How To Get a Marketing Job

How To Get a Marketing Job

No matter how amazing a product is, the makers still need someone to help get the word out. If this role interests you, then how to get a marketing job should be your next quest.

There is no shortage of employers for you in this profession. From healthcare, aviation, and hospitality, to engineering firms, you can get a marketing job in your preferred industry.

It’s about time we showed you all you need to know about how to get a marketing job fast.


Why get a marketing job

A marketing job provides opportunities and holds many benefits for anyone in the profession. In many cases, skill and raw talent are what it takes to go from zero to 100 in this profession. Here are more reasons why you should get a marketing job:

It is lucrative.

Marketing is one of the highest-paying professions. However, this depends on where you work and how much you bring to the table. This takes nothing away from the fact that a marketing job allows you to comfortably make six figures.

Another benefit of getting a marketing job is that your skills can make you six figures regardless of experience level. Besides the basic salary, marketers get bonuses or a commission on sales, clients they register, and other factors. Thus, the streams of income in marketing are numerous.

You can be self-employed while you work for a company

One of the professions that are centered on interacting with people is marketing. A skilled marketer can create their own business while continuing their marketing job. The job is so flexible that marketers are usually in control of their working hours provided they meet their targets.

Jobs such as these do not come frequently, so it is a big opportunity to have that flexibility. Whenever you decide to leave your marketing job to focus on your business, you can take your customers with you.

It opens doors for networking.

While trying to convince people to purchase something can be challenging, it has its benefits. One of such benefits is the opportunity to meet influential people through networking. In a marketing job, marketers interact with people regularly, attend events, and go to public places, and anywhere else people are.

Through their good communication skills, they can do more than convince people to buy what they are selling. Marketers form strong bonds, profitable partnerships, and lasting friendships with people of all classes, professions, and social statuses.

It will never go out of fashion.

Chimney boys. Human alarm clocks. Do any of these sound familiar? Probably not.

Believe it or not, those were professions people used to be associated with and proud of not too long ago.

Did you observe that they don’t ring a bell? It is because they don’t exist anymore. Likewise, many currently existing professions will cease to exist because they will no longer serve their purpose in the future.

However, a marketing job will always be relevant for obvious reasons. Some things will never change – the making of new products and services. Companies will always want to advertise their products. When this happens, a marketer will always find work.

Every business needs you.

There is nothing better for a professional than knowing that your services will always be needed. This knowledge fills you with confidence as you hone your skills. A marketing job has this advantage over virtually every other profession – every business needs marketers. It is because the business’s target customers can only learn about their products or services through marketing.

For this reason, marketers are hired to spread the gospel of such products or services. Expert marketers always find work – everyone needs them.


How to get a marketing job fast

Marketing jobs have become one of the most respected professions in modern-day society. These days there are more people are entering the field both online and offline. This trend makes competition for a marketing jobs tougher. However, below are practical ways you can get ahead in this race:

Talk to people.

As a marketing professional, you will have to talk to people on the job every day. That’s not all – you would have to convince them to buy what you are selling, which is the hard part.  Start talking to people. Meet as many people as you can and let them know that you would like a marketing job.

Remember that everyone needs a marketer, so any business owner or brand might be your potential employer. Also, marketing transcends beyond print and word-of-mouth, so sell the idea of online marketing to potential employers.

Master the art of selling.

A marketer is no different than a salesperson. Before you get a marketing job, let selling become a part of you – master the art. That way, you would exhibit the qualities of an expert marketer from your application through your interview. The moment your interviewers spot this in you, they will be drawn toward you.

Read books on the art of selling, and attend seminars and webinars as well. Lastly, have mentors in the marketing industry you can learn from.

Start marketing something

One of the newest methods by which people get jobs faster is by becoming an expert in the profession. In other words, you should start working as a marketing professional already. Start small – market something for yourself or a friend. This will help you hone your skills and give you the license to fail without any consequences.

These experiences make you more equipped and give you firsthand knowledge of what the profession entails. Thus, when you speak to your interviewer about marketing, you will ooze authority, expertise, and vast experience in the field.

Exploit social media

Social media has become one of the biggest media for advertising in this digital age. Not only is social media meant for fun, but it also creates an avenue for people to show their skills.

Since marketing on social media is now a major marketing tool, you would be killing two birds with a stone. This implies that by using social media, you would be practicing marketing online while you advertise your marketing skills. You can find jobs through people you meet on social media and sometimes a company might contact you directly.


Education and qualifications

To get an entry-level marketing job, most employers require at least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing-related courses.

A Bachelor’s degree in any Marketing, Business Administration, Advertising, or Communications is preferred. To become a marketing manager, an MBA might be required by employers.


