How To Get a Data Entry Job

How To Get a Data Entry Job

If you have been trying to get a data entry job, this will get you over the line.

The world revolves around data. From your name to our account balance, data is how we identify ourselves and what is ours on this planet. Adequate data entry equates to guarding what is rightfully ours. This is why data entry is vital to every business, group, and individual.

Data entry involves typing and saving various kinds of information on a computer. As simple as it sounds, stolen data could cause loss of money or unauthorized access to confidential information. This makes data entry clerks or professionals wanted by virtually every business.

Discover the skills you need and how to get a data entry job faster than you thought possible.

Let’s start by explaining why this profession is ideal for you.


Why you should get a data entry job

While this is not one of the highest-paying jobs around, it holds many benefits. These benefits might just be why you should get a data entry job and nothing else:

Experience is not a priority.

For virtually every job opening, experience plays a key role in landing the job. That’s not always the case with a getting data entry job.

While experience is an advantage, you can start working as a data entry clerk with none. This is because you can learn a lot and improve on the job. Also, some employers train new employees before they start working which helps them to settle in.

A long list of potential employers is available.

Indeed, every business needs to be accountable for all that goes on in the business. Data entry helps businesses to achieve accountability. For this reason, there is no organization where you can’t get a data entry job.

Besides businesses, religious organizations, and non-profits also hire data entry clerks. This is a position that is in demand – options for where to work are endless.

Perfect job to kick start your career.

If you just graduated from high school or college, this is one of the best “first jobs” you can find. A data entry job is perfect for entry-level workers and those who intend to change their careers. The nature of the job takes away pressure from a greenhorn.

Expectations on this job are relatively low depending on the role and learning on the job is easy. Moving to another career, especially in business, is relatively seamless as well.


This job is one of the most flexible jobs on the labor market. A data entry professional can either work from home or in the office building. After all, data entry can be done online without any problems.

Data entry jobs are mostly about meeting a target for the day, week, or month. Thus, once you meet your target even during working hours or days, you

Tasks get easier.

Data entry jobs are not the most challenging. However, this is not a bad thing; in fact, it means that your job will only get easier. A data entry clerk does not enter the same data every time.

However, the tasks are mostly methodical meaning new sets of data follow the same pattern as the previous ones. This makes the job get easier with time.


How to get a data entry job sooner than you expected

Judging by the competition for data entry jobs, you need to find better ways to land the job. Learn from these tips to drastically boost your chances of getting a data entry job.

Build up your typing skills

One of the top skills employers look for in a data entry professional is superior typing skills. Don’t wait until you get the job; start practicing on your own.

This is one of the skills that are easier to show off to potential employers or on social media. Note that some data entry recruitment processes involve a typing test. Thus, start honing your typing skills.

Offer part-time services to small businesses

To get a data entry job sooner than expected, take advantage of the high demand for data entry expertise. Since every business needs this service, offer your services to multiple small businesses at a discount. It will prepare you for bigger opportunities ahead while you earn a decent amount.

Join online groups of data entry experts

The online community of data entry professionals is as relevant as any other. Experts in data entry, including successful professionals, gather online to share information and have conversations with their peers.

Join these groups to get firsthand industry information. Many data entry candidates, including freelancers, get job opportunities from these groups – try it.

Don’t stop searching for jobs

Finally, when you are looking to get a data entry job, you must fire on all cylinders. From newspaper job adverts to online job search websites, always be on the lookout for data entry jobs. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your friends and family to join you in the job hunt.


Education and qualification requirements for data entry jobs

A high school diploma, high school leaving certificate, GED, or its equivalent, is the least qualification for this job. However, this gets you an entry-level data entry job at best. More employers are starting to emphasize a college degree or university degree at least for candidates. Yet, you would only need a Master’s degree for a senior position, which is not always the case.


Skills required for data entry jobs

The demands of a data entry job show why a candidate must have a combination of skillsets. These skills are what you need to get a data entry job.

Digital and technical skills 

Is there any profession that doesn’t require top computer skills at this age?

If there is, it is not data entry.

Data is entered, stored, and managed on computers. This is why digital and technical skills are vital to this role. No employer will hire a data entry clerk that has poor technical and computer skills. Computer skills are non-negotiable for this job.

Data entry software intelligence

Like data management, professionals perform data entry duties on a computer through some advanced software programs. Software packages for data entry range from the basic to the more sophisticated types.

