming calls and emails.
  • Manage the calendars and timetables for HR.
  • Plan your events and locations.
  • Make your trip plans.
  • Prepare and distribute communications and correspondence.
  • Plan and organize employee events, such as awards ceremonies.
  • Help with budget management and tracking.
  • Ensure effective communication between staff and human resources.
  • Answer the questions and demands of the staff.
  • Stand an advocate for the staff.
  • Inform management about the issues and concerns of the workforce.
  • Assist employees with benefits enrollment when qualified and benefit termination upon the termination of employment.
  • Enter and keep track of sick and vacation days.
  • Gather attendance and timekeeping records.
  • Survey the pay market.
  • Help employees with payroll queries.
  • Encourage adherence by employees to HR-mandated procedures and systems.
  • Keep track of compliance with employment and labour legislation.



  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources or a closely related field.
  • Over 2 years of applicable experience in a human resources/administrative capacity as a staff assistant, assistant, or assistant.
  • Control of employment fairness and exposure to labour law.
  • Competent people management and HR administration.
  • Sufficient awareness of payroll procedures.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of HR procedures.
  • Outstanding communication skills, both in writing and speaking.
  • Ability to handle pressure effectively and meet deadlines.
  • Possession of a strong working knowledge of computers, including MS Office, email, and other business and communication tools.
  • Excellent time and project management skills.
  • Strong aptitude for making decisions and solving problems.
  • Detail-orientedness.
  • Capacity for precise instruction compliance.


Essential Skills

  • Communication Skills: Communication is one of the major abilities that an HR assistant must have. Since human resource management serves as the conduit between employees and the business, excellent communication skills are crucial in any HR department. An HR employee will interact with corporate leaders at various levels of power. They must therefore be able to successfully communicate with managers and workers of all ranks. An HR assistant should also have excellent communication skills because they will be assisting employees with a variety of problems, including complaints and questions. It’s crucial to be able to communicate verbally, digitally, and in writing.
  • Computer Skills: You must be proficient with spreadsheet and word processing software if you want to work as an HR assistant. You should be able to use word processing software to update employee papers, write letters, and generate simple calculations for spreadsheets. You should also be able to use presentation software to create presentations and send emails.
  • Computer Skills: Strong computer abilities, including knowledge of spreadsheet and word processing software, are required for the position of HR assistant. You should be able to write letters, use word processing software to update employee paperwork, and build simple spreadsheets. Additionally, you ought to be familiar with emailing and creating slideshows with presentation software.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork is an excellent human resources skill to search for. For instance, if there has been tension between workers in one department, an HR assistant may look at team-building exercises to use to improve collaboration. An assistant must also be an excellent team player with the ability to collaborate with both experienced workers and newcomers to the company. They ought to be passionate about team dynamics and human resource management.
  • Conflict Resolution Ability: Any type of business should prioritize conflict resolution. Employee pay disputes, harassment issues, team member disagreement, and health and safety concerns are just a few of the many problems that arise at work. An organization may have a variety of conflicts, therefore knowing how to handle them is crucial. This could involve an HR assistant setting up meetings between employees and managers, giving the right information regarding workplace legal policies, or acting impartially while hearing both sides of the story.
  • Research Skills: A corporation will benefit from your outstanding research abilities, especially if you’re hiring for an HR position. Various topics, such as current UK legislation, may require research on the part of an HR assistant. You may, for instance, request that they look up workplace diversity legislation to train senior staff.
  • Proactivity: Your HR assistant can identify possible issues before they arise by being proactive. An assistant should also be knowledgeable about any technological advancements as well as the most recent news and trends in human resources. A candidate can excel in this area by being willing to pursue additional training and growth.
  • Advising Skills: An HR assistant’s responsibility will include advising the company’s stakeholders. Additionally, they will have to give management members advice on a range of matters. This can be offering advice on corporate restructuring or assisting management with writing an email to the workers.
  • Recruitment Skills: The recruitment procedure involves HR assistants, who also evaluate resumes and choose qualified individuals for interviews. They must guarantee both a fair interview procedure and a diverse pool of applicants. Having important administrative abilities is essential because HR must also deal with new hires. Giving new hires the appropriate contracts and checking identity may be tasks related to this.
  • Analyzing Skills: The analysis of metrics to ascertain how they impact the organization is a skill that assistants in human resources must possess because they work with data. The performance of employees, retention and hiring is important HR indicators. This can be something you look for in an HR assistant since many firms are now using data analysis to make better judgments.
  • Knowledge of Human Resources:  It is excellent for any candidate if they have prior experience working in human resources. The most advantageous skills for someone looking for an HR assistant position to exhibit are the capacity to comprehend and carry out tasks including administration, recruitment, and teamwork.


How to Become a Human Resource Assistant

Step 1: Gain Education

You will typically require at least an associate’s degree to apply for an HR assistant position. When you apply, you should have a business administration degree from either the Master’s program, the Bachelor’s program, or the Associate’s program. For an HR assistant position, the two-year Associate’s degree in business administration frequently suffices. You can anticipate understanding management theories and foundations after earning this degree. A solid business and management foundation is provided by the Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the undergraduate level. You can anticipate learning about organizational management, economic fundamentals, and business development. Aspiring human resources professionals might further their studies with an undergraduate degree in business administration. If you want to work in high-level jobs in this industry, you might want to think about getting an MBA with a human resources concentration.

Step 2: Go for Training

Candidates must have three to five years of administrative experience to be considered for many HR job positions. Before applying for a position as an HR assistant, think about one of the following careers:

Administrative assistant: You can learn the fundamentals of office duties and file management in this position. Typically, you establish appointments for coworkers, schedule meetings for your department, produce and distribute documents, and generate and organize files.

Executive assistant: You can gain expertise in managing administrative duties for executives by working as an executive assistant. You’ll manage verbal and written communication, manage schedules and engage with guests.

Step 3: Acquire Certifications

HR assistants may not need to be certified, although some choose to do so to demonstrate their proficiency. Among the most popular certifications are:

PHR: A bachelor’s degree, two years of work experience in an HR job, and passing a 150-question certification exam are all prerequisites for this credential, which is offered by the HR Certification Institute.

SHRM-CP: To earn the SHRM-CP certification, candidates must have either an associate’s degree and three years of relevant experience or a bachelor’s degree and one year of HR experience, as well as a passing score on the exam’s 160 questions.


Where to Work as a Human Resource Assistant

Nearly every business that has a significant requirement for human resources employs human resource assistants. Both huge organizations and private businesses offer employment prospects. Human resource assistants are frequently employed by law firms and construction companies. Human resource assistants are similarly necessary at hospitals and other healthcare institutions that are open round-the-clock to make sure that staff is properly staffed and that shift schedules are followed.


Human Resource Assistant Salary Scale

In Nigeria, an assistant in human resources normally takes roughly 300,000 NGN per month. From 130,000 NGN to 560,000 NGN, salaries are offered. With housing, transportation, and other benefits included, this is the typical monthly wage. A human resource assistant makes an average annual pay of $38,955 per year, according to Indeed Career.

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