How To Stay Motivated At Work

How To Stay Motivated At Work

Motivation is the driving force for anything in this life. As an employee of an organization, you need to be motivated to be effective at work. Money at times can only bring temporal motivation. A motivation that is temporal makes you less effective at work but a kind of motivation that is long-lasting is the best. There are diverse situations that kill motivation or reduce the motivation of an employee and one of such is when the work is monotonous. For example, as a Customer Care Representative of a company, if all you do is answer calls, mail customers and send messages, you may be bored. A motivated employee can contribute largely to the success of the company and vice versa. Motivation increases the productivity of an employee and this article will explore how to stay motivated at work.


Tips to Stay Motivated At Work

Here are a few tips to keep you motivated at work:

Know Your Worth

Sometimes to feel motivated at work is remembering the impact your work makes on people’s lives. Most people tend not to get motivated at work because they cannot see the impact they perform on people’s lives and so they become very lazy. Discovering the impact you perform will always increase your driving force at work. For instance, if you are working as a Marriage Counselor for a psychological organization and you are resentful and lazy towards your job because of a lack of motivation; once you discover the impact you are making on people’s lives by fixing broken homes; your attitude towards your job will change.

Break Goals or Tasks to Small Pieces

Most times, employees lose motivation if the task at work is overwhelming. The solution to this is to break these tasks into smaller units so that the workload will not be tedious. Working endlessly and tirelessly all day can kill an employee’s driving force but if these tasks are done one at a time by employees, then it will be a great motivator for them.

In addition, reward yourself after accomplishing goals or tasks. You can buy yourself a car, clothes and much other stuff to celebrate yourself. This may be a temporal motivation but at least it keeps you going.

Set Deadlines for Your Task and Goals

What makes work very exciting is setting deadlines. Setting deadlines for your goals or tasks will go a long way to motivating you. Deadlines will increase your enthusiasm for work. For example, if you are an Online Video Creator and you set a deadline for creating new videos every day; this will make you channel your energy to make sure that the goal is met. What makes deadlines very intriguing for employees is that it helps you avoid personal distractions that can hamper your goals. Setting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly deadlines is a great motivator.


Keep Memory of Your Primary Driving Force

Yes, why are you working?  Before you took up this job there must be a reason behind it. Many people have different reasons for working and they are: to earn a living, for self-development, and to contribute to society. If you are working to earn a living and to provide for your family then never lose sight of this because it is your driving force. For instance, if you studied an educational course while at the University and you are teaching; this will always serve as your motivation booster because you want to develop yourself. Most times people are less motivated when they lose hold of their primary motivation for doing that particular job. Keeping a memory of your primary motivation will increase your vibe for the job.

Accept and Love Criticism

As an employee, you can feel very uncomfortable at work because of the way your boss and coworkers criticize your performance. Sometimes, your boss and coworkers may bash your performance and this may decrease your driving force. Use criticism to increase your vibe, accept criticism and develop yourself. If deficiencies are spotted in you by your boss or coworkers, work on those deficiencies and strive to be the best employee of the year. Do not let critics mar you but silence critics with your outstanding performance.

Develop Strong Love and Passion for Your Job

Most people today do not find fulfillment in their jobs because they don’t love what they do. The biggest motivation at work is loving what you do and being passionate about what you do. You will never be lazy towards what you love and no matter how long you work, there will always be motivation. Do not work for money but work for a passion and if you are passionate about your job; there will always be motivation even when there are no bonuses. A Medical Doctor that has a passion for saving lives will always be motivated even if he spent twenty years in medical service.


Reward Yourself and Your Colleagues

Rewarding yourself and your colleague is also a motivation boaster; you can take some time off to go for trips, and vacations with your coworkers. You can also go for lunch during office hours instead of working all day. When a coworker does something remarkable at work, you can buy them gifts to appreciate them. At end of the year parties, the company’s award can be organized to boost employees’ motivation. Awards like “Employee of the year” should be given to boost employee motivation and also appreciate the employee for his contribution to the success of the company. At the end of the year, you can also exchange different gifts with coworkers. In addition, developing a good relationship with coworkers can also help you feel motivated because if you are working in a hostile environment, it can kill your vibe.

In conclusion, motivation is the key and it helps employees to be hardworking, dedicated, excellent, and proficient at work. Motivation goes a long way to increasing employee vibe and the overall success of an organization. Follow the tips above to always stay motivated at work because motivation is paramount.

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