How to Launch A Successful Software Development Career

How to Launch A Successful Software Development Career

Starting or launching a successful career requires prior planning, hard work, doggedness, and total commitment to the course. No doubt, challenges may abound along the way; but then again, nothing good comes easy. Individuals with successful careers in any aspect of work and life didn’t have it easy at the beginning; their perseverance, expertise, professionalism, and goal-oriented nature helped see them through. The process of launching a career should start with self-examination and assessment; you should decipher things you’re passionate about, and figure out how to turn (them) into a successful career. The question; how can I achieve success? Beckons or suffices when a goal-oriented individual contemplates starting any career, including a career in information technology (IT) or software development.

The IT sector has experienced tremendous growth and advancement for decades. Analysts predict even bigger and higher growth in the sector in the next few years. New trends and innovations in coding, software programming, and development are emerging rapidly worldwide. Also, an array of excellent and creative software developers exists. The reason is not farfetched; software makes work easy and fast. For example, a student can easily carry out data analysis due to the availability of numerous data analysis software, compared to days when manual calculators are used.

However, the enormous growth in the tech industry has led to competition. These days, a huge number of job seekers compete for limited jobs. Although the sector is fruitful, you need to make yourself stand out to become a budding software developer. Launching a successful software development career is both exciting and frightening; there is a lot to learn, it takes practice to become good at it. Thus, this article will explore the steps needed to start a successful career in software development.


Who is A Software Developer?

A software developer (also known as a computer programmer or coder) is a person who creates computer software. Also, software developers write codes for many kinds of software. It is important to know that people with different backgrounds have gone on to build successful careers in software development. You can have a strong foundation in a software career with experience in analytics, marketing, computer science, leadership, and even customer service.

The key to becoming a software developer is passion; once you’re passionate about it and believe you have what it takes to make strides in the sector, don’t let a prior career in an unrelated field hold you back. You may need mentorship, further training, and additional skills. However, the core skills required for software development can be imported from other fields. These skills include problem-solving, vision, teamwork, and creativity.


Tips for Launching Successful Software Development Career

Enumerated below are the things to do to start a successful career in software development in no distinct order;

  • Find a great mentor
  • Learn to communicate well
  • Learn how to use supportive tools like the internet and Google
  • Live, eat and breathe code
  • Get experience through an internship at tech companies
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • Follow professionals in the fields
  • Work on your soft skills
  • Join online communities

Find a great mentor: Mentors provide guidance and share their knowledge with mentees. A great mentor can help you harness your skill and master the art of software development. Hence, find an excellent mentor who will provide sound advice on architecture, design, and coding. Mentors can also help you improve your career path. An individual with vast knowledge of software development can be a good mentor; look for someone who has had tremendous success in the field as well.  In addition, your mentor mustn’t necessarily work in the same organization or location as you; you can exchange ideas and get coaching through phone calls, text messages, or emails.

Learn to communicate well: Effective communication is essential in launching a successful software development career. You may have ideas to share with mentors, colleagues, and other professionals in the field; your ability to pass such ideas across effectively, concisely, and clearly will enable you to succeed. However, communication entails listening as well; your ability to listen effectively to what clients or other developers have to say will help as well.


Learn how to use supportive tools like the internet and Google: The internet has become a major proponent for launching a successful career. Relatively, there is a myriad of supportive materials and tools on the internet that can guide you when starting a software development career. These materials are in form of videos, text, or charts.

Similarly, Google provides answers to everything. When you’re not comfortable with asking for help, you can always use Google to become more effective in what you’re doing. Take your time to learn about different kinds of tools, so that if an issue comes and requires something outside your realm of experience, you can quickly determine whether it is worth spending time learning about or not.

Live, eat and breathe code: Being a successful software developer entails writing codes and programming.  Therefore, to launch and start a career in software development, an individual should make writing codes a part of his or her daily life. Ensure that you come up with at least, one new code every day. A singer who doesn’t sing constantly or a writer who rarely writes will not go very far compared to those who don’t stop. The same applies to software development. If you want to be successful in software development, you need to live, eat and breathe codes. Practice coding and learn everything you can about the programming languages you’re working with. Also, stay abreast of trends in the software development world.

Get experience through an internship at tech companies: Experience they say is the best teacher; the knowledge you get while learning from experts will help you a lot. Also, having first-hand experience through an internship or industrial training will be vital when you want to start software development. You don’t have to stay long in an organization; any amount of decent development experience you get at a reputable tech company is important.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: No one gets coding right on the first try, so don’t feel bad when you mess up. Everyone else is still learning too. It is essential to learn from your mistakes so that you can avoid making them again in the future, and so that you can help others learn from them as well.

When you make a mistake and then fix it before anyone notices, what have you learned? However, if someone points out that there was a problem with the code you wrote or tells you how to improve a particular design choice, thank them for spotting it and effect necessary corrections.

Follow professionals in the field: Innovation is the order of the day in software development. Although getting experience and a mentor is crucial, you should follow experts and seasoned professionals in the IT sector. This will help you keep in touch with new trends in coding and programming. With the advent of blogs and social media, you can easily follow these professionals and learn about new trends. In addition, you can read their email newsletters regularly.

Lots of software developers jump into new technologies right after they are released without really understanding what problems these technologies solve, or why they would ever need them. Reading what influential developers are writing about helps put things into perspective and enables you to launch a successful software development career.

Work on your soft skills: Soft skills are considered to be one of the most important parts of starting a software development career. You can practice your hard, technical skills and you can improve your programming language, but if you can’t work as part of a team or think outside the box, your chances of being successful are limited.

Join online communities: Software developers all around the world enjoy talking to other software developers. It is a good idea to get to know them and find their online hangouts. Online communities are a great way to upskill, network, and develop friendships with like-minded people to bounce an idea off. Platforms such as STACK OVERFLOW, CODERWALL, and HASHNODE all provide helpful communities for questions, discussions, and advice for software developers at all levels.



Software development is undoubtedly a lucrative and fulfilling venture; you need a combination of skill, discipline, experience, and coaching to succeed in it. Most importantly, make sure you are interested in software development before going into it. There will be challenges; your passion, interest, and the tips above will help launch you a successful career.

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