Skills you need for a marketing job

Marketing is for skilled people who also love what they do. These skills are some of the must-have attributes you ought to possess to get a marketing job:

People skills

A marketing job suits those who are comfortable among people, including those they meet for the first time. It takes people skills to excel in a marketing job.

Although not everyone is naturally good with people, people skills can be learned. In marketing, you look for every opportunity you can find to sell your product or service. You ought to see every gathering as an opportunity to sell, and new people you meet as potential customers.

Solid communication skills

The job description of a marketing professional is largely centered on meeting people through various means and communicating with them. Therefore, you need to be skilled at communicating both verbally and in writing.

Professional marketers have mastered this art and know-how to approach people of all ages, professions, and statuses. They know keywords and phrases that grab the attention of consumers without playing on their intelligence. This skill is a must-have as how you communicate with target customers determines their perception of the goods or services.

Attention to detail

Clients spend a large sum of money to manufacture their products or package their services. Also, they mostly do their research before meeting with an advertising or marketing agency for a marketing campaign. Thus, clients already have an idea of what they want you to do for them.

Your job would be to follow the instructions and note crucial details for the promotion.

Poor marketing would not only cost your clients money; it could also make them lose existing customers. Therefore, as a marketing professional, you must pay attention to these details to perfectly execute your client’s project.



Marketers sometimes work alone but on other occasions, they work with a team for a common goal. In marketing, experts in related fields come together and put pieces together to make a final product. Some marketing campaigns involve video productions, others only need graphics artists to contribute to the project.

As a marketing professional, you would have to work with everyone, establish a cordial relationship, and help each other out. A good team player knows how to agree to disagree with other team members without taking professional matters personally.

Pressure control

One challenge is prevalent throughout the marketing field – that is pressure. Clients spend a lot of money to advertise, and they demand results. These demands – albeit justified – put pressure on marketers.

To get a marketing job, you must be skilled at handling pressure with ease. Employers know that pressure is part of the job especially when clients demand results and when the deadline is near. If you can prove to handle pressure like a pro, then you will perform excellently in a marketing role.

Digital marketing

Marketing these days has evolved and reached heights only few would have thought possible. While telemarketing took over the 20th century (and is still relevant today), digital marketing is the future. Hence, the need to be skilled at digital marketing.

Nowadays, employers in marketing organizations expect candidates vying for a marketing job to understand digital marketing. Digital marketing follows various regulations on online marketing including some surefire approaches to getting favorable results. You might need to learn this skill from experts or any credible institution online.


What is marketing in simple terms if not selling? While some people might call marketing executives “glorified salesmen” out of spite – they are not completely wrong (besides being spiteful). Thus, a marketing professional must be a salesperson first and foremost.

Selling is a skill not many possess, which is why not everyone can succeed in a marketing job. However, selling is an art and it can be learned. Therefore, to get a marketing job, you must learn how to sell or at least improve your sales skills.


Types of marketing jobs you can get

Marketing is a wide field with many options to specialize in. Recently, digital marketing has birthed further fields in marketing including the customary ones.

Digital marketing specialist

In this aspect of marketing, a marketer helps companies advertise their goods or services through online media. They also employ various techniques to study market trends, find more customers and drive attention to businesses.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

There are nearly 2 billion websites which consist of hundreds of billions of businesses online. The chances of target customers finding a service provider’s website are low which is where SEO comes in. SEO specialists help target customers find businesses online thanks to some expert techniques tailored to make businesses more visible online.

Brand manager

Products are well-received by consumers when the branding is top-notch. This aspect of marketing involves crafting a desirable and effective image for a product that appeals to the consumer. A brand manager makes sure to carry out market research to ensure that the product meets expectations.

Marketing manager

A marketing manager figures out the best ways to promote a product or service. To do this expertly, a product marketing manager would learn all that is necessary about the product. Also, they will study the market and devise the best ways to promote the products.


How much does a marketing job pay

The average salary for marketers in the UK is between GBP21,000 and GBP95,000. Meanwhile, a marketing job in the US will see you earn between $40,000 and $110,000 on average. Marketing jobs in Nigeria are worth between NGN70,000 and NGN260,000 per month on average. Likewise, marketers earn about ZAR28,000 and ZAR88,000 monthly in South Africa.



The marketing industry is gradually becoming oversaturated, especially in terms of online marketing. Therefore, you need further help to get a marketing job just like the ones we have shared with you. Also, while you search for a marketing job, focus on one or two areas that you can specialize in. Lastly, the marketing industry will live on for generations to come and every business needs marketers.


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