A data entry clerk should at least be highly skilled at using Microsoft Office, especially Excel. Other data entry software like AutoEntry, GoCanvas, and Grooper are software programs to be skilled at.

Organizational skills

Data entry can quickly spiral into a messy situation if care is not taken. In data entry, there are times when data come thick and fast – sometimes, too fast. This could be overwhelming even for the most experienced data entry specialist. Thus, the art of arranging data in categories that makes data management easy to perform is crucial.

Furthermore, it takes an organized person to handle data entry like a pro. Organizing data takes time but it is worth it in the end.


One of the skills you need the most in this job is discretion. Handling the data of customers is a big responsibility. Disclosing private data has severe consequences for both employees and the company. It is a betrayal of trust that could make your company lose more than just the affected customer.

For instance, therapists could lose their license to practice if they broke doctor-patient confidentiality. In addition, the customers could file a lawsuit against you or your company. A discreet data entry clerk will never speak of confidential client information outside of work.

Customer service skills.

The ability to help customers address their concerns and make them feel valued is not common. Customers are important to every business which is why you need exceptional customer service skills.

Although you would likely be working under a superior, you would still need to interact with customers. Handing over personal data takes trust, even for customers. Thus, having customer-centric skills helps customers to trust you to make the best decisions with their data.


The job demands that you should be able to communicate with superiors as you handle invaluable data. Data entry clerks also analyze data, manage databases, and transfer data when necessary. Also, new trends and noteworthy patterns come up during this process that you should identify. Thus, multitasking is vital for performing these duties, and more, at once.

Superior typing skills

In data entry, speed and accuracy are qualities that must reflect in your work. The majority of a data entry professional’s work involves typing. An elevated typing skill is needed to perform data entry of high quality. For a data entry specialist, their tying skill must be above that of the average person. A data entry clerk should aim at typing around 35 words per minute at least.


How much will you earn in data entry jobs?

Data entry is not a glamorous job, so professionals earn a decent salary. Although not among the highest-paid professionals, the average salary of data entry personnel is respectable.

A data entry specialist in the UK earns between GBP17,000 and GBP44,000 annually on average. Meanwhile, workers receive an annual paycheck of between $25,600 and $51,000 on average as well.

The average salary for those interested in getting a data entry job in Australia is AU$49,000 and AU$68,000. Lastly, data entry experts in Nigeria earn a monthly salary of between NGN58,000 and NGN420,000.


Where can you get a data entry job?

One of the best features of data entry is that virtually every industry needs this expertise. Since every business deals with data – no matter how small – there will always be a need for data entry by experts. The following industries are only some of the numerous industries that need this service:


Besides administering drugs or performing surgeries, data management is another crucial part of the healthcare industry. Indeed, data entry is one of the most performed tasks in healthcare ahead of medical procedures.

Without apt data entry, doctors cannot proceed with a patient’s treatment. It is because the doctors need to view the charts in which a patient’s data is recorded. This contains a medical history of the patient which guides the doctor in making decisions. For this reason, data entry is a delicate task that only experts must manage.


Data entry is so vital to businesses that it is an ongoing task even for small retail stores. Entering data is vital to the survival of any business. Managing and accounting for funds become easier.

As customers buy goods, it is wise to keep a record of these items. This also pertains to running an online store. For this reason, store owners tend to outsource data entry jobs to experts. Doing this would make store owners concentrate on other crucial aspects of their business.


In schools and other learning institutions, data entry is crucial especially as they begin to grow. The more schools enroll students is the more they will have to record data. it takes expert data entry to keep a record of private information including home addresses and medical conditions.

Also, the academic records of students must be safe at all costs. Otherwise, it would be a disaster to lose students’ grades before graduation. Hence, data entry jobs are available in academia.


Money matters are taken seriously and a bank is where money is safest technically. Unwavering data entry is one of the best means of securing money. Thus, banks employ experts to handle data relating to customers’ personal data including their transactions.

Whenever there is a threat to customers’ data, a data entry professional assists in thwarting these threats. A high level of discretion helps to perform your duties professionally as a data entry expert in a financial institution.



Every business needs an expert data entry service. Besides money, data is the commodity businesses collect daily. Hence a need for the proper storage of data. This is why a data entry job has potential – you have an endless list of employers to work for.

With the right skillsets, follow the steps to getting a data entry job fast and you will succeed.

Do you agree with our list of skill sets for a data entry job? Let us know if you do or if not in the comments section below.